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Wiggle BUG

DerRickyDerRicky Member Posts: 4

I start the game with the wiggle screen.

So i can't walk like left right left right, cause that would make me wiggle.

So can't play the game so good.

I don't know, what causes this screen but it happens only sometimes.

No i did nothing special before getting this screen.

Best Answer

  • PatriciaPatricia Posts: 290
    Accepted Answer


    Just so you know, our team were able to reproduce the issue. We have a tentative fix for it, probably in the PTB but this is not 100%.

    Thank you for your report!


  • GrandkuramaGrandkurama Member Posts: 157
    edited April 14

    Yeah a lot of people are facing this bug (not me for now)(ps4)

  • AnvilAnvil Member Posts: 38

    I have it as well. Here's a video, in case it helps.

  • NikaidoNikaido Member Posts: 13

    Yeah. My premade had this bug today in almost 15 games :)))). #enjoyable.

  • AnvilAnvil Member Posts: 38

    @not_Queen, any word on this bug? Essentially the match is not playable so players can end up disconnecting, which also isn't great.

  • plaaayerplaaayer Member Posts: 1
    edited April 17

    Experienced this bug on PC as well

  • PAVAGAPAVAGA Member Posts: 2

    thanks guys. luv your game.

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