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Stop crying about endgame collapse

Yes, i'm the guy that quitted dbd around a month ago and drew every killer. I've seen this upcoming Endgame collapse update and i gotta say, i'm pretty impressed. But, apparently, a lot of tilted survivor mains got mad and began crying. Ffs, you have 3 FULL MINUTES, even more if somebody gets downed/hooked. Is it really that important to chase the killer in the endgame and bully him or waiting for him at the gate just to teabag him instead of just escaping? I get it, it becomes pretty hard to escape if the killer closes the hatch, but still.... Stop crying and just escape. Its not that important to do the butt dance on the killer. This update is clearly addressed to infinite hatch standoffs and holding the game hostage. Isn't this what you wanted?


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