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What survivor do you main and why?



  • pemberleypemberley Member Posts: 1,510

    Another reason I play Nea. Where else can I find nice flannels?

  • CarpemortumCarpemortum Member Posts: 4,126

    Was Kate and Jane, but now that Ash is out idk if I'll ever play my loves again.

  • CarpemortumCarpemortum Member Posts: 4,126

    My favorite is when waiting on a game. "Are we gonna stand here ALL day?"

  • UnicornUnicorn Member Posts: 1,265

    Jane because shes the Queen 👑

  • ClogWenchClogWench Member Posts: 2,583

    Dwight cause he's the resident twink

  • Fres0c0Fres0c0 Member Posts: 100

    Kate because she has a similar personality as me

  • PluPlu Member Posts: 1,209

    Jane and Kate for obvious reasons...

  • NeaJovovichNeaJovovich Member Posts: 234

    Claudette - I dress her in the white gypsy top and white 80s jeans with the holes in the knees. She looks so pretty with "High Pitched Dreads" - no glasses, light nude make-up, and fashionable dreads.

    Nea - I love her butch lesbian look with the red beanie, green hair, zebra pants, and that new red jacket. Plus, she looks like actress Milla Jovovich.

  • NeaJovovichNeaJovovich Member Posts: 234

    I thought I would like Jane WAYYYY more than I do.

    Jane is just "okay" to me.

    For the male Survivors, I really love Daddy Ace - pink pants, cheetah button down... so hawt.

    Also, Bill has grown on me. I never liked him in L4D. But something about his perks and his look fits well in the DbD universe - besides the gun holster.

  • ProfoundEndingProfoundEnding Member Posts: 1,306

    Mostly mained Meg and Feng when I first started playing. Now I only main Kate 95% of the time.

  • nunadventuresnunadventures Member Posts: 198

    Nea because I loved all her perks and she reminded me of myself: ugly. But really I just loved her perks and backstory. Plus most of her cosmetics are super cute

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 5,094


    I prefer female characters and I like her looks. And some of her Cosmetics are really good. Even though, because of no0b3 I get called Toxic Nea sometimes. That I almost always grab Flashlight out of Chests does not help with that.

  • BoxingRougeBoxingRouge Member Posts: 606


    He seems to come across as that innocent and friendly survivor who wants to cause no harm and wants to do his gens in peace... Until that cowboy hat comes on.😜

  • ColgateAdvancedWhiteColgateAdvancedWhite Member Posts: 614

    Claudette power activate

  • SupernautSupernaut Member Posts: 1,103

    Its all about Cosmetics!

    I p3 L195'd David for his Rowdy Rose jacket.

    Then added Jeff for his Xmas Corpsepaint sweater combo. P3 L195.

    I have no alternative, but to add jaxcksonville Ash and pizza courier Dwight to my roster of perfect characters, but time!!!

  • PyroDudePyroDude Member Posts: 375

    First I mained Tapp because the Pig is one of my favourite killers.

    Now I am leveling Ash to make him my new main because I love Ash vs Evil Dead.

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