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Remember me nerf and gate opening speed buff is nonsensical

End game collapse starts when a gate is open or the hatch is closed

So remember me has no effect on the timer if all 5 gens are done because the timer only starts when a gate is open, survivors can just run to the other gate if they don't want to spend 50 seconds opening the other gate, assuming no progress was done on it at all and full stacks were reached.

Survivors will also know that the other gate is open because of the giant fuckoff bar appearing at the top of their screen

By that same reasoning, the gates opening faster makes no sense.

Please revert these needless killer nerfs.


  • DarKnight_DoomDarKnight_Doom Member Posts: 54

    In my opinion they should rethink about these changes.

    The exit gate timer should drop to 15s and the OLD Remember me should use half of its stacks only if the killer chooses to close the hatch.

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