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The amount of maps keeps growing with every DLC.

I would really like to see a map ban feature at some point in this game's lifetime.

Each survivor can ban 1 map, and killer can ban up to 4.

This way the community can decide which maps they would like to play on, instead of an extra layer of randomness that feels bad.

How many times have you gotten that swamp map you don't like, or the dreaded haddonfield.

Feel free to discuss this with me, or just post "bump" in your reply section if you support it.


  • wisdomwisdom Member Posts: 216

    Personally I just want new maps to stop being so big. Why do maps like Tempe feel like they are made for 6 people

  • No1TheLarchNo1TheLarch Member Posts: 221

    True, But as someone who likes huntress the best. I have seen each new map that is added be worse and worse for her as if she is being ignored in map design, I am not the only one. Scott Jund, for instance once the pre-eminent Huntress player in the world, has given her up for the most part in the last 4 months due to map design. Take Temple, Its a HUGE map with tons of line of sight blockers to block cross map hatchets, robing her of any chance for map control. Now-a-days I often dont play her, favoring spirit because of the maps. If I could ban Haddonfield, and Ormond I would be much more likely to play her and would have a better experience with the character I like most.

    Map offerings help adress them a little bit, but killers will just continue to dc on bad offerings (play Billy on haddonfield and you are in for a bad experience). Ormond give you 1/2 the FPS. Coldwind Farm has see through tiles (from the lead art designer btw) which makes them Un-mindgameable and thus bad for killer. Shelter woods only has like 4 pallets on the map, and against a good billy you often cant get from one loop to the next, and lets not even talk about getting blood lodge against a good huntress. or having to play on Lerys vs a nurse. (or on lerys at all against ruin lerys in my opinion is not fun).

    Having a system where the killer could ban 1 or two maps ( or better yet just reduce the probably they will get them) and the same for survivor for one map to reduce the negative feeling people would get one loading in on them. Because honestly as a Billy or a huntress, If i load in on haddonfield or Lerys I dc immediately, which sucks for the 4 people who waited 4 minutes to find a lobby and play but if I dont I will have a frustrating and miserable game, and I know many people feel the same way as I do.

  • Jake_Parks_princeJake_Parks_prince Member Posts: 218

    Wdym? All the new maps are pretty small compared to the old ones?

  • Sn0wJobSn0wJob Member Posts: 247

    I mean, its fun for them but not fun for someone else.

    Whats more important, fun at the expense of someone else or a gentle compromise?

    Plenty of games have a pick/ban feature for RNG elements of their game.

  • Maximus7Maximus7 Member Posts: 443

    Why are survivors allowed to choose a map via map offering anyways? Isn't the point of the game to be dropped in a KILLER's realm and try to escape THEIR realm?

    Also, instead of a map ban feature can we please just rework maps to not be complete garbage balance-wise? The only decent map left for killers in general is Father Campbell's, and even then one BL can change that.

  • SamuraiPipotchiSamuraiPipotchi Member Posts: 100

    They're providing offerings to the entity to sway it's decisions in their favour. It fits with the lore, it's a good gameplay mechanic and the survivors are still dropped into one of the killers realms regardless. Plus most of the realms have multiple maps, so it's not like it's a fine tuned choice.

    Besides, killers have just as much influence over maps. If you want a certain map, use an offering.

  • Maximus7Maximus7 Member Posts: 443

    Except survivors have the advantage on every map except for Father Campbell's (unless it's a specific killer they're up against, like Nurse or Jag on Gideon). Especially when using a Strode Realty Key guarantees the worst map to ever be made for any multiplayer game ever.

  • No1TheLarchNo1TheLarch Member Posts: 221

    Sorry your mostly wrong. Killer is favored on Shelter woods (there arent enough pallets), Coal tower, Blood lodge is good for killer and Father Campbells is only slightly killer sided. All the other maps are survivor sided with Haddonfield being the worst offender being so bad for killer many prefer to DC then play.

  • GraviteaUKGraviteaUK Member Posts: 464
    edited April 2019

    To be honest as bad as the swamp is, the worse maps are Coldwind and Haddonfield.

    They have the most infinites in them and see-through Gyms, no mindgames at all.

    Those maps are so safe for survivors it's unreal. took a hit on Rancid? run straight for the abattoir loop unless the killer has Boozle or it's a Nurse, they aint catching you. make sure you tea-bag at the window and let your MoM proc before vaulting for extra points.

    Personally i think BVHR needs to see WHY they are so hated.

  • xllxENIGMAxllxxllxENIGMAxllx Member Posts: 923

    Well if crotus prenn get banned killers main would be happy. same for coldwind farm ( rotten field) and macmilan estate ( shelter woods ).

  • HeroiqHeroiq Member Posts: 1,134

    do you remember when hag dlc came? do you remember how big it was?

    wait wait. do you remember when the clown came? do you know how small is his map?

  • T0xicTylerT0xicTyler Member Posts: 502

    No way!

  • Sn0wJobSn0wJob Member Posts: 247

    I mean that's fine and all until my bloodweb is cluttered with maps I'd rather never go to, I have not enough macmillan bones and azarov keys to make up for all the coldwind lockets and strode realty keys I pulled which are just total trash for me.

    Offerings are rare enough, getting BAD offerings is just another form of pointless RNG.

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