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New Survivor Idea: OLIVIA BECK

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Olivia Beck is a very young and intelligent young girl, living in Detroit, Michigan. When she was young, she would get bullied for the lack of friends she had and how she was 'nerd' looking, she didn't let it bother her though, she only became stronger. Olivia was always excluded from people, she had a little group of friends, Mark Caster, and Amelia Red, but they all soon started to drift apart.

She had an interest in horror movies, poltergeist’s, ghosts, etc. her older sister, Georgia, found out her best friend Meg Thomas disappeared. She then started becoming obsessed with these missing persons casualties from the woods. Olivia became sleep deprived, looking at the famous singer Kate Denson who disappeared in the woods, and Jake Park, who has been missing for some time now. She started putting everything together.

Sleep depriving turned into insomnia, as she concluded, that these weren’t just some casualties in the woods. These were people, who were taken for a reason, but by who? She started looking into poltergeist’s, as some looked like, children, as to big spidery looking things. She then ended up on a site dedicated to the missing people she was looking into.

One night, she was at the library, alone. It seemed quiet, very quiet... she started nodding off live streaming the interview of missing talk show host, Jane Romero. She felt the ground shake suddenly; she woke up freaking out as the area around her was paused. She saw spidery arms coming after her, she started fighting back, but nothing is working. She then gave in, and closed her eyes.

She woke up and was at a campfire, with a group of people, seeing familiar faces there, Jane Romero, Kate Denson, Meg Thomas, and Jake Park. She knew, she found out the truth to what happened to them, and she knew whatever took her, knew she knew too much. They all looked at her, and sighed. She felt excluded, as usual, but also, she felt like she did something right.

She knew, all these people needed vengeance… and she’s going to give it to them. She closed her eyes, as screams are heard in the distance.


A survivor who is out for revenge, for her years of being bullied. She is now allowed to take it out on whoever she can.

Her personal perks, Ingenious Work, Efficient Moves, and Book Smart, grant her more generator progress, as well as to make a survivor vulnerable around you, and chase advantages.



You don’t like it when the killer breaks your progress when you’ve work so hard on it.

Every time the killer breaks a generator only you’ve work on, the generation progresses instead of regressing, 5/10/15% faster, for 15/20/25 seconds.

“We will get out of here, alive… whether he likes it or not.” -Olivia Beck


Every decision counts, and your survival is your one and only prize.

Once you’ve survived a chase without being hit, and the killer’s terror radius is getting more closer to you, the perk activates.

Press the activation ability and put random scratch marks to the nearest survivor.

The killer will be alerted to those scratch marks.  

Increases your chances to be the killer’s obsession, AFTER you have used the perk successfully.

You become exposed for 30/45/60 seconds after successfully using the perk. The perk restarts after you’ve been hooked.

“You can’t just let people use you like that, I’m all about revenge. Of course there are repercussions, but we can all deal with that later right?” -Olivia Beck


Your book smart made you able to manoeuvre ways of survival.

When in a chase and not injured, one blocked window is opened for you.

Once you have used that window, it will be blocked, and the perk will be on cooldown for 60/45/30 seconds.

“I solved your game, and you thought this was the only way to get rid of the evidence!” -Olivia Beck

Hope you enjoyed them, tell me which one is your favourite. <3

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