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Wiggle Bar Bug

REMMAHREMMAH Member Posts: 3
edited March 2019 in PS4

There is another thread with a wiggle bar glitch, but my situation is different, sometimes upon joining a match of DBD and loading in, a wiggle bar appears in the bottom of the screen. You are unable to get rid of this bar until the game ends. When moving any direction besides foward your movement will be impaired. I have posted a video showing what happened, and actions prior to it. The but happens at the time 13:30



  • REMMAHREMMAH Member Posts: 3

    If the link above didnt work

  • ClementineS4ClementineS4 Member Posts: 17

    I have this too! It’s ######### #########, the devs have had this out for about 2 months already and they don’t do anything because they don’t play their own game but instead fix things when the community bitches about it

  • SophieSoso04SophieSoso04 Member Posts: 8

    Happened to me aswell, I was unable to move to the left or to the right because of the wiggle-bar at the bottom that didn't go away the whole game. Wasn't fun to play against a huntress with one-shots haha. Hopefully this will get fixed in the next patch!

  • patty_60patty_60 Member Posts: 3

    Same issue happened with my last match. Couldn't run at times because of it.

  • Gamerjohn92Gamerjohn92 Member Posts: 2

    Same here. There were times I couldn't get away because I'd just stop.


  • xJayeSparklexJayeSparkle Member Posts: 49

    Same thing keeps happening to me Has staff acknowledged this yet? There was an update today but no bug fix for it. It's still going on. :(

  • knellknell Member Posts: 563

    Any ETA on when this will be fixed?



  • Mystaria13Mystaria13 Member Posts: 467

    Just had a match with the wiggle bar at the bottom and couldn't even run... This needs to be fixed ASAP!

  • knellknell Member Posts: 563

    Three of my last five games has had this bug. It probably should be a highest priority to hotfix this bug as soon as possible since it makes the game unplayable.

  • PeanitsPeanits Dev, Community Manager Posts: 6,677

    This is a known issue. We're currently investigating it, but we don't have an ETA just yet.

  • knellknell Member Posts: 563

    Thanks for answering! @Peanits

    Hopefully it is high on their priority list and will be fixed soon.

  • michaelrandom27michaelrandom27 Member Posts: 100

    The funny thing is that if this was a killer glitch, it would be fixed immediately because killers always get special treatment.

  • BuckySKiGBuckySKiG Member Posts: 1

    I've had the same problem on and off for at least a month now. It totally ruins the game play and usually gets me killed or I just submit and let the killer sacrifice me. I've included my own clip from earlier today.

  • unbreakablargunbreakablarg Member Posts: 18

    Just happened to me again. I basically am forced to DC or suicide on hook one in every 12-15 games or so when it happens. Sucks, it is a loss of offerings, items etc. because you're guaranteed to die if you can't walk or run consistently.

  • biscuit_foambiscuit_foam Member Posts: 2

    Same happened to me a few weeks ago on PS4, i think all survivors were concerned since my friend had the same. We had to DC because it was unplayable

    video: https://streamable.com/ojm0j

  • sleepypotatosleepypotato Member Posts: 1

    Its having problems on ps4 as well, 2x within 1 hr of play I couldnt use my perks(running dead hard, self care, diversion, and adrenaline) and I couldnt point or wiggle(bar was unresponsive) happened in 1 game then about 2 games after happened again but this time I also couldnt escape after making it to the exit gate fully healed, i tried to escape several times it doesnt block me but....I can run around in the part where if you exit you start running and go to the end menu....I dont I simply am running around like a moron :) dead by daylight serves need to fix this ######### with the demigorgan update

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