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Playing as killer is not fun anymore, and is just stressful.

The power revolves around the survivors not the killer anymore. The gen rush is absolutely insane, with “pressure” being hitting and regressing a gen resume and repeat until they beat you at that game. MoM is the dumbest perk I’ve ever played against because of stupidly OP it is. Adrenaline negates any pressure I put into survivors. So many unfun factors that you have to play against.

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  • Caz2018Caz2018 Member Posts: 194

    I do hate the gen rush games. The best matches I've had as killer were ones where I chased, hooked, damaged generators and laid traps everywhere. The game lasted a while and while I didn't kill anyone, everyone seemed to have fun and came out of it with plenty of points. No stress, just lots of fun.

    I have had a few stressful games though, where survivors have just gen rushed. I'm learning that it's better to trash the generators and break off chases if they are looping continually as they just keep you busy while the rest of the team rush those gens.

  • ApeOfMazorApeOfMazor Member Posts: 471

    Letting all 4 escape feels like garbage even if you hooked them all 2 times each and got a ton of points. A killers job is to kill so I find it hard to seperate that from the pathetic rank system that pats you on the back for letting people escape.

  • Divinitye9Divinitye9 Member Posts: 392

    Just depends what you want or expect from the game. I stopped caring about rank long ago, I just play who I want to and do what I want to. If I get kills, great, if I get destroyed, whatever... it is what it is.

    I honestly don’t play as near much as I used to. I took a break from it for awhile now and it honestly did me a lot of good. I suggest you play some other games and let off some steam there. When you come back you’d be surprised how you see things as opposed to how you did then.

  • KiskashiKiskashi Member Posts: 1,043

    @TRGraybles I'm really waiting to see the rank reset too to be honest for these reasons...

  • MasterMaster Member Posts: 10,205
  • johnmwarnerjohnmwarner Member Posts: 3,793

    I just try to have fun, I try for hooks sure but I’m more concerned with having fun.

  • CoolConnor96CoolConnor96 Member Posts: 80

    I do agree. I used to play both killer and survivor but recently i have been playing more survivor as its less stressful. The survivors mostly dictate how matches go on now and i try so hard to put as much pressure on gens as possible but it never seems to work.

  • RoKruegerRoKrueger Member Posts: 1,371

    The killer's life is not for everyone I guess

  • tizzi717tizzi717 Member Posts: 85

    If you'd played in 2016-2017, you'd jumped off a bridge.

    Anyway the game is fine now,they remove a lot of infinite and pallets. So git gud

  • KurisataruKurisataru Member Posts: 448

    I have yet to not blame being gen rushed on myself. If I'm being gen rushed it's because I didnt have good tracking perks at my disposal, I was being lazy with chases and didn't mindgame, I tried slugging and failed at it, I didn't protect gens and totems because I was just searching around for stealthy survivors instead of worrying about them doing their objectives. Basically, I was genrushed a lot as a newbie killer, but even though I don't keep perks and add ons on most of my killers, I still blame gen rushing on myself if it happens while I use one of those killers. Because it is my choice to go in unprepared for anything. On a map I can play and with the right gameplay in mind and some survivor mistakes. I still get DCs and kills like anyone else.

  • DaGreenBoltDaGreenBolt Member Posts: 452

    Huh so I'm not crazy, I noticed that there was more pallets than usually forcing me to give up chases. And surprisingly some double pallets are now back

  • MegChickenMegChicken Member Posts: 163

    That was the dumbest [BAD WORD] I’ve ever read before. Did you not read anything of what I said? I have no issue in a chase, heck a chase could last 20 seconds and 2 gems would be popped instantly.

  • MystiKasTMystiKasT Member Posts: 289

    Indeed, killer is stressful and frustrating. Don't give BHVR any money til they fix it.

  • GraviteaUKGraviteaUK Member Posts: 464

    The 3 most complained about things as survivor.

    NoED, Nurse, Billy

    NoED is because B, C, D tier (Especially M1) killers can't map pressure because the meta gen rushes and the maps keep getting bigger.

    But i still believe NoED is fine, you can just get rid of the totems i did that all last night as survivor and the totems were gone after 1-2 gens tops.

    Nurse and Billy, because they have the most map pressure.

    What needs to change, Nurse nerfed and the rest of the killer roster bought up to the same map pressure as Billy.

    Don't wanna do that BVHR? shrink the maps then. 10k tiles is about the sweet spot in map size.

  • Carnage845Carnage845 Member Posts: 16
    edited April 2019

    Hey everyone; 1st ever post here and I'm happy to see people are annoyed at the same stuff I am. Just some history on me: usually red ranked (not always R1), play every killer nearly equally, and have been on the game 2 years.

    Anyway, I agree with the original post: every update survivors just get stronger. For example, DS was nerfed (thank CHRIST), but like 3 weeks later were given Mantle of Man...and now that is more irritating and OP than DS ever was.

    Infinite loops and reliance on pallets is easily one of the most annoying aspects for me. NOTHING is more aggravating then trying to chase someone, only to have them go from pallet to pallet to pallet to pallet. Or abuse tf out of infinite loops because the killer has a significantly slower vault speed (ie: killer shack... this is a sore spot of contention for me as it can eat up a TON of time.) Sure, you can break off chase and go for someone else, but that in itself is an issue - the Killer should never have to stop a hunt merely because of trash map design.

    Gen rushing, especially as of the Plague release, has been INSANE. As you guys know, as a survivor, you would have to use an offering to spawn with fellow survivors (obviously this would happen naturally a few times as well.) Now, they spawn 3 or 4 survivors right next to each other, right next to a generator, essentially giving it to them for free without an offering ever used. Idk if this is the same issue on PC, but on consoles it is Every. Single. Match. Then all you face is 3-4 man SWF groups, all coordinating and just destroying the Killer because it just obliterates any balance the game could have had.

    Don't even get me started on how they constantly make killers slower. How tf is Legion - a group of TEENAGERS - slower than Jeff. Give me a break.

    I'm sorry, I know this is long and most people won't read this but I absolutely HATE how many crutches survivors get, while Killers keep getting the shaft. I detest playing as a survivor, and find the Killer aspect to be 100x more entertaining and satisfying...but not lately. Since the Plague, no matter what killer, I'm lucky to even get two kills before the exit gates are open. I am literally forced to use Ruin and NOED (a perk I HATE using) just to get some sort of balance back...and half the time those get taken out in seconds anyway.

    I sincerely hope the devs read these posts, because this game's pool of Killers is shrink8ng by the day, and that is why matchmaking takes forever. I mean damn, survivors are so OP that they will literally run out into the open to seek the killer out knowing full well they can waste atleast 3-4 gens.

    Again, sorry for the length.

  • Carnage845Carnage845 Member Posts: 16

    There is, at minimum, 8 pallets per stage with the potential for more.

    Not only that, but when they DID delete "half" of the pallets, the very same week they increased the animation speed of the pallet smash essentially negating the deletions because Killers were swinging through pallets and giving survivors a taste of their own medicine and they cried so loud that BHVR fixed it nearly right away.

    And git gud? Come on, man. Don't be part of the issue with this game.

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 2,285

    @Carnage845 I agree with everything you said. To make matters worse, my go-to SWF buster Spirit is bugged to hell right now. We don't have time to clear enough pallets to make a difference against good survivors on M1 killers. And if we do create a deadzone, there's usually an obnoxious double window building they can run to. Hell, the entity blocker doesn't even work anymore. "Chase someone else" only goes so far when they all have comms and run to the same spot.

  • LarczLarcz Member Posts: 531

    Well who remember when killers was strong? And game was not in favor of survs? Not me after buy game in 06,2017 and got above 1200 hours in game.I pkay in last 2 weeks 4hours not more .Btw killer main but after 3/4 games as killer one day i got in mind just one sentenc [BAD WORD] this game.

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