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Balance changes for some killers

CalifornicationCalifornication Member Posts: 8
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Hello there, I'm a streamer and tournament player from RU-community. I am a mainkiller having at least 3800 hrs summary. My english isn't perfect, so be patient, please. In this topic I want to suggest changes concering the killer's balance. Let's start.


PASSIVE: After hooking a survivor killer grants 10% movement speed for a 5 seconds. It will make gameplay more enjoyable for killers with poor mobility (Trapper, Doctor, Huntress, Hag etc.) and will encourage fairplay. Stacks with HEX: Devour Hope.


Granting immunity for survivor's reading aura skills first 30 seconds or more. This buff will improve the game for Trapper against the perk "Object of obsession". When match is started and survivor can see your aura, he also can see where you setting traps and after that survivor can disarm all of your traps without risk or can tell it for his teammates in voice-chat if they in SWF.

Make another algorithm for the traps spawn. I mean make them more logical. Traps must spawn near the pallets, windows, generators. Not on top of the hill. It's uncomfortable to go for a trap which spawned on top of the hill.

Allow Trapper to take two traps instead one without add-ons, but he will start match with 1 trap in hand. It will make Trapper's gameplay more variative with some add-ons combo without trap-bags.

NERF Iridescent Stone. There is two ways of NERF. First: 45 seconds or more instead 30. Second: the addon will only work on the set traps by the player. This will reduce the chance of being caught in a random trap. It's unfair when add-on doing "kills" without player's participation.


He is ok. Maybe some add-ons needs a buff.


He is ok.


She is ok without add-ons. Need to NERF ALL of her add-ons. Remove additional blinks from addons. It's too OP when Nurse has additional blinks in all add-ons catergory (brown, yellow, green and purple). Because she can take it from any bloodweb.


Remove all add-ons with additional hatchets. Reduce the lullaby range and make it not a stereo sound like Freddie’s song. Removing add-ons with additional hatchets will let Huntress to do less mistakes and survivors can count her hatchets while running from her. And it will remove toxic gameplay with 3 oneshot hatchets + ebony mori. I think it's fair when you have only one insta-killing hatch, because after mistake you need to reload.


He needs rework and a separate topic. If you are interested, I can write it.


She needs rework and a separate topic. If you are interested, I can write it.


He is ok. With passive killer's ability after hooking he will great.


Remove debuffs from engravings. Remove slow after canceling chainsaw. When you want to do "fake" with chainsaw like Hillbilly you will let survivors to do another loop because you're slowed.


He is ok only with "Class photo". I hope that the rework will benefit him and make him a killer not for newbies, which are Spirit and Legion.


She is ok.


He is ok.


Add-ons needs NERF. She has add-ons without debuffs. It's not ok, when she is the second most powerful killer after Nurse.


After rework he is dead. Only one thing in rework was correct and it's with "Deep Wound" in terror radius and mending.


Her green Vile Purge is useless. Experienced survivors doesn't cleansing themselvef in fountains, so her ability is useless. She needs a buff. When survivor fully infected he will take -10% action speed penalty. And when survivor vomit this cause random-skillchecks while repairing generator or healing.

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  • EL_TIGREEL_TIGRE Member Posts: 7

    listen him/ yes

  • No1TheLarchNo1TheLarch Member Posts: 221

    While I agree with much of your argument some parts I take exception too:

    Oh come on, Huntress is fine. We should make Irri head inflict deep wounds not dying, and leave the leather loop and infantry belt alone. They are fun and huntress is not OP even with them. Now Exhaustion Hatchets need to go, really strong and unfun as they hard counter Dead-Hard (one of the most fun and high skill survivor perks) and often Balanced Landing. With each map that comes out being WORSE and WORSE for huntress we dont need to make the most fun part of her (throwing hatchets) less fun.

    It boggles my mind you take it out for her and don't even mention double charge time billy, who is a big offender without taking much skill.

    Furthermore Base Nurse is NOT okay base since they buffed her making fatigue not have a black screen (no need to run shadow-borne on her anymore) screen, this needs to be reverted. in addition to the addons nerf I would consider adding a slight delay in transit for short range blinks <5 meters, as they cannot be dodged by survivor. this would require nurse to have additional skill to hit survivors as they would be required to predict their movements.

    Prayer beads needs to not make phasing silent.

    Legion is going to be fine after the rework, will be solid mid tier due to speed buff and despite the whining of legion mains will still be better then doctor or Freddy as his power still enables him to get the first hit in a chase. I dont think the frenzy speed should be nerfed but other then that I think these changes are excellent as they counter the exploit that was his entire strategy.

    Wraith should have his base cloaked move-speed buffed to that of Windstorm: mud. and I would think he would be strong killer.

    Clowns Exhaustion bottles should be removed/reworked to do something else. perhaps permanently reduce the rate exhaustion recovers. With how exhaustion works now and how easy it is to hit someone with clowns power its pretty un-fun for survivors.

    Your proposal for 10% move-speed buff on hook feels overturned. I agree with the sentiment but would say 5%.

    I COMPLETELY disagree with your thoughts on Plague, vile purge is useful if used intelligently. You can walk up directly <1 m behind them purge and get them broken without giving them a speed boost then m1 them down(like billy's chainsaw), effectively giving you a oneshot. ALSO it will require them to stay broken the entire match unless they use a fountain, staying broken allows you to bring them down again easily especially if you use Spirit Fury and Enduring which make staying broken against her scary and cleansing also scary because of how good corrupt purge is. Plague is in an excellent place right now as the top of mid tier, right behind Hag and Huntress. That is if you are competent with her.

    As a general killer buff I would say generators should take 5% longer to complete, would help killers combat gen rush while still forcing them to apply pressure.

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    + : - )

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  • ShelliangShelliang Member Posts: 1

    Very good changes, I hope devs will make use of it.

  • BblTeKaiBblTeKai Member Posts: 1

    I fully agree with what was said, I would like to see it in the online, developers, listen to this post!

  • Mr_MyersMr_Myers Member Posts: 422

    How would you rework Myers out of curiosity? Right now he's the only killer that seems to scare people, changing him too much might hurt that

  • DemiurgDemiurg Member Posts: 119
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    All russians agreed xD good ideas btw

  • CalifornicationCalifornication Member Posts: 8

    Yes, he can scare survivor. But look at him from competitive side, when he gets Tier 2 Evil too slow and survivors genrushing. On practice you got T2 Evil when survs did 3 gens. He needs in buff.

  • PoweasPoweas Member Posts: 5,873

    Hag needs a rework?!?! Explain what you mean. She's literally 2nd best with Spirit.

  • CorianderCoriander Member Posts: 1,065

    Plague is far from useless. In low ranks she just runs around vomiting, but in higher ranks she can make someone Broken in record time and down them shortly after entering a chase. You can also use the sickness as indicators where survivors are, if they choose to repair a Gen that's infected (since a lot of people won't heal anyway and don't want to wait). I love Plague, she's one of my three favorite killers!

  • Dead_RabbitDead_Rabbit Member Posts: 3
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    Agree. Very nice

  • Nekit6113Nekit6113 Member Posts: 1
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    I full agree wits you opinion METEOR,but in this case Object of obsession not should show all killers, because if it will be only trapper,survivors understand who killer in this match

  • JudithJudith Member Posts: 819

    Pig is Ok?

  • LORD1990LORD1990 Member Posts: 1

    Я полностью согласен

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 5,961

    I dont agree with most of these and im a survivor main

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    written correctly, fully agree

  • Micheal_MyersMicheal_Myers Member Posts: 1,061

    The only thing I disagree is about Myers, Pig, and Huntress..

    Myers to me is great and a good counter to most survivor compositions.

    Huntress is fine tbh but weak in High Rank in some Survivor Compositions..

    Pig.. Is alright but could get a little more.

  • Micheal_MyersMicheal_Myers Member Posts: 1,061
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    That is completely false. I played Myers a fairly a lot of the time. and I get T2 less After at least 1 Gen gets done. I never have met a Myers who waits til 3 Gens to Pop T2...

    But other than that, I'd say at times it would kinda tick me off that they did 2 gens before I got T2 but Here's my Myers strat...

    -Stalk until you get to the Furthest Gen from Killer Spawn

    -Stalk til you get T2

    Win Win -shrugs-

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