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Idea for Freddy buff I had at 3 AM

I created an account to post this since it got a lot of support on reddit, but yeah this mspaint diagram is my idea! I also considered it working on lockers to have Freddy come out of them but idk about that. If there's anything that's unclear, feel free to ask!


  • Chicagopimp2019Chicagopimp2019 Member Posts: 458

    I think the drawings alone were worth reading the post! :)

  • Trash_PandaTrash_Panda Member Posts: 57

    I like the idea it would be pretty fun to use. I also think Freddy shouldn’t move grass because he is in an alternate plane and shouldn’t effect anything not in the dream world outside of gens and vaults ex

  • MojoTheFabulousMojoTheFabulous Member Posts: 2,012

    This would not only be fantastic because it'd make him feel closer to his representation in the movies but it'd be pretty ######### cool to do. I want this to happen.

  • JAWS_BDSMJAWS_BDSM Member Posts: 328

    Nice idea! Would make freddy interesting and more unique killer

  • EclipseDarkstarEclipseDarkstar Member Posts: 47

    I really adore this idea. I've always said that Freddy needs a second power to make him better, and to keep him more in line with his character. This seems like a really great idea. Would make Bamboozle necessary on him, but that's not exactly the worst thing at any rate. Great job. :)

  • Alphy_AngelAlphy_Angel Member Posts: 3

    Thank you all! Another thing I considered was the possibility of this working on lockers as well, with an exiting animation that takes the same amount of time as vaulting.

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 13,578

    When i read this, first thought was: "Wow, that's actually cool and doesn't sound broken!"

    And i'm not trying to take it down, but i do have a question.

    Does this mean you can't put a Survivor to sleep who's on the other side of a vault location?

    Or does putting a Survivor to sleep take priority?

  • CroquedeadCroquedead Member Posts: 91

    I would love that actually. That surprises me because I already love Freddy in his current state but that’d make him even more fun

  • FayeZaharaFayeZahara Member Posts: 965

    I would love your power cause you could tottally say ######### like a true freddy.

    Also like the freddy drawings and wish could have a drawing of my idea for freddy.

  • PhantomMask20763PhantomMask20763 Member Posts: 5,176

    I actually really like this idea! I main Freddy and this would just make him even cooler and would help him out in the chase. After this all he would need are the few QoL buffs such as stopping all actions during dream transition and he'd be really good.

  • Alphy_AngelAlphy_Angel Member Posts: 3

    That's actually a great point that I didn't think of! I suppose the way it'd work is like this; You know how when using Windows of Opportunity, window vaults are highlighted by the wall area below the window? I figure when holding the power, any point you could "teleport" to would be highlighted like that, and you'd have to aim directly at the wall bit for it to trigger. This way, if you wanted to just put someone to sleep who's over the vault, you can look at them through the window to sleep them.

  • VexonVexon Member Posts: 70

    sexy idea OP

  • Luckystrike2778Luckystrike2778 Member Posts: 63

    Great idea! Bump!

  • OMagic_ManOOMagic_ManO Member Posts: 3,278

    I love the idea of him being able to make small warps with his power, using the range add ons would make it OP. The drawing was super worth it.

  • HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 12,600

    I voted this up, because the art is beautiful

  • LamiaLamia Member Posts: 25

    bhvr do it pls

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