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What's the nicest thing a Killer has done for you, and Why?



  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 5,280

    Some Hillbilly let me live yesterday, because he thinks I am cute :3

  • LightsOut88LightsOut88 Member Posts: 123
    edited April 2019

    I had a player who kept making terrible hook saves and the killer obviously did not want to tunnel, so after about 3 hook farms the killer completely watched him unhook me, walked straight past me and hounded this kids ass for the rest of the game relentlessly lol. He kept slugging him, and letting him be healed then tunneled him down again and slugged again until he just quit lol. The rest of us just stood by and watched and when the killer was done we all played a normal 3 man game and all scored well, even tho he did kill me lol

    My point is that I appreciate a killer who recognizes how [BAD WORD] this is and took so much vengeance on our behalf :)

  • asapsinnerasapsinner Member Posts: 3

    Autohaven map. Doctor.

    Played with my girlfriend who fell asleep during the game.

    Doc killed the other two randos.

    Saw my girlfriend being AFK and descided not to kill me for whatever reason and even dragged my GF to the exit area to let her escape too.

    Reason was that he just wanted to eat cookies not kill us.

    10/10 gained hope for humanity.

  • TheRealDweardTheRealDweard Member Posts: 148
    edited April 2019

    I had a killer let me live in a game because one of the survivors were obviously trying to sandbag me into getting killed. It was weird because I did not do anything to get sandbagged. However, the person who was playing Freddy immediately took notice of the toxic behavior and instead of attacking me went for the one sandbagging. That person ended up getting tunneled and killed. In the end game chat the killer turned out to be some streamer. I decided to be kind and sub to the person.

  • ShrekIsHotShrekIsHot Member Posts: 3,172

    I am a killer main with Myers but I do have some interesting stories with my SWF buds.

    My girl pal and I ran with a Hillbilly and acted as his followers, we chased him around and he would nod at us, he let us leave through hatch but we let him farm smack us, he didn't want to but that was okay.

    I met one of my best friends through this match, we spawned with only 3 people, a two person squad and some rando, she killed the rando as Freddy, and she would pull us into dream world just to stare at us, we chased her too, but she wanted us to leave, when we finished farming, we tried to get her to hook us in basement even though we could have left, she carried my friend to the gate but I body blocked her from letting it happen, she finally obliged to killing us on the basement hook for those spicy points, now we always play together.

    As a killer? I played ring around the rosie with some survivors as Legion, ran in a circle with them, as a Myers, I just stared at people, not stalking, they would run up to me and I'd slowly looked down at them, all these fun games where survivors don't want to run and do gens and rather be friendly to me.

  • LCGasterLCGaster Member Posts: 3,154

    A Leatherface let me go because I gave up. My teammates were doing essentially nothing. I was the last one remaining with 4 gens left, he was a good kller so I knew I couldn't escape. He found me while I was working on a gen so I gave up.

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