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DC to give hatch



  • Warlock_2020Warlock_2020 Member Posts: 1,868

    Too much crying about minor thing lately. Gets tiring. How are the developers supposed to sort through the river of useless tears to find actual feedback? Just stop. 3k or 4k does not matter. I'm good if I get either. No sweat off my back.

  • WeederickWeederick Member Posts: 1,065

    Or... you dont care about pips. Then you'll stop wasting time trying to pip in a meaningless system. And can finally play for fun, without beeing a pip slave.

    If you really have to care and work for pips, you're probably playing at your skillevel.

  • MetalDirtMonkeyMetalDirtMonkey Member Posts: 8

    Yes just play the game to have fun. I love to see people in the end chat happy with a game. I think since the emblem change alot of so called good killer/survivors are not as good as they thought they was. Been so much salt and bull lately. But like weederick said screw rank have fun!

  • Crystal_SethCrystal_Seth Member Posts: 1

    My buddy and I play mostly survivor, but when it comes to getting slugged we just started using the unbreakable perk. Killer puts us down and runs off we get ourselves up and take off. Kinda seems like if that's your problem you should be equipping the perk to deal with it. Hell with flip flop now if you almost have yourself up and the killer picks you up that turns into a fairly full wiggle bar to get out of their hands if your not right next to a hook.

  • ChiChi Member Posts: 774

    I DC when slugged for the 4k as well.

    If you slug, that is just the risk you are going to take. A 3k is plenty good as well. Just ######### hook me so I can get to the next match.

  • basicpitchbasicpitch Member Posts: 101

    Its not cheating like camping isn't cheating I suppose.

    Consider it a loophole that some players use to their advantage and other players don't.

  • SurgDexilSurgDexil Member Posts: 157

    Hey SpaceCoconut. Love your videos btw, and yeah I strongly agree. There isn't really any system that punishes people for disconnecting. Even if dbd was to implement this salt mine concept you said in your last video. It wouldn't exactly stop them if they were a swf.

    Probably, or at least my personal way they could fix this is if they add a band timer. Let's put a scenario, let's say I disconnect as either a killer or a survivor. Boom 8h where I can't play the game. However this time stacks up. So everytime they disconnect, they get a penalty of another 8 hours, and another. This will greatly encourage both killers and survivors from not disconnecting. Both from the killer getting salt from 4 man swf, and from this hatch standoff.

    Because I'm sure we can all agree (or at least those who actually play a competetive killer) can agree that the hatch is just stupid. Beyond stupid, and pretty much the worst thing to be added in the game.

    Now this system could cause problems for those who simply lost connection, because I'm sure most of us don't have 5 star internet connections, this is the best system I can think of at the moment.

  • GodDamn_AngelaGodDamn_Angela Member Posts: 2,186
    edited April 2019

    Crying about DCers. Seem a valid reason tbh.


    So, you are sooo petty that you are willing to lose all your BP and basically the time you spent in THAT match so you can get to another match just to screw over the Killer?

    Kind of pathetic if you ask me. You just got nothing for nothing.

  • CrispyChestnutsCrispyChestnuts Member Posts: 175

    Ya I'm tired of being held hostage in games. They need to add a concede option. Let my body remain in there but let me go. When I get a daily as killer to just do some thing, I am cuddly as a kitten after I get the daily done, but I'll get teabagging survivors in there just wasting my time after I eff off in a corner. I've started doing them before work so that I can just leave irl if my game gets hijacked.

  • Luckystrike2778Luckystrike2778 Member Posts: 63

    If they DC so much just make a special go to lobby that only DCers get sent to. Like a cheaters only get to play with other cheaters lobby that some games have done. IMO unless you bought the game for me and any dLC then dont whine about my actions. Its a fine line to walk either way you look at it unfortunately. Yes DCing may ruin it for others but if thats what the person wants to do who paid to play, they will. Its just as bad when you have a player stealth around all match doing nothing to help and end up with hatch because you get caught doing the last gen needed. If that player wouldnt have been a douche you and possibly 2 others would have escaped but those actions changed the game for all involved but they played that way because they wanted to and none of us bought the game for them.

  • thekiller490490thekiller490490 Member Posts: 1,165

    They wouldn't have waited 4 minutes, @SpaceCoconut was already chasing the final survivor.

  • thekiller490490thekiller490490 Member Posts: 1,165

    We do this to deal with a BROKEN game mechanic (hatch). So we are going to complain when our rightfully earned win is robbed anyway because someone didn't want to wait a minute.

  • thekiller490490thekiller490490 Member Posts: 1,165

    Shouldn't be that harsh at the start. Probably like 5 minutes, 15 ,1 hour, 12, 24 etc.

  • thekiller490490thekiller490490 Member Posts: 1,165
    edited April 2019

    As @DaGreenBolt said, the 4k actually does matter at high ranks. OP mentioned that he lost a pip because of the DC. I have lost plenty of pips myself because I didn't want to slug. Now I actually need to slug if I want to make sure I pip in a game.

  • VolfawottVolfawott Member Posts: 3,876

    Slugging is no more fun for the killer than it is for the survivor.

    It's not entertaining to have one survivor lying on the ground whilst you play find the immersed Claudette.

    I don't enjoy it because I'm not chasing anybody I'm just spending my time patrolling somebody who's down on the ground.

    Before I would just get my 3k and be happy but now with the new pip changes that's not the case anymore to increase my chance of even getting one pip I'm looking for that 4k.

    Honestly if the hatch mechanic didn't completely suck ass I would actually feel a lot better risking the 4k.

  • exordiumexodus1exordiumexodus1 Member Posts: 3

    PigNRun I'm simply pointing out reasons I dont' enjoy the game as it is, why I think the hatch should not be able to be blocked by the killer, and that I dont like the direction the game seems to be heading in. I say all this because if the game was more fun all around then you wouldn't have to worry about survivors DCing so the last can get the hatch. This is because the killer would be fine with 3k and not slug if they didn't play well enough for a 4k. Otherwise its perfectly fine to me to DC so the last survivor has a chance to escape. Otherwise they should just take the hatch out altogether because it's becoming nearly impossible to get it. And when you do, like Imentioned, the killer can just guard or stand on top of it. If they did take it out Id still stop playing this game as well. It's too broken for me.

  • TtwylerrTtwylerr Member Posts: 106

    How are you not pipping with 3k? I've gotten 2ks and got a pip. The only reason I haven't pipped is because I 4k really quick sometimes which meant I had no time for chases pallet breaks and gen kicks.

  • CrispyChestnutsCrispyChestnuts Member Posts: 175

    Also if you are playing to win, isn't pipping bad? Isn't it ideal to stay low so you get less competitive opponents who are less likely to do stuff like weaponize disconnects?

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