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Sacrificial Lamb - Survivor Concept

SziosisSziosis Member Posts: 198

Normally I'd make a backstory, but I'm being lazy today.

Jessie Leebrom

Appearance - Female in 20s, medium length black hair in a ponytail. White sweater and black pants.


The Greater Good - You are determined to help others no matter the cost. Once per trial, when hit with an attack that would put you in the dying state while healing another survivor that is in the dying state, the survivor you were healing is healed one health state and gains a 3 second haste effect. Ignores exhaustion upon activation. The survivor that gained the haste effect gains the exhausted status for 60/50/40 seconds.

Timid - Your quiet nature helps you avoid detection. When dropping from any height, noises from your grunts are reduced by 50%/75%/100%. Your breathing while not injured is also inaudible.

A Life For A Life - You are determined to save your friends regardless for your own safety. When you unhook another survivor, your aura is shown to the killer for 15 seconds. Gain 50%/75%/100% more points in altruism and boldness.


  • Mrrgle_the_MediocreMrrgle_the_Mediocre Member Posts: 346

    I think the name of The Greater Good and A Life for a Life should be swapped, since in The Greater Good you actually die from it, while with current A Life for a Life there's no guarantee that the killer is even going to hit you.

    A mild thing, otherwise I do really like this idea! I like Timid in particular.

  • SziosisSziosis Member Posts: 198

    I had the perk ideas down, but I was coming up with names for them on the spot. Naming things isn't my strong suit :P

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