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DLC Chapter Idea - Dark Bidding

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**New Killer: The Puppeteer**

Ever since Alan Bradshaw saw his first play as a child, he dreamed of owning his own theater. It was at first a minor inspiration, something he thought about lightly and didn't truly consider. But as he grew older, so did his obsession. Over the course of his teenager years, he must've bought over fifty books just to fill with his future plans. Story lines that always ended with something grim. It came to the point where he would lock himself in his room for days, starving himself, just to continue writing. He eventually got an underpaying job at a local diner, although he never devoted himself to it. His head was always focused on his number one goal. His work was truly awful, but the company couldn't get any more employees than what they had, so he was forced to stay or else they risked being even further understaffed. Negative opinions and health violations flooded the diner, causing it to eventually go down, leaving Alan without a job, and only one dream.

As he was walking home on his last day, he came across a disgusting building. It was covered in grime, cracked, and without windows. It seemed to have been abandoned by society. A sign beyond the point of decay sat in front of the building, with letters ever so barely readable: "For Sale: $250." This was incredibly cheap, it was the only building Alan would ever be able to afford from his measly pay checks from the diner. Finding the money in his wallet, Alan hopefully walked up and knocked on the ancient door. An elderly man hunched over inhumanly shambled to the door on his cane. He opened the door. All the man asked was if Alan had the money. Alan hadn't even finished saying yes before the man took it, said Alan should come inside, and retreated back inside. Confused, Alan entered the building.

It was small, with the largest room being about the size an auditorium. Alan knew this was his chance.

It took almost two months of inhumane conditions and horrid living before Alan declared the theater was ready. With the last of his money, he purchased a billboard to hang above the building that read "Alan's Theater of Wonders."

Alan was almost ready to accomplish his dream, but first, he needed fellow actors.

No one. Not one person agreed to do the job for free. Being completely broke, Alan retreated to his home one night with the deepest feeling of despair. He had gotten so close, but there was no path further from here. Or, no path lit up by lanterns at least. He trudged around the disgusting building, this close to deciding to end his life, when he noticed a door that he had never seen before creak open. Intrigued and without other options, he entered. The room was almost completely dark with the exception of a purple substance falling onto his head and body. A pair of eyes lit up from the darkness, and before Alan could make a sound he was enveloped by dark spikes, trapping him in one place. The unknown creature spoke in another, foreign language that Alan had never heard before, yet, he understood perfectly. He was offered actors and fame. The dream he had always wished to fulfill. He agreed eagerly in the same tongue he did not know. The spikes released him, and he was pushed out of the closet with force. When he recovered his bearings and stood back up, the door was gone. He must've hallucinated it. With a sigh, he slept on the floor that night as he had for the past two months.

That morning, he awoke to frantic knocking at the door. He trudged to the door and opened it with the energy you'd expect of the broken man he was. A line of at least twelve people stood at his door, all wanting a role in the cast. Ecstatic, Alan nodded without saying a word. Then they asked for pay. Alan stopped nodding and his face turned to his usual depression once more.

A flash of purple light had come from Alan's hand. He hadn't even realized he was holding it stretched out until now. The faces of the actors were empty. Eyes without soul staring at nothing, bodies stiff without movement. Confused and afraid, Alan jumped back, his hand still stretched out. They all leaped forward. Baffled, Alan began to move around his hand more. The actors followed. The most malicious grin of the decade had spread across Alan's face when he finally came to the conclusion that he controlled these people.

His theater flourished for the first few months. He could play all the plays of his dreams, he got fame and fortune. Alan had never been happier in his entire life. Then September 2nd would be come a day he would never forget. The day he got his first complaint. "The play was great, but the smell was unbearable. A tang I recognized but couldn't place hung heavy in the air no matter where you went." The following week, he got more and more complaints. One night, behind stage as he was observing his actors, he jokingly slapped one of them for slouching. Flakes of skin fell off of the cheek where he was slapped. Alan, curious, continued to flick, pick, and tamper with the body, and more skin fell. His actors were decaying. His actors were _decaying._Frantically, Alan tested his theory with the other actors as well. All of them were in a horrible state. Alan couldn't tell as he was accustomed to the smell, but the pungent scent of death filled the air.

Alan decided that if the bodies were beginning to smell, he would just remove the bits that smelled. He came home with a butcher cleaver the following day after a weekend of rest, and cut into one of the actors. The blood was black and green, and the organs followed the same trend. Without use of tools or gloves, Alan scooped the innards out of the body with his bare hands and went out back to dump them. His hands were atrocious but he wasn't done. He finished his job and without any running water, with all of his funds going to his productions, he fell asleep with the filth all the way up his arms.

The next day was the worst his theater ever did. People said the actors seemed dead, and moved rigidly. Alan knew he needed more actors. He posted an ad, and more came. More souls came under Alan's control. But the old bodies... what would he do with all this rotting skin and bone, he pondered. He looked at his dwindling food supply and an idea flickered in Alan's head.

He adored what he did, and would often... gain more actors than necessary.

Years later, Alan disappeared, leaving his establishment unstaffed. The evictors were horrified by what they discovered, and refused to speak about it to anyone but the police. The one thing they mentioned to the press was their description of an ajar door, and the writhing, almost spider-like tendrils that seemed to move in the darkness.

Terror Radius: 28 Meters

Speed: 110%|4.4m/s

**The Puppeteer's Power: Mind Control**

The Puppeteer can hold out his hand and shoot a beam of purple energy endlessly. It's thin, and must be aimed properly. Survivor's have a bar of _Willpower_, which will slowly go down while exposed to the beam or more rapidly go down inside the Killer's Red Stain. Willpower will slowly be restored while outside of The Puppeteer's killer radius. Once a Survivor's _Willpower_ is at 0%, The Puppeteer can channel his Power on that Survivor to control their mind. The Puppeteer will vanish from the map and will now have full control of the Survivor they chose. In the Survivor's body, The Puppeteer will move at 115% movement speed while running and 110% movement speed while walking, as well as 95% movement speed while crouching. The Red Stain will appear still, but only within a 16 meter radius. The Killer can perform all the abilities a Survivor can, such as throwing down + vaulting pallets, quick vaulting, crouching, running, and locker hiding. However, you also gain a knife and can perform killer actions such as attacking, lunging, pull-offs, generator breaking, and hooking. While their mind is being controlled, the Survivor's Willpower will slowly restore while Wiggling, and skill checks will occasionally appear and can be hit to gain more Willpower instantly. Once Willpower is at 100%, they regain control of their body and their Willpower will reset to 100%. Some other effects while controlling a Survivor are:

  • While running, leave scratch marks that Survivors can see.
  • Quick vaulting and quick locker enter/exits both give Survivors notifications.
  • While crouching, your Red Stain vanishes.
  • Your terror radius is reduced to <0 meters while crouching.
  • Being stunned will release the Survivor from your control.
  • You can stun other Survivors.
  • You can manually remove control of your survivor and resume your normal body, and they will be left at 1% Willpower.
  • Assuming control of a Dying or Injured Survivor will leave them fully healed once they regain control.
  • You can cause your controlled Survivor to hook their self, although the animation is rather long. You obviously lose control of a Survivor once they've been hooked. Hooking a Survivor through this method fully restores their Willpower.
  • You can still mori while controlling a Survivor, however, you lose control of the Survivor afterwards with their Willpower at 1%.
  • Might have to edit this later and have more effects since this is kind of a complicated system lmao.

The Puppeteer is a Controlling killer, able to use **Mind Control** to take control of a Survivor and gain enhanced effects while also slowing down the Survivors' progress. His perks, **Absent Actor**, **Role Call**, and **Set the Stage** focus on giving him ways to control and slow down the trial significantly as well as hunting down the stealthier survivors.

Perk 1: Absent Actor: You become obsessed with one Survivor. This Survivor is unable to repair generators for 100/110/120 seconds. This effect will reset if the Obsession is changed. ((Sorry, Decisive Strike users!))

"You will not be needed for this scene." -The Puppeteer

Perk 2: Role Call: Your manipulative presence terrorizes Survivors. When a Survivor has been in your Terror Radius but not in a chase for 25/20/15 seconds, they will scream and reveal their position.

"Is everyone present? I certainly wouldn't want anyone to... miss the play." -The Puppeteer

Perk 3: Set the Stage: Your domination over the Survivors remove their defenses. At the beginning of the game, remove 3/4/4 pallets, and (Tier 3 only) the shack pallet is guaranteed to be removed as well. (If the map does not have a shack, it will instead remove the pallet nearest to the basement.)

"This is how it will be. You have no say in the matter, puppet." -The Puppeteer

Aesthetic-y Things

  • The Mine Control beam is an ominous purple, with an aura that radiates more purple.
  • Since Survivors are small, purple energy equal to that of which appears when The Puppeteer channels his power will assist controlled Survivors in actions such as hooking and carrying.
  • In the Puppeteer form Mori Animation, The Puppeteer takes control of the Survivor, and with resistance from the Survivor, will cause them to stab their own throat. The Puppeteer will then giggle.
  • In the Survivor form Mori Animation, the Controlled Survivor will viciously assault the Survivor with several slashes, before suddenly coming to their senses and realizing what they've done.
  • The Puppeteer wears a mockery of the "Drama Mask", long and draping robes made of a deep blue silk, and uses the same knife controlled Survivors wield as his weapon. Similar to The Nurse, he floats.
  • Controlled Survivors have unfocused eyes that emanate a purple energy, and rigid mouths that don't show expression.

**New Survivor: Mariella Salvetti**

Okay so I'll be honest, making Survivor backstories is way harder than making Killer backstories in my opinion. But I'll still try.

Both of Mariella's parents had the same occupation. A magician. For that matter, both of her parents happened to be famous magicians with large followings. Their tricks never seemed to have been explained somehow, which is unheard of in the modern day and age. With a free pass to almost all of their shows, Mariella became absolutely enamored in the art of magic, especially since it was her only path to her parents who were almost never home. After she expressed interest, she began to be tutored by her parents. At first, it was just light examples. Card tricks that are rather obvious, all of the simple things you could find in a book. But the lessons continued, and the magic became more advanced.

To a point that scientists couldn't even comprehend. It seemed like real magic. It is magic.

Mariella never questioned it until the day of her father's cab accident. He had been riding across town to his current job across town, when an inexplicable car accident occurred in dead center of a four way intersection. Many cars were broke, many more were injured, but there was only one supposed casualty. Mariella's father was no where to be found. Now being the appropriate age, having renowned magician parents, and now needing to assist providing for the two-person family as well as just enjoying the art were all factors in Mariella being thrown into the magician ring, where she discovered the truth. Her parents, amongst other well-known magicians, had made a deal with an unknown entity, which gave them true magical power. It seems bizarre to use this power for a carnival trick job, but you may change your mind when you realize the sheer wealth they were making per job. It was almost enough to thrust one way above middle class if money was handled correctly. Mariella did not like this one bit, but all it took was peer pressure and the need to provide to force Mariella's hand into making the same deal. The initiation took place in a dark room, surrounded by fellow pact takers. It was quite literally a cult of magicians. Mariella was instructed to stick her hand in a bowl of a dark liquid and keep it there until she "couldn't anymore." She was hesitant, but had already agreed.

The liquid burned. Her entire hand felt as if the skin was peeling off, yet from what she could make out in the misty substance, no such thing was happening. After fifteen or so seconds of the pain, she withdrew her hand in a blur and held it, shaking. After a moment of calm, she outstretched her finger and orange sparks flew out of her very finger tips. She was baffled.

Later, she took her first job. A small one at a child's birthday. It should've been simple, children are easily fooled. Yet when she went to perform the first trick, whispers from an unknown source began to fill her head. The language was incomprehensible and was maddening. She clutched her palms in fists. The whispers filled her head and told her to perform gruesome acts that one shall not mention. Mariella fought the voices, causing a breakdown on stage. Needless to say, that was not an incident that would soon be forgotten by those who experienced it.

After that scenario, she knew that the power was cursed and had serious consequences. Her whole childhood was a lie. Her parents she looked up to so were followers of dark powers. Mariella was always a sensible child who resolved issues rather well, but her desire for justice developed profoundly at that moment. She wouldn't let dark energies go unpunished. She contacted the police force in secret and told them what she knew. They thought her crazy, but with the conviction she spoke with they decided they might as well have a hearing as long as she can provide evidence.

She refused to take a second job, and after forceful demands of the cult for her to say, she stood up against the cult, shaming their ways. They called Mariella a hypocrite for she as well had taken the oath, and allowed her to leave, claiming that "there will be consequences."

Mariella took her story to the police with firm proof. The police were absolutely baffled. The government was able to link connections to many missing persons cases, but that was never shared publicly. Mariella never got to see the result of her virtuous deed. Later that night, as she had to find somewhere to stay for the night being unable to return home, she was wandering the streets. She was completely alone. The sky began to darken quickly, and it seemed to writhe. Mariella left that day, and stlil in her magician garb, vanished from sight from unholy tendrils. She fought, but it wasn't enough.

She woke up in an unknown realm with an offer of tremendous power to follow in her parents' footsteps. The same tendrils surrounded her. She profoundly refused and was transported through a hellish portal to a campfire, with her powers stunted. Here, she would experience the true evils of the Entity that made a cult rich. The much darker truth behind the facade of just some magical power granter.

Mariella decided that she would keep fighting for the sake of one day being able to rid the world of evil for good.

Wow, that sucked. Never task me with writing a Survivor backstory again.

Mariella Salvetti is a Virtuous Justice-Seeker, able to combat threats with a firm hand.

Her perks, **Vanishing Trick**, **Exposed**, and **Justice** allow her to deceive the killer in chases and stealth, as well as grant her yet another chance if conditions are fulfilled. However, she is left at a great risk.

Perk 1: Vanishing Trick: Your knowledge of magical arts allow you to conceal your next plan. While in a chase, the nearest pallet within 16/24/32 meters is invisible to the killer, and fake debris will appear around the location. However, stunning the killer with one of these invisible pallets breaks the pallet. Has a cooldown of 60/50/40 seconds.

"Magic should be used for good, or at least in good fun. What you're doing is wrong." -Mariella

Perk 2: Exposed: You know too much to be left alone. Permanently gain the Exposed status effect. You can see the killer's aura within a 28/32/infinite meter range. A symbol appears next to your name in trials.

"Making me a target won't change anything. Justice always prevails." -Mariella

Perk 3: Justice: You will not let such blatant corruption perform its deeds. Performing a successful Killer Grasp Rescue will activate this perk. While the perk is activated:

  • Your aura is revealed to the killer for 30/25/20 seconds.
  • You gain the Exposed status effect.
  • The Struggle phase on the hook is split into two, allowing you to potentially be hooked a third time and still live, while having the fourth hook kill you.
  • The Survivor you rescued has Endurance for 20/25/30 seconds.
  • Perk can only be activated once.

"You can silence the truth, but the truth won't stay quiet forever. You will not-- you CAN not get away with this." -Mariella

EDIT: Why did they make formatting Bold letters so difficult?

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  • JAWS_BDSMJAWS_BDSM Member Posts: 328

    looks interesting.

    bloody clothes addon sound a bit OP although

  • Mrrgle_the_MediocreMrrgle_the_Mediocre Member Posts: 346

    Thank you very much!

    I didn't include any add-ons with this suggestion. Did you somehow post this on the wrong forum?

  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 3,825

    I really like the idea mate. Want to ask where does the puppeteer turn up after he has lost control of the survivor? If he turns up right next to the survivor then he may need to wait a few seconds to attack the survivor.

    He will be weak against swf I think due to the fact people can say he is controlling them, unless they are made to spectate the rest of the team instead.

    Absent Actor: Is weak because that survivor will just go around cleansing totems. Which will definitely get all hex totems (Ruin) extremely quick. Have it affect 2 survivors would be better.

    Roll Call: Brilliant against urban evasion survivors. I don't think it will be a top tier perk because it would waste to much time trying to find them. Would work well with whispers.

    Set The Stage: No, sorry but some maps have max 4 pallets and this would just be way too strong.

    Vanishing Trick: I don't think it is that good. If a killer sees a survivor looping nothing they'll know their is a pallet. Also the ground will show that the pallet hasn't been destroyed. Good at low ranks but not at high ranks.

    Exposed: Is OP in a swf team. Even a solo survivor can hide from the killer extremely easy with this perk.

    Justice: I like the idea of not dying on third hook and that's why the conditions are so extreme. Thing is the conditions are too extreme for me personally.

    Overall really like the chapter and you have done really well with it mate. Hope I gave you good enough feedback.

    Also @JAWS_BDSM it was my chapter you were getting confused with. I think there are like 3 chapters on here atm with puppet related killers.

  • Mrrgle_the_MediocreMrrgle_the_Mediocre Member Posts: 346
    edited April 2019

    I had initially planned on him to return to where he was when he assumed control of the Survivor. I'll stick with that for now.

    Just don't bring Hex perks :^) nobutreally similar to how Hex: Haunted Grounds is hindered without other hexes, bringing hexes with Absent Actor would just not be a good strategy. If you need to slow the game down further, just bring Corrupt Intervention instead of Ruin.

    I may decrease the time in which they have to be in the terror radius, but I don't want to make it too good. The time could be made less of a hindrance with Distressing, since you don't have to be as close to count the seconds down.

    Which maps only have 4 pallets? That seems ridiculously inaccurate. There seems to always be an infinite supply of pallets. However, I can change it to 1/2/3 pallets, with the shack pallet being the 4th instead of the 5th. Doesn't really address your issue but it's better than nothing. I can experiment with the idea of accomplishing other actions during the match to remove pallets across the map, so like, every time you sacrifice a Survivor one or two random pallets break or something, or maybe the first time you sacrifice a Survivor, 3 pallets break. You get the idea.

    Vanishing Trick is definitely very situational: Especially considering using it "effectively" would overall lower the time you waste on the killer since you'd have to throw it before a loop, but also not camp it. It's more for a very clutch moment that only comes so often, where you're in lunging distance but also in pallet distance, so the killer would lunge if there's no pallet, but wouldn't if there was one. It could make fake debris on the ground, although that seems hard to calculate how it would work. I'll keep looking in this one.

    Since I made the Killer's perks so good, I felt like I would have to even the odds by dropping a really good Survivor perk, just to prevent too much whining. Anyway, using Exposed also makes it harder to build Mettle of Man stacks. Although, it is true that in a 4-man SWF all it takes is one person with the info to make life impossible for the killer. SWF ruins everything in this game :/ I did just realize something though. By complete accident in design, I just realized Role Call acts as a great counter to Exposed as long as the Exposed individual is close. Survivors should also have some sort of symbol by their name so the killer can see if they're running the perk.

    Well, that's how the perk is designed. Use your flashlight to cheat the killer out of a kill, and you can also cheat death. Free escapes for everyone! Well, two of you at least. I think it's fine as is, although the criteria is a little easy as long as your team follows the usual rules, so I might actually change it to make it more extreme.

    Thank you for the feedback! I'm always looking for ways to improve my writing.

  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 3,825

    That should work mate. Just a little detail I wanted to know because it could have made him very strong otherwise.

    I might be wrong but I think the minimum pallets for a map is 8. Can be more but I think the minimum it can be is 8. Would you run Absent Actor over Ruin? Because i personally dont think i would for that amount of time with it only affecting one person.

    Exposed probably needs a complete rework mate. It's a OP version of object of obsession and you wouldn't need Mettle of Man because you'll never be found. Roll Call is only a good counter if your close for 15 seconds. I'm a survivor main so I'd love this lol but I'd never play killer again. I had to completely change one of my perks in my chapter because it was OP but it's your chapter mate this is just my opinion.

    Next to create is add-ons so have fun with that. Once again good chapter mate

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