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ElisabethofhabsburgElisabethofhabsburg Member Posts: 7
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I know there is a bug, which will cause players to disconnect during the game (or when the game loads), but this community is suffering from childish players who disconnect when they are losing/get hit.

I have mainly played a survivor lately and it happens in nearly every game that a "snowflake" survivor decides to disconnect after he has been hit by killer once or faces adversity. Often players also DC when they are hooked for the first or second time. I am so sick of this, because it just ruins the game for everyone and affects ranks. So nice to turn on all 5 generators with a group of 3 when a player disconnects for no reason.

I have noticed that also killers have been disconnecting more often lately.

Even if the game is going "fine" players just decide to leave and it really sucks.

The survivors and killers who purposely disconnect often should be put into separate lobbies. Grand Theft Auto V had a problem with users disconnecting during multiplayer missions. For this reason the game had a different lobby for players with a high tendency to disconnect during multiplayer missions. This way players who did not want to finish their games could not ruin the experience for everyone.

If you choose to DC, because you just cannot handle the failure or "you just want to run around until you get hit and then leave", please then uninstall this game.

The developers should really do something about this problem, because it is rampant these days and gets on nerves. I do not honestly know what is wrong with this community lately, because the issue with rage quitting is now BIG. Earlier this hardly was a problem.


  • MasterMaster Member Posts: 10,205

    5-10% or all DCs are actual legit, others are rage quits.

    Im not surprised that killers started DCing aswell tbh, im pretty fed up aswell

  • ElisabethofhabsburgElisabethofhabsburg Member Posts: 7
    edited April 2019

    I have steady and quick internet connection, but often the game does not load for me even if I have entered a low ping session. Happened couple of times today too. When the game starts it would probably show that I would have disconnected while the game was loading. My PC should be able to run this game with ease. Sometimes the .exe process just freezes and the game has to re-started to play.

    But I have noticed that most of the in-game (killer vs survivors) are definitely rage quits as they happen exactly when a survivor is hit/downed/hooked etc. Killers mainly quit when they cannot find anyone to kill or are not able to hook players.

  • MomoMoonMomoMoon Member Posts: 40

    They piss me off both sides, when killers DC because they sucked and survivors are winning and when survivors DC because the killer got them or because they hate this killer

    its annoying on both sides

  • FreyatheKindFreyatheKind Member Posts: 90

    The devs have mentioned they were aware of the disconnects and are working on it. I know ever since the Legion and Plague updates, there’s been a lot of unintentional disconnects followed by a fury of rage disconnects.

    All we can do is wait for a fix, which is hopefully soon. Patience :)

  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member Posts: 14,127

    i saw someone using OoO today and they dced whenever they got downed.... Don’t run OoO if you don’t like getting downed.

  • Ultama160Ultama160 Member Posts: 11

    Dont forget them dcing when they see legion/nurse

  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 2,575

    I'm barely playing the game at this point. A couple days ago I was playing a 3v1 as The Pig, and one of the survivors suicided on their first hook. I let the other two finish the gens and leave, but it took forever.

    In the following match as The Plague, all four loaded in, but one disconnected and another suicided on the hook. With the majority of gens still unfinished, I just left the match and turned the game off entirely.

    And it's not like those are the only times. That was just the couple games I tried to play that day. I almost never use good offerings or add-ons; every time I do, at least one survivor disconnects, whether in the loading screen or after the match has started. It completely ruins the match and wastes the offerings and add-ons I used. It's beyond frustrating.

    It's one thing when I fail because I suck; it's another when I fail because survivors disconnect or rage quit. There's no way to 'git gud' against that.

  • mistar_zmistar_z Member Posts: 571

    I understand crashes during actual gameplay can happen, I've had it happen to me while playing both sides. Repairing boom randomly gets DC, hooking a survivor and going to a gen boom crash as killer. But those are rare.

    9/10 DC I see are during convenient times = first down or while they're getting hooked by the killer, a killer doing poorly and its near the end of the game.

    That suggestion sounds great, but given bhvr's track record, that sounds like its way for them to mess up mm for everyone even more. I'd be content with them just giving people a time penalty once they get the real DC/crashing under control.

    Time penalty before can queue again:

    1st 3 mins

    2nd 10 mins

    3rd 30 mins

    4th 1 hour

    3 hours

    6 hours


    They also would need to make it so they can adjust the penalty remotely without needing to patch the game, =server sided instead of client sided. In case they a patch that crashes a lot of games and a fast hotfix can't be pushed out.

  • mistar_zmistar_z Member Posts: 571

    Haven't seen the nurse DC's in a while hehe. Unless the people get downed first.

    Legion games are understandable, it's either an insufferable long game of 45 mends or a medium timed game of tunneling with the exploit or a short fmt game or a fast game of survivors successfully gen rushing before the legion manages to sacrifice anyone. Lol.

  • T2KT2K Member Posts: 593

    Well I play 50/50 surv and killer since release of dbd on console and further back on PC mainly killer. I also feel the frustration on players dc'ing without any real reason. Personally i only leave the game as survivor if im facing legion with frenzy 3 hit down moonwalking me. But I often come to the point of thinking about leaving the game. And the reason for that is 100% the teammates.

    As killer i never dc. there are good games and bad games, just work through it.

  • rangerdanger0rangerdanger0 Member Posts: 37

    I am currently affected by the random DC bug so I can't control when the game decides to DC me

  • JaarthanJaarthan Member Posts: 47

    3/5 games tonight, my girlfriend has had her game freeze and crash during the loadup of the match. And out of the 2 where she didn't crash, she got kicked halfway during the match by the game.

  • StarMoralStarMoral Member Posts: 819

    I get miffed at DC's regardless of what I play. Mainly concerned for the Killer.

    I played Nurse today, and NO JOKE, it was a 2 man game. I couldn't find the nerve to get kills off them, so I blinked to the Meg on a gen, picked her up, and dropped her next to a hook to let the Nea heal her up. Basically just farmed with them all game.

  • ElisabethofhabsburgElisabethofhabsburg Member Posts: 7
    edited April 2019

    I have been playing during this season again. It has happened so far 3 times today that all three other survivors disconnect in the beginning of the game. Then I am like alone against the killer. 1-2 disconnecting during the game seems to be still common, but the problem is slightly milder in ranks under 9. I do feel like that this problem affects my rank. During the rank reset ranks 12 to 13 were horrible to play, because there were a lot of disconnecting players and other survivors had no talent. Some games are literally ridiculous, because a killer always downs one survivor when another survivor is unhooked. Noobs literally throw themselves at killers. A lot of farmers too who pull their team mate out of the hook right in front on the killer.

    I think, the rank resets happen too often and it is unnecessary that the ranks reset monthly. My rank has been usually 4 to 6 and I am tired of grinding every month with noobs only to get back there.

    Recently playing in ranks above 10 after the reset has not been enjoyable.

  • JudithJudith Member Posts: 819
    edited April 2019

    When survivors dc when I outplay them, I consider it a win. I have a good laugh too. One example is when they try so hard to flashlight save and I pretend to pick survivors up only to down their friends waiting nearby. Or when they waste every pallet to teabag and dc after they get down from the lack of safe spaces lol.

    Just laugh it off. Ranks are a joke anyway.

  • I do not know where my previous message disappeared. Maybe I deleted it by accident. I think, the rank is not completely a joke. In ranks 12-13 I can tell that I did not really enjoy playing, but quality is much better in ranks below 10. I mean, the rank 12-13 games after latest reset were mostly disasters. Farming and noobs being downed at once. It often happened that one survivor went to save his friend and got downed... then a second went after them and he was downed too. So fun to try to work on gens when you have to run around the map unhooking team mates and nobody else can get a generator on. It was ridiculous. Kinda OK when it happens sometimes, but not when every second game is like that. I do not know if this has something to do with the new matchmaking system, because I do not remember game play being so hopeless after other resets.

    I think, anything around rank 9 or below is pretty fun to play with. My best rank ever was 2 and generally 4 to 6. Already 8 is pretty nice. I do not know why the ranks have to reset monthly. The reset could be every 2 or 3 months.

    In any case, like I said disconnecting is still an issue. 3 times three players disconnected today at once.

  • HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 10,170

    I have 900+ hours and I can tell you, like you said, most people are disconnected from that bug, some people dc like you said but not as much

  • Saint_UkraineSaint_Ukraine Member Posts: 943

    600 hours? Impressive. Who cares?

  • tresbandeirastresbandeiras Member Posts: 11

    That is Something that is killing The game .

    I hate to say It , as I really love this game , but its becoming more and more usual people DCing when they get caught . It ruins everyone s match and It is becoming Impossible to finish a match where nobody has DC. I hate those guys and I even have a New Black list with all The names that DC on purpose so that I wont play with them again , The problem is in a Very near Future I won't have anybody to play with If DBD staff dont do anything about It but I do have faith that its gonna be possible to punish those DC players after we have Dedicated Servers . Otherwise It Will be The end of DBD .

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