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Why the Chaser and Malicious Emblems are broken

PiiFreePiiFree Member Posts: 1,152
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This issue had already been aknowledged by the devs last year, shortly after the implementation of the Emblem System but it seems like they've forgotten about this, so let me refresh your memory.

Firstly I want to make sure that all of you fully understand how those Emblems currently work. I've seen lots of posts that gave me the impression that people lack this knowledge.


Special conditions apply if the Killer is camping a hooked Survivor. In that case they will start to lose points in Chaser, which is totally fine and of no impact for the issue I want to point out. Obviously still a good thing to know for everyone that wasn't aware of it.

Emblem requirements

  • Bronze: 650 Points
  • Silver: 1230 Points
  • Gold: 1800 Points
  • Iridescent: 2550 Points


Emblem requirements

  • Bronze: 11 Points
  • Silver: 22 Points
  • Gold: 30 Points
  • Iridescent: 36 Points

The issue

Now that you know how they work, the actual issue. Oneshot Killers like Billy, Leatherface and Myers suffer from these conditions. You probably already realized that but let me point out the impact of it with a simple and realistic scenario:

You get 9 hooks, 3 sacrifices in total. There was one stealthy Survivor who managed to avoid you all match and ultimately escaped via hatch. No camping, no tunneling at all.

A possible result as a Killer like Leatherface:


  • 9 Survivors found: 45 Points
  • 9 Survivors hit: 495 Points
  • 9 chases that average 15-30 seconds: 540 Points

Total: 1080 Points = Bronze Emblem


  • 9 Survivors hit: 9 Points
  • 9 Survivors hooked: 18 Points
  • 6 Survivors healed: -6 Points

Total: 21 Points = Bronze Emblem

As of recent changes, from my understanding and from the informations given on the wiki, getting 2-3 Sacrifices now leads to Silver Devout Emblem, which gives us a total of 2 + 1 + 1 Emblem Points, making it effectively impossible to just Safety Pip in red ranks (9 Points required for a Safety Pip).

Now I realize that Hillbilly is a strong Killer that can still make great use of his chainsaw without actually downing Survivors but for a Killer like Leatherface, this is simply ridiculous. Leatherface is arguably the worst Killer in existence during chases (at least without add-ons) and being forced to completly drop his chainsaw in order to avoid stuff like that from happening... What purpose is there left to play Leatherface other than trolling and meme'ing Survivors?!

While analyzing the Emblems, you probably also noticed that it's technically possible for instadown Killers to lose points in Malicious. Let's see....

  • Putting a Survivor into dying state (with a oneshot): +1 point.
  • Survivor gets fully healed from dying state: -2 points.

You effectively lose one point. Now assuming you hook the Survivor:

  • +1 point for downing
  • +2 points for hooking
  • -1 point for healing after unhook (not possible anymore after death hook)

You'll end up with 0 hit point for the actual chase/hit. All that's left are the 2 points for the hook unless it was a death hook. If you play like that, the maximum amount of points you can get are 28, which gives you only Silver in Malicious and this after fully sacrificed every Survivor 3 times (so 12 hooks in total).

My Suggestion

I don't want to just complain and point out issues. I was thinking about ways to fix this relatively simply and those are my suggestions (just in case you're considering this to be an actual issue):

  • multiply the scoring events for chainsaw hits & chases by x2. (won't fix myers and other insta-downs)
  • Adjust the scoring events to give a multiplier depending on the damage dealt to survivors, based on the health states that the Survivor lost. A regular chase that injures a Survivor: x1 points (1 health state). A chase that puts a healthy Survivor instantly into dying state: x2 points (2 health states).

Please also note that this issue doesn't just affect the "hit" scoring event but also the "chase" itself. An instadown includes only 1 hit and 1 chase, which effectively halfs the potential points you can get (unless you slug and farm the Survivors). I'm aware that the solutions I provided are not perfect but they seem to be relatively simple to implement and would already cover most of the issues regarding that topic.

For the community: I hope that I managed to enlighten some of you that weren't already aware of that issue, maybe even managed to get your empathy in that regard. A bronze Chaser Emblem doesn't necessarily mean that the Killer camped, especially if it's a oneshot Killer like Leatherface. I'm not trying to defend Campers here, I'm just stating facts.

For the devs: Are you aware of that issue? Or am I completly wrong here and this is totally on purpose and working as intended? As far as I remember, it was mentioned during a Q&A that this got noticed and will should get fixed soon(tm)?

TL;DR: Chaser & Malicious Emblem seem to be broken for insta-down Killers. If you wonder why, read up.



  • PiiFreePiiFree Member Posts: 1,152
    edited April 2019

    ...and I'm really sorry but apparently I still have no idea how to put headers, spoilers and stuff like that in a thread, apologize for the wall of text.

    For the people that wonder what freak I have to be to care so much about pips:

    I actually enjoy playing against high skilled players and in high rank the chances are high that I face such players. I try to rotate between Killers but I often find myself struggling with certain ones, Leatherface being one of them but even as Billy I sometimes manage to depip even though I completly dominated the match and I figured it's often because of Chaser and Malicious as those have the most impact on oneshot Killers. For Gatekeeper is mostly powerless (especially as Leatherface) and Devout is somewhere between Silver or Iridescent, solely depending on hatch standoff. Hatch escape can turn a Iridescent into a Silver Devout, just saying.

  • TheBeanTheBean Member Posts: 2,320
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    One of the solutions may to properly handle the malicious in that case, where the points being scored for a hit, count as 2 if it is an insta down.

    For the chase part, i don't know why people feel they should be rewarded for work not done. For example... If you take Huntress.... And you decided to take the iri head for the one shots..

    Why do you think that Huntress player deserves to be rewarded double for half the work of another Huntress player who doesn't use iri heads?

    You didn't put in the extra effort for the chase, so why should you get double the chaser points?

    This is part of the reasoning I don't understand by some players. They use more OP killers / add-ons and expect to be rewarded more for using them.

  • PiiFreePiiFree Member Posts: 1,152


    You're making a good point here.

    They could exclude add-ons like those which obviously makes it already a bit more difficult to implement.

    It's really only the chainsaws and Myers during EW3 that are truly affected by it, those scoring events need to be adjusted at least for the hit scoring & malicious. The chase itself, you're right, wouldn't be deserved but the fact that even those points are indirectly limited makes it very hard to play those Killers efficient (making use of their powers) while also trying to maximize those emblems. Poorly designed emblems in the end, but it would require a complete rework to balance it out which is not very realistic.

  • hypersugarushhypersugarush Member Posts: 1

    Does grabbing poeple effect the system? I would guess it would count as an instant down

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