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Done with DBD....

This time its not a joke. I think its time. I no longer consider dbd fun and worth my time and money. MoM is one of the most [BAD WORD] up perks i have ever played against. Since i'm a myers main, that perk DESTROYS me. Too much toxicity. Idiotic Survivors are everywhere, and i mean those that can't do a gen with ruin. Sometimes i'm the only one that touches gens, sometimes i can't touch a single one because i have the killer sticked to my ass like glue. Its almost impossible to win against a well coordinated team because by the time you catch and hook somebody, 3 gens will be done. And among all that, it got boring. Same [BAD WORD] every match:

-as survivor, try to do gens asap

-as killer, try to find somebody and hope to god that they are not rushing the gens

I got back into my old games: bloodborne, ds3, terraria, DOOM, dad of war, the forest and trying to learn how to play for honor and mkxl.

I really hoped it wouldn't have come to this, but here i am. Goodbye DBD, i hope you get better in the near future.



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