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What's the scariest map to you?

TohmoTohmo Member Posts: 247

If you were in the Entity's Realm, which map would you find the creepiest?


  • RuniverRuniver Member Posts: 2,095

    The Game is actually very creepy.

  • AsianMammothAsianMammoth Member Posts: 80

    Lèry, Haddonfield and all the swamp ones.

  • TohmoTohmo Member Posts: 247

    @Runiver said:
    The Game is actually very creepy.

    All the bodies really add to the effect. Great choice! :)

  • TohmoTohmo Member Posts: 247

    @AsianMammoth said:
    Lèry, Haddonfield and all the swamp ones.

    Spooky indeed.. Especially the institutee

  • AnIntellectualCloneAnIntellectualClone Member Posts: 118

    I find the Red Forest the creepiest, and at the same time the most soothing. Love the rain.

  • Techn0Techn0 Member Posts: 405

    Any map with lots of LOS blockers generally give me the creeps. Lery, Haddonfield and, the game mainly.

  • WebMonkeyWebMonkey Member Posts: 28
    I played Suffocation Pit of the MacMillan Estate the other day. One of the survivors offered a New Moon Bouquet so the whole map was pitch black. It scared the hell outta me... and I was the killer!?! 
  • TheScarletPotionTheScarletPotion Member Posts: 46

    the game the vast amount of los spots, one way entry points and the fact the heartbeat plays regardless of what level your on always has me on my toes

  • kinglionkinglion Member Posts: 15

    The Game, definitely. "Is the Killer upstairs/downstairs or is he standing right behind me?"

  • SprinkSprink Member Posts: 3

    Personally It'd either be Lèry's or Coldwind for me. Imagine the thought of having a real scenario where something with the stealth of a Tier 1 Michael is Lurking behind every corner. For Coldwind, magining if you were actually there, seeing through first person would mean those fields of crops will be so much harder to see through. Anything could be in there.

  • Mike_KarmanMike_Karman Member Posts: 28

    The Game for all of its corpses. The Institute for all the crazy s*** that's going on there O.o

  • ZiNcZiNc Member Posts: 243
    edited May 2018

    Lery's or The Game has to take it, for me. There's an absurd number of torture devices scattered and bodies about, and of any map I woke up to find myself in, those would be the ones that'd have me shitting my pants :pirate:

  • Dwight_FairfieldDwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 6,058

    The swamp.

  • TheButcher12TheButcher12 Member Posts: 19

    The Cold wind Farms, i looked into the lore and i heard there's been a series of Incidents Surrounding the Cold wind Farms has it passed to owner to owner. Then it eventually closed down due to instability of the Farm.

    The Corn field and The Farm House alone will make a classic slasher movie. Imagine the hillbilly chasing you down with the chainsaw in the middle of the Corn Field. That alone is scary.

  • LevelSwordLevelSword Member Posts: 25

    I find The Game the scariest map due to the amount of dead bodies, pigs, and killing machines around the place. I think that on top of being chased by a killer would be scary in a first person situation.

    Swamp and the game 
  • GrandmaGrandma Member Posts: 36

    Lery's. I enjoy the game too much for that. Lery's gives me true anxiety, unless it's a hillbilly then i just play casually.

  • SchmierbachSchmierbach Member Posts: 468

    Since I main killer, probably Badham Preschool or Lampkin Lane. Lore wise, Lery's Memorial Institute holds a special place in my psyche

  • entertainment720entertainment720 Member, Mod, Co-ordinator Posts: 188
    I vote The Game as well. The disorientation of sounds being heard between the two floors can make this map really dizzying. Plus, the different rooms are creepy, in a good way. 
  • TohmoTohmo Member Posts: 247

    Well.. it seems The Game is a popular choice, followed up by Lerys. Personally I'd pick Coldwind Farm, as I have a weird abandoned farm phobia (idk why..?) plus the sheer amount of animals that were killed there really scared me. Didn't expect so many people to comment on this, thanks everyone~ :)

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