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Who is your favourite licensed killer?

GiddawidGiddawid Member Posts: 102

Let us know who your favourite licensed killer is!

Who is your favourite licensed killer? 1226 votes

Michael Myers
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Freddy Krueger
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The Pig
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  • ZiNcZiNc Member Posts: 243
    Michael Myers

    MM taking it by a landslide ;D

  • Dwight_ConfusionDwight_Confusion Member Posts: 1,650
    Freddy Krueger

    My actual favorite from the movies would be Myers, but in the game its Freddy. I'm actually fairly good with him.

    Only if they would reduce the sleep transition from 7 seconds to 6 seconds and then give his Red Paint Brush no movement reduction. Ultra rare add ons should be ultra rare, and they are, but should have 0 drawbacks.

  • loracklorack Member Posts: 3

    Leatherface is op.

  • AirtimeAirtime Member Posts: 5
    Freddy Krueger

    Freddy Krueger for the characer itself but I think he could have been executed better.
    Mechanics wise Myers. Such a good chapter IMO.

  • robinrobin Member Posts: 149

    Leatherface is easiest to use, and the chainsaw downs are very rewarding, Michael is a close second though.

  • jobascojobasco Member Posts: 32
    Michael Myers

    Love everything about the Halloween chapter. Favorite survivor, favorite map, and one of my favorite killers! Not to mention the movie is definitely one of my all-time favorite horror movies.

  • alienschmalienalienschmalien Member Posts: 151
    Michael Myers

    Lil Mikey Myers.

  • OnetrolltorulethemOnetrolltorulethem Member Posts: 16
    Michael Myers

    Mike Myers can still oneshot people with a tombstone. I rest my case.

  • PizzaMafiaPizzaMafia Member Posts: 19
    Michael Myers

    Gotta love hotboi myers.
    But the fact that more people love freddy than leatherface is a bit concerning ;w;

  • LivuxLivux Member Posts: 27
    Michael Myers

    Myers is really cool.

  • AngieAngie Member Posts: 31
    Michael Myers

    LF and Freddy are too weak to be favorites.
    Pig is cool and all but Myers by far is the most fun I have.

    Who doesn't love easily pulling Survivors off gens and scaring them.

  • BoxohoboBoxohobo Member Posts: 50
    Michael Myers

    Michael Myers, the man, the myth, tHE LEGEND

  • RareRare Member Posts: 37
    Michael Myers

    Myers. I like him.

  • Mc_HartyMc_Harty Member Posts: 3,293
    Michael Myers

    Interesting how more players like Freddy then Leatherface.

    Poor boy was just used for his chili.

  • lasombra1979lasombra1979 Member Posts: 1,142
    Michael Myers

    Myers. The slow methodical way to play him with the stalking and the terror that survivors get when they see evil within III hit. Ok, I may be a little sadistic.

  • HermanTheDoctor HermanTheDoctor Member Posts: 204
    The Pig

    i really like the Pig. You can suck the entire game. but the late game is her thing

  • RuniverRuniver Member Posts: 2,095
    edited May 2018
    Michael Myers

    Piggy is decent.
    But Myers gets the cup.

  • SirFrancelotSirFrancelot Member Posts: 30
    Michael Myers

    The devs nailed the atmosphere of the films with Myers and none of the other licensed killers come close to how well executed he was.

  • CroquedeadCroquedead Member Posts: 91
    Michael Myers
    Myers, easily
  • ValkariValkari Member Posts: 33
    Michael Myers

    Daddy Myers!

  • CalledCervidaeCalledCervidae Member Posts: 22
    Michael Myers

    I absolutely love Myers. Played right, he can be extremely scary for most survivors. I actually feel as if im in a place of power while playing him.

  • RellewdRellewd Member Posts: 195
    Freddy Krueger

    Fred Head Here.

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