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Adept achievements are impossible!

I have been struggling with adept achievements for killers since the new ranking came out. The adept achievement requires getting merciless victory (double pip) and I find it almost impossible to get it with only 3 perks, my games results in either survivors escaping and me not getting the double pip because how fast gens go without ruin, but most games I get 4 kills and end up with a safety or a single pip.

Can you change it to a single pip or simply getting 4 kills requirements?

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  • PunLPunL Member Posts: 136

    Did they change it recently?

    I got all the adept achievements (not including licensed) even the very recent once Plague/Jane.

    Didnt even took me too long to achieve, both on purple ranks (red before the new ranking system) for kilers and survivors.

  • JawsIsTheNextKillerJawsIsTheNextKiller Member Posts: 1,977

    Have they changed it? I got Adept Freddy after 2 DCs and 2 suicides. Unless things have changed it was just poor wording for the acheivements. It should have read Achieve "No one escaped" with whoever, not Acheive a Merciless Victory with whoever.

  • GraviteaUKGraviteaUK Member Posts: 464
    edited April 2019

    I thought Merciless victory is simply a 4k, not a double pip?

    But you can't use Mori's to do it.

    4 people sacrificed and DC's do count.

  • Sal_OTBSal_OTB Member Posts: 4

    Idk if its bugged for me but somehow I’m not getting the achievements even though I’m getting 4 kills.

  • scojerscojer Member Posts: 38

    I got mine for the Plague. one disconnected and 3 sacrificed on the hooks.

  • IncirionIncirion Member Posts: 612

    I got my Adept Legion with three d/cs. When I tried my Adept Plague, I got four sacrifices, twice, and that didn't count. I don't know if it's just that the achievement is bugged, or what, but it's mildly annoying that I can't get this achievement now.

  • AlonaAlona Member Posts: 40

    Seems to be for every plattform. Killed all four survivors yesterday with the Cannibal and his three perks. No trophy.

  • littlejohnnylittlejohnny Member Posts: 42

    Nope they must have changed it. Its an easy trophy for survivors, but now difficult for killers. Several 4k matches with the Plague and no trophy. It was less difficult to get the rest.

  • MegMain98MegMain98 Member Posts: 2,569

    Only reason this is an issue is because it is difficult to double pip in red and purple ranks. Some killers simply have garbage perks. Only Hag and Bubba have Ruin and BBQ. Other killers (Huntress, Wraith, etc...) have useless perks which offer no game delay. Once you get one survivor hooked 3 gens will pop. Even if you do manage to kill them all you’ll probably only get Ruthless Killer. Getting a 4K was challenging enough with some killers.

    Only adepts I am missing are Legion and Plague :/

  • burntFuseburntFuse Member Posts: 243

    The requirement was always to get a "Merciless Killer" rank. The difference is that the requirements to get that rank changed when they introduced the emblem system. With the recent balance changes, the required emblems to earn Merciless has gone up, and some emblems harder to earn than before. Devout is especially busted as they've gated Gold and Iridescent behind a requirement that is at odds with the killer's goals.

  • IncirionIncirion Member Posts: 612

    You only needed the 4k to get Merciless before. I've gotten several of the Adept Achievements with only a safety pip. Now you need a double pip, which is absolutely ridiculous on some of the worse killers with trash perks. You never needed a double pip until the new patch.

  • Robschiffer645Robschiffer645 Member Posts: 18

    They really should change it back or reword it. Right now, it encourages achievement hunters to DC as the killer. That is never a good thing, let alone when they encourage it!

  • FayeZaharaFayeZahara Member Posts: 964

    Some of those achievements glitched on me and have to do last 3 adept achievements for killer again.

  • JawsIsTheNextKillerJawsIsTheNextKiller Member Posts: 1,977

    I hope they haven't changed it because I've avoided Nurse's adept trophy hoping to some day get better. If I now need an ACTUAL merciless victory for it I'll never get it.

    But then since I will never get "Where Did They Go?" either, it probably doesn't matter.

  • lindechenelindechene Member Posts: 69

    I was playing from rank 10-35 with the plague with only her three main perks without a fourth perk.

    I was not yet able to get Plague Adept Achievement.

    For all previous killers I had been able to get this achievement done as far as I recall before hitting levels 20-25.


    My mindset used to be:

    • play the first few levels with only the killers personal perks to get to know the abilities
    • When you reached the "Adept" achievement you have acquired enough basic knowledge to move and switch things up.
    • the "fun" part of the game used to begin when I could drop some of the default perks and switch in some other ones.


    Additional challenges:

    • Killers can only gain four iridescent emblems when the survivors actually play somewhat decently as well. While playing with the Plague I encountered disconnects or survivors standing in front of a hook pointing at it.
    • Intentionally waiting for rank reset may not help much because low levels survivors may fail to help their teammates and the game is over before 9 (?) hooks are performed.



    Please reduce the difficulty of the Adept achievement for Killers in a way that makes it less challenging to achieve.

    Finishing a game with 4 Kills should be enough as a fair requirement when all Survivors have to do is escape.



    Some achievements can be intentionally hard to give expert players something to do after the main goals of the game are completed.

    However from my point of view the "Adept" achievement even by name should just indicate: The player spent a fair amount of time with this Killer and has now an "adept" understanding of its perks and playstyle.

    . . .

    In general the Adept achievements seem to have a very low completion rate of 0.1-0.5% (on PS4).

    That is about 1 to 5 players in about a 1000 who complete them.

    Maybe the requirement to not use the 4th perk slot is challenging enough on its own?

    . . .

  • JawsIsTheNextKillerJawsIsTheNextKiller Member Posts: 1,977

    After lots of games as the Plague I finally managed to get 4 kills taking advantage of an easier games from rank reset and yes everyone is right. No Adept trophy. I didn't manage to double-pip as the last survivor was one-hooked.

    I guess I should have tried to get the nurse one when it was achievable. I hope its a bug because you don't need to double-pip for the survivor trophy but double-pipping a killer with poor perks like Plague even after rank reset is asking too much.

  • lindechenelindechene Member Posts: 69
    edited April 2019


    I am still not sure if this is currently "working as intended".

    After some failed attempts with "just" four sacrifices the achievement triggered after the writing "Merciless Killer" appeared in the match score screen with four iridescent emblems.

    My impression is that I saw the score information "Noone Escaped" multiple times without getting the achievement.

    I managed to get the "Merciless Killer" with 16 points after I adjusted my playstyle and got lucky.

    14 points would have been enough to get a double pip depending on rank:


    . . .

    The question remains if it is even possible to change achievements criteria now or if they are locked in for old killers.

    . . .

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  • DeadByFreddyDeadByFreddy Member Posts: 39

    I just got 4 kills with only nightmare perks, Mori all 4. Didn't get the achievement. Got Ruthless instead of Merciless. I guess I have to let them off hook several times and still kill everyone. Should get points for early kills. Also sucks how if you hit someone in gate area they always fall to the escape

  • MPUKMPUK Member Posts: 357

    You need to be hooking everyone repeatedly. If all you had to do was hook them once, tunnel off the hook and mori them out of the game the achievement would be simple.

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 2,561

    Necromancer! This post is from 1 year ago!

    You need a 4k and double pip with killers to get the adept.

    Agreed! This is just valid for survivors. Crouching around whole game and jumping through the hatch with a key is fine, without touching a gen.

    I think they should make both adepts require a single pip tbh

  • MPUKMPUK Member Posts: 357

    You actually don't need 4k to get an adept. It is just a double pip. I've had 3 kills and the last goes through the hatch and got a double pip. They were probably on their 3rd hook had I caught them but still, they escaped and I got merciless.

  • Dr_LoomisDr_Loomis Member Posts: 2,675

    I have them all and yes, some are tough.

    I agree it should be just 4k with their 3 perks.

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