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Why killers have ZERO sympathy for survivors nowadays

SythalinSythalin Member Posts: 280

Playing Huntress, 4 games, all 4 people downed at some point. Always make sure one person is up (or picked up and released) to go rescue the rest. Let all of them escape because I'm not going for ranks, just some BP and target practice.

End game chat summary:

"ezpz baby killer!"



"ur so bad, how did you get R1?"

"over 1k hours and still bad? uninstall baddie"


I can't imagine how toxic it would've been if I hadn't let them go. Hell, there was another game with 2 DCs (no DC sound, so unintentional) where I even let them farm up some pallet hits. End game, 1 of the 2 bitched about how I let them go after the fact.

In short, what in the [BAD WORD] is wrong with you guys?



  • TimeMonsterTimeMonster Member Posts: 118

    Had a game where all teammates was hooked in basement. Killer were trapper and he trapper both exits and window...

    After i escaped throug a hatch - everyone including killer acused me for not trying to save my team... so... everyone here is toxic...

    I play legion while trying to not kill survivors - they just kill them self on first hook or DC once i down them. I hook people once to get BBQ stacks - sometimes they became nice and start play nice - not farm... nice

    Well yeah - sometimes i let them farm BC 2 peple DC or Suicided on hook

  • DexyIVDexyIV Member Posts: 496

    People that play this game are just overly aggressive due to it being the norm. Just spare yourself the headache and leave the lobby to avoid end game chat as a whole. It's not just survivors either.

  • DeadArsenalDeadArsenal Member Posts: 202

    I once lied to a bunch of SWF'tards that cheesed me hard on Hattonfield. They got smug after the round so I told them to feel proud for having defeated a Prestige 6 Killer. Taking the bait, they immediately launched into a vitriolic insult spree and were too stupid to notice that I had fewer than four perks and was obviously playing a low level unprestiged character. At that moment I realized that I should not have sympathy for anyone.

  • DoowieDoowie Member Posts: 37

    I've always had very nice survivors once a game ends either with all of them escaping or being all killed etc etc etc.

    Haven't had anyone being toxic over the last few days. Of course it's all down to the mental age of the people you're facing. But I know that those few days of maturity will be overshadowed by a single day of immature players.

  • EmealEmeal Member Posts: 194

    Worst part is when you have a bad game, People bring that in as revenge in the next.

    I have at times been incredibly mean towards my next group of Survivors, because of my last game, but they don't really deserve that.

  • powerbatspowerbats Member Posts: 7,071

    It's funny you say that when killers can be just as bad if not worse both in game and post game. Now before you say well survivors do it more well of course you'll see it more, you've got 4 chances each game.

    Whereas the survivors will only ever get 1 jerk killer unless they're doing the killer exploit that is. As for what you encountered I just laugh it off and remember them, if i get them again I destroy them and leave none standing.

    When they complain you can remind them of the prior game where you were just farming and their comments. I've been pretty much farming and trying out new thing skiller side and finishing up adepts.

  • OlisingOlising Member Posts: 29

    This happens a lot but not always. Sometimes people are actually nice to me in endgame chat if I let them farm, or even when killers are nice to me. The other day a nurse mori'd all 4 of us, but we had a great and friendly conversation about the game in the endgame chat, and just yesterday a trapper let me get the hatch and once again we were very nice. I think toxic and rude behaviour is on both sides, but if people are being rude or toxic then just leave and get over it, because it will always happen in some cases.

  • AlexAnarchyAlexAnarchy Member Posts: 685
    edited April 2019

    Your example shows a killer saying they feel bad for playing killer...is this what you find to be fair? the killer who feels bad for killing you?

    And what is fair? Cuz last I checked, killers get [BAD WORD] on all the time for camping, tunneling, mori, using perks survivors don't like, or even killing the survivors...which all of these..are not against the rules and therefore Fair play.

    And I don't remember seeing somewhere where the killer is supposed to treat survivors nicely...They are supposed to kill the survivors, your example if anything is simply a bad killer..

  • powerbatspowerbats Member Posts: 7,071

    Treating them fairly you know not being a toxic jerkbag and just repeatedly slugging them till they bleed out. Kinda like how some killers on here whine about being tea bagged, flashlight clicked etc.

    But hey it's not the survivors job to not be jerkbags to the killers perhaps survivors just need to be toxic jerkbags every game to appease your feelings.

  • pushkinapushkina Member Posts: 76

    Play nice and ppl will be nice moste of the time. Camping and tunneling just make the game not fun. And killers whine over tbag, flashlight  clicked, lopping, perks etc

  • FizzFizz Member Posts: 71

    So in my honest experience I've found that killers are less likely to be toxic in the endgame chat but are more likely to be toxic in the game itself which can be worse in some cases but on the same note Survivors are both toxic in-game and in endgame chat and by toxic I'm not talking about looping. I'm referring to there need to teabag at every dropped pallet ect..

    Now the main problem I have and have come across in my DbD games is that survivors have lost sight of what camping and tunnelling actually is and accuse people of doing so when they clearly aren't. The other issue I run up against is survivors blaming killers for their teammates stupid choices, like I'm sorry but if you run up and unhook your friend then hide so I can only see the unhooked person, of course I'm going for them.

    On top of that you have the yolo saves before you even get the chance to get away from the hook (been called a camper for that too). This is just my experience with survivors and I've had more of them telling me to "kill myself" or "jump off a bridge" than I've had killers tell me to do those things. We'll not go into how many times I've been called the N word even though I'm the palest white person you'll ever see who isn't an albino. :P

    Killers on the other hand, the big experience I have with them is the demand we don't play as a team or being accused of Gen rushing. Now firstly, we are allowed to work as a team if we so chose and secondly if your not putting pressure on the gens then sadly we don't have much to do as survivors. I will admit that sometimes actual gen rushing happens but most of the time it's just general doing the gens with no pressure on us.

    Okay, I'm done rambling on, just thought I'd share my experience with both sides. I know survivor side got most of this post but that's just because I've happened to had more bad experiences with survivors than I have with killers and before anyone jumps on me I'm not saying killers aren't toxic too, I've just not had many who've been so in terms of out of game chat.

  • Tru3LemonTru3Lemon Member Posts: 1,302

    Theres 2 problems right now

    1 killer its far to ez to get 4k (billy, nurse)

    2 the matchmaking if youre rank 7 or less youll get some noob survivors that are rank 14-12

  • EntitàEntità Member Posts: 1,550

    Characters and players are different: kill the survivor, hate the killer, but be nice with the players behind these roles.

  • Andreyu44Andreyu44 Member Posts: 1,528

    I also stopped having sympathy for killers.

    Im never toxic,but killers keep being assholes and keep hitting me on the hook while nodding.

    Dont pretend you are all cute sheeps.

  • RWoodrowRWoodrow Member Posts: 262
    edited April 2019

    That is rarely true @Trikset and @pushkina

    I don't camp.

    I don't tunnel.

    I'd rather hit a survivor and let them jump in the hatch then stand motionless for hours.

    Generally not a bad or disrespectful person.

    Still have been told to off myself, shove certain killers/items/perks in various orifices (BBQ and Chili is still the funniest one I think cause, imagery), have been told to have "relations" with myself, bragged to about a survivor having "relations" with certain family members (some of whom have been dead for a few years...not sure why they wanted to brag about that but okay...), etc, etc, etc, more times than I can count.

    On a rare occasion, I've gotten some nice messages but I can count them on one hand.

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 10,193


    That's a word i don't relate to as Killer! 😈

  • White_OwlWhite_Owl Member Posts: 2,475
    edited April 2019

    First, it's always been that way, toxicity exists since the beginning of time and doesn't distinguish between roles. Second, being mean to all survivors just because someone was mean to you is a [BAD WORD] up logic.

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 15,170

    Killers are "mean", as you call it, to survivors because the overwhelming majority of them are also "mean" to killers. It's not one or some, it's the majority.

    Killers get [BAD WORD] on for showing mercy and for not showing mercy. They get [BAD WORD] on for killing everyone and not killing anyone. They get [BAD WORD] on for going easy on survivors after a DC and for not going easy after a DC. They get [BAD WORD] on for "tryharding" and not "tryharding". No matter what killers do, survivors are never happy.

    Inversely, killers give hatch escapes and are polite in the post-game chat at a rate that far exceeds anything nice survivors do for killers.

    I've heard tales of one out of a thousand survivors who give themselves up when the killer is about to end with a 0k, yet killers often give hatch escapes.

    Survivors hold the game hostage at the exit to teabag and whatnot, but killers rarely just let you bleed out on the floor and will often lose a hatch stand-off on purpose just to end the trial.

    So yes, toxicity does distinguish between the two roles, and one side has always been overwhelmingly more toxic than the other. And no, it has nothing to do with the fact that there are 4 survivors; the ratio of toxic players is disproportionate even if you take that into account.

  • mcNuggetsmcNuggets Member Posts: 767

    Because its frustrating to play killer nowadays.

    Survivors just have the upper hand which sucks for the killers.

  • BongbingbingBongbingbing Member Posts: 1,423

    I'd close end game chat if I were you.

    This game has one of the most toxic player bases I've ever seen. You'd think they would crack down on toxicity and start giving out small bans to people who continuously spread it but it still runs rampant.

    As a Killer it's kind of a loose loose with those people. If you do your role as killer you get harassed and if you don't manage to kill you get mocked.

    Occasionally you'll get the nice survivors who give you a "GG" or "Fun Game" but they're few and far between in my opinion.

  • Mister_xDMister_xD Member Posts: 4,679

    *continuously clicks his flashlight in the killers face*

    i dont know what you mean...

  • powerbatspowerbats Member Posts: 7,071

    Ok that's a wild exaggeration to say the least and while survivors are more likely to be toxic as I said it's a 4 to 1 ratio. To say the overwhelming majority are toxic is like me saying the overwhelming majority of killers are douchebags.

    So because 1 or more people were mean to you in 1 game you decide to be a douchebag to another group who then turns around and does it to a killer.

    Did no one learn the old childhood adage two wrongs don't make a right?

    Is everyone seriously still stuck in their 2 year old stage that they have to act like said 2 year old? While I can understand blowing off steam we all need to do it from time to time being a complete jerk all the time is CHILDISH.

    When someone erupts post game I let it go unless it's racism etc those I report because a lot of times someone is just blowing off steam. When someone dies right away with 1k points of course they're going to be upset.

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 15,170

    I addressed the disproportionate nature of survivor toxicity in my comment. It's right there in the last sentence.

  • HeroiqHeroiq Member Posts: 1,090

    actually. i'm facing the opposite. when i play killer. i usually give the survivor who did well but had a bad teammates the hatch. even if he had to do a generator. and usually get

    • thx <3
    • ty
    • gg
    • nice skills


    but when i play survivor. i usually sit and repair generators. but once the killer comes for me. i try surviving by looping him as much as i can. usually go to infinities. pallet loops. etc. and sometimes i get facecamped because it's a late game or end game. i don't mind it since the killer doesn't have anything else to do.

    and the end chat usually goes like this. (i asked him why didn't you go for someone else?)

    note: i don't take flashlights. only medkits most of the time. and if i took a flashlight. i won't spam clicking or chain blinding.

  • HeroiqHeroiq Member Posts: 1,090

    1- down them

    2- nod with your head at sonic speed

    3- slug and go for someone else

    once he gets picked up. he'll probably stop clicking with the flashlight. if he didn't repeat these steps. but add step 4: keep patrolling the area and don't let other survivors pick him up.

    if it happened for the third time you must know he'll be salty at the end chat anyway. so you're free to hook him and camp him. no need to lose your emblem by facecamping. just keep him within your terror radius

    that's what i usually do and it usually works.

  • AlexAnarchyAlexAnarchy Member Posts: 685
    edited April 2019

    Giving the survivor the hatch cuz ther team sucked, does'nt really make you a good killer, it makes you the opposite as your job when playing killer is too kill them, The actual bad killers are the ones who let survivors farm or just live.

    I also should mention, your example made me lol cuz that does'nt look like an angry killer, that looks more like playful banter in the way " you bastard" was used once he guessed that was you.

    Kind of a poor example if your trying too make killers look toxic and evil. *shrugs*

    But if you actually abuse infinites, then i'm sorry but I'd make sure your game is over too...

  • HakuHaku Member Posts: 534

    The killers are literally the same. It is just you get one in each lobby not 4x so the chances he goes omg noob are 4 times smaller but killers do the same thing. I have seen it many many times. So it is just the human nature, kids playing the game etc

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