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DlC Chapter: Nautical Betrayal

ChordycepsChordyceps Member Posts: 933

Killer: The Fisherman

Real Name: Adrian Charles

Weapon: Anchor


Adrian was a man of the sea, through and through. Born in a port town in Ireland, the sea is what Adrian had known for all his life. He had been raised on morals of honest work, and providing for those around him. At a young age, Adrian was taught to fish, and he loved every second of it. When it came time for him to get a job, he decided to work on a fishing boat, believing that if he worked doing what he loved, he would never truly work a day in his life.

At the age of 30, Adrian married Catalina Sela, and bought a house for them to live in. Adrian and Catalina Charles lived there happily for many years, until one year a violent storm caused great damage to their home. Adrian and Cataline took it upon themselves to repair the house themselves, reflecting the hard working morals they were raised on. Time passed, and the house was still in need of repair and the couple were short on money. Adrian came to realize that his work was not bringing in enough money, and decided to set up lessons for people who wished to learn how to fish out on the sea, and insisted they pay in cash. This helped bring in extra money, but still it wasn’t quite enough. One day on a lesson, Adrian was getting to know one of his students and learned the man was incredibly wealthy. With the money his student had, he could easily afford the rest of the repairs for his home. In a moment of necessity and greed, he killed the man, stole his wallet and dumped his body in the sea.

With the money he had stolen, Adrian and Catalina were finally able to repair their house, and had money left over. Adrian began to spend the leftover money recklessly, as greed began to take him over. When he ran low on money, he would set up more lessons, where he would kill them and steal their belongings. As time passed, Catalina begane to grow suspicious of Adrian. One day Catalina confronted Adrian as he was sitting on the edge of his dock. Guilt overcame Adrian, but it was quickly overcome with fear. In a moment of desperation, he attacked Catalina, and threw her into the water to attempt to drown her. As the two thrashed around in the water, trying to fight back and stay afloat, the two began to sink into the sea, and neither of them were heard from again.

Ability: Spirit of the Sea

Primary Ability: Current

You control a mystic current that affects the movement speed of you and survivors within your terror radius. You open up a compass that indicates the direction of the current. You and survivors in your terror radius move faster when moving in the direction of the current, and slower when moving against the current. You can rotate the direction of the current with the E key. When right clicking, you cause a riptide, causing the effects of the current to be stronger for 3 seconds. The riptide has a cooldown of 10 seconds.

Secondary Ability: Creatures of the Deep

You summon the spirits of deep sea creatures to guard an area for you. You place down a small trap the looks like a squid’s eye. When triggered, the trap will create an audio alert and immobilize the survivor caught in them. The trapped survivor must struggle to escape from the tentacles of the trap. The Sailor can carry up to three of these have a time, and can have up to 7 deployed at a time. The Sailor gains a new trap every 10 seconds. If The Sailor places a new trap when 7 are already deployed, the oldest trap is removed.


Davey Jone’s Locker: Lockers are imbued with the ocean, making survivors feel the crushing pressure of the ocean when within them. When exiting from a locker, survivors suffer from hindered for 10/20/30 seconds.

"The Sea can be a cruel mistress sometimes" - Adrian Charles

Hex: Storm: A Hex powered by the elements. Everything is bigger in the middle of the ocean, especially the storms. The strong electric currents from the generators have adverse effects on survivors. When a survivor fails a skill check, they gain a token, up to a maximum of 6.

2 Tokens: Skill check success ranges become 20% smaller

4 Tokens: 5% reduction to action speed

5 Tokens: Movement speed is reduced by 5%

6 Tokens: Survivor suffers from the broken status effect

"The storms at sea are unlike any you've ever seen. They consume everything around you and you can never know if you'll survive their wrath" -Adrian Charles

What Do You Do?: You channel the power of drunken festivities. You become obsessed with one survivor. Every time you hit a survivor that isn’t your obsession, you gain a token, up to a maximum of 4. When you hit your obsession, you consume all your tokens to make the survivor suffer from a screen distortion effect. The severity of the distortion depends on how many tokens were consumed.

"Lighten up and have a drink, why don't you?" - Adrian Charles

Survivor: Catalina Charles

Backstory: Catalina Sela grew up in a port town in Ireland, an only child to a single mother. Catalina was taught how to take care of herself, not rely on others, and most importantly, how to be strong. Whenever there was an issue with the house that needed taking care of, Catalina’s mother would teach her how to repair the house. These lessons provided Catalina with a valuable set of skills, and she became an expert at repairs, both inside and outside the house. Catalina decided to make a career out of this, helping to bring in money for the two of them.

When Catalina was 28, she married Adrian Charles, a man she lived near to and had gotten to know well over the years. They moved in together, buying a house on the water. Despite having moved out of her old home, she did not forget about her mother. She offered to let her mother move in with them, but she insisted she could handle herself. Catalina would still help her mother out, giving part of her paycheck to her mother to help her.

When Catalina and Adrian’s home was devastated by a storm, she decided she would use the skills she had been developing all her life to repair the house. From that moment onward, she worked tirelessly. When she was not working her repair job, she was repairing her own home. The two of them began to struggle financially, and repair progress had slowed down significantly. Adrian said that he would start giving fishing lessons in order to help bring in extra money. After a few weeks, Adrian returned with a large summary, saying that a very generous student wanted to help them repair their house.

With the large amount of money, Catalina and Adrian were able to completely repair their house, with money to spare. Life at home was finally able to return to normal, but not for long. Catalina had noticed a change in Adrian’s behavior. He had grown greedier and more irritable. One day, she decided to watch out the window as Adrian left on a lesson, and when he returned, she noticed that his student was not with him, but thought nothing of it. She continued to watch him from the window each day, and began to notice that for multiple weeks, none of Adrian’s students had returned, and grew suspicious. One day when Adrian returned, once again without his student, Adrian came inside to grab a drink. It was then she noticed a large blood stain on the back of his neck. As Adrian sat on the dock drinking, Catalina approached him to question him about his students and the blood on his neck. Suddenly, Adrian had struck her, grabbed her by the arm and threw her into the sea. While she was still reeling from the attack, Adrian had jumped into the water and tried to strangle her. She fought back desperately as both of them began to sink into the sea. Catalina’s consciousness began to fade and felt the cold of the sea envelop her completely. She closed her eyes for what she believed to be the final time, but when she opened them again, she found herself sitting by a campfire, with no clue where she was.


Nautical Stride: Your years of wading through the water on your coastal home strengthens your legs. You gain a 15%/20%/30% resistance to the effects of hindered.

"You put up with something enough, you begin to get accustomed to it" -Catalina Charles

Honest Work: Your resolve is strengthened by a job well done. Whenever you complete a generator, you gain a 3%/6%/10% boost to your action speed for 15/25/35 seconds. This effect does not stack.

"Ain't nothing more satisfying than finally finishing a task you sunk so much time into" -Catalina Charles

Resolute Spirit: You do not give up easily, and always keep your wits about. When on a hook, the entity’s progression is slowed by 15%/25%/50%. This does not affect the penalty for a failed hook escape attempt. At Tier 3, you gain an additional chance to escape from the hook.

"Can't give up, my life never had any tolerance for weakness and I'll be damned if I show any now" -Catalina Charles


  • nunadventuresnunadventures Member Posts: 198

    i like this fan chapter. The perks are cool and seem balanced. I love the idea that killer and survivor know each other.

    im confuses with his power tho. Wouldn’t it be smart to just stand still and cause the current to pull the survivor to you or do you move too regardless

  • ChordycepsChordyceps Member Posts: 933

    Thank you, I really appreciate that someone likes the backstory I thought up!

    As for the power, you can't use it like that. If I survivor was moving forward, and you had the current moving towards you, the survivor would still move forward, they would just move forward more slowly. Both you and the survivor would move slower. You can also make you and the survivor move faster if moving the current in the right direction. I figured a good way to use his power would be to change it throughout a chase. I figured the change in movement speed whether faster or slower would catch survivors off guard and cause them to undershoot or overshoot their target.

  • ChordycepsChordyceps Member Posts: 933

    I forgot to quote you in my reply, but it should be right above this comment.

  • CasualArmorCasualArmor Member Posts: 12

    i have a question about hex:storm, it says it can give the broken status effect, is it fixed if the hex is broken?

  • GuertenaGuertena Member Posts: 391

    I loved this Resolute Spirit, it gives more time to others survivors to do gens before rescuing you.

  • Luckystrike2778Luckystrike2778 Member Posts: 63

    Bravo! One of THE best i have ever read on here. Thumbs up

  • ChordycepsChordyceps Member Posts: 933

    Finally got around to making some art for the killer

  • LuluTheLion13LuluTheLion13 Member Posts: 52

    I love the idea. But with Catalina I thought she would have had a better perk to do with repairing as that is what she did for her job. But love this. Can people please check out my ideas for new killers and chapters. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • ChordycepsChordyceps Member Posts: 933
    edited August 2019

    I guess honest work could stand a buff, maybe increasing the time the effect last for. Maybe make it a solid 60 seconds for every tier.

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