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Iridescent shards for bloodpoints!

Just for those with loads of iridescent shards to spare!

1000 iridescent shards for 30000 bloodpoints...

For each additional 1000 iridescent shards, an additional 3000 is added to the amount...

For example:

2000 to 63000

3000 to 96000

4000 to 129000

5000 to 162000

6000 to 195000

7000 to 228000

So on


  • CaliCali Member Posts: 108

    Buy perks you already own on the shrine.

  • doitagain_doitagain_ Member Posts: 403

    Lol you already get 150,000 blood points for 2,000 shards in the shrine.

  • Dwight_ConfusionDwight_Confusion Member Posts: 1,640

    Totally not worth it at all.

    With BBQ n Chili, I can EASILY get 50k in 10-15 minute match. Sometimes more.

    If I happen to have a pudding or streamer, then I can get 75k to 80k EASILY

    I can roll 50k all day per match with bbq. 200k in 1 hour easy.

  • Mr_BlackMr_Black Member Posts: 93

    And if the shrine of secrets has nothing you already have?

    And the perks in it are bad... This is just to add another way of getting more bloodpoints...

    Fine, I'll buff it...

    Each 1000 iridescent shards gives you 50000 bloodpoints...

  • Mr_BlackMr_Black Member Posts: 93
  • SythalinSythalin Member Posts: 280

    Do you math brah?

    Shine of Secrets

    2000 Shards -> 150,000 (2700 -> 250,000)

    How is 1000 Shards -> 50,000 a "buff" compared to what is currently available?

  • Mr_BlackMr_Black Member Posts: 93

    For those pointing at shrine of secrets... You get 150000 for 2000 iridecsents if you get a perk you already own... That's means you'll have to wait for a shrine that has a perk you already have... Meaning you get more because you waited rather than getting the points no matter the shrine... So you get less because you got it straight away instead of waiting... And after you get a perk or 150000 bp from the shrine, you can't do it to same perk...

    So, would you rather invest £2000 and instantly get £50000 and be able to repeat this 5 times or wait a year to invest £2000 and get £150000 a but you can't do it again for another year?

  • Mr_BlackMr_Black Member Posts: 93

    You have to wait for shrine and can only get a perk once per shrine... So, worst case scenario, you wait a week for a new shrine and you don't have any of the perks and they're all bad...

    Best case, you have 12000 iridescent shards and all the perks in shrine cost 2700 and you own them all... 1000000 bps... This system rewards you with less for being impatien... I thought it'd be easy to understand...

  • SythalinSythalin Member Posts: 280
    edited April 2019

    As someone else has pointed out, you can easily walk out of a game with 50k+ BP per game (100k+ with some luck in offering synergies + perks). Earning shards, however, takes drastically longer in comparison. Being honest, the 2000 -> 100,000 is a ripoff as well considering the time spent to gather the those amounts.

    At player level 50+

    • 2000 shards = 7 player levels
    • 1 player level = 5-6 games
    • 4 players levels = 35-42 games (avg 38)
    • Estimated Average BP per game = 15,000-20,000 (avg 17,500)
    • 38 games * 17,500 -> 665,000 BP

    So basically, in the time it takes to earn 2000 shards, you can earn 4x as much in the same time period, proving that shard/BP value is already [BAD WORD]. Unless you want to bump that number up to starting at minimum 200,000 BP, it's still not worth it. And we all know that BHVR sure as hell isn't going to change the current values anytime soon.

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 5,605

    @Mr_Black if you don't want to wait a week for new perks so you can get those bp idk what to tell you.

    (and if you don't have those perks but have shards and wanna use them... buy those perks??)

  • Mr_BlackMr_Black Member Posts: 93
    https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/comment/435603#Comment_435603 There was an error displaying this embed.

    How is this so difficult to understand? Yes, you can get that amount very quickly in two games, but, with 1000 iridescent shards, you can get 1 - 2 games worth of blood... Sure, you can get more from shrine... Cool... What if you don't have any of the perks yet? You can't buy them twice... Even then, it'd cost 4000 shards... This is just as an extra ig you want blood fast... Yes, it's less reliable, but it's instant... If you needed a washing machine ASAP, would you rather wait ages for a chance of a discount, buy it right away, or labour for it? You have enough money spare

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