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Have you ever played against someone from the forum?

PunLPunL Member Posts: 136
edited April 24 in General Discussions

Like the title says:

Have you ever knowingly played against someone from the forum and thought like "hey i know this guy, he is the one from the forum".

Sadly i haven´t, but thats maybe because i am not long part of the forum.

Also: are you using the same name in the forum as in your steam account? I do, so if you see a PunL either as survivor or as killer its most likely me :D



  • BBQnDemogorgonBBQnDemogorgon Member Posts: 2,818

    Not sure...I am curious if anyone has ran into me MettleOfLegion on PS4.

    🤔 I've been pretty toxic with my builds recently so i'd likely be memorable. Since i've been using up my good stuff on Legion. 😂

    I do not use the same name! I did before PS4 name changes were introduced though.

  • PunLPunL Member Posts: 136


    I played against panda I guess two times now, both during his stream (but without intending it). The first game he actually payed me some respect for good hinding, the second one he was a huntress and I just catched every axe he threw^^

  • YamaokaYamaoka Member Posts: 1,350

    Most players are on PC so I doubt I played against a forum user. I'm on XBOX ONE [EU].

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 2,006

    I once played with a Survivor who is also on the Forum. That I know for sure.

    Pretty sure I played with or against other people, but since the Forum Name does not have to equal the Steam Name, I dont know for sure. But it would be a weird to play like 1200hrs on DBD and not play with someone from the Forums.

  • se05239se05239 Member Posts: 3,723


  • Adonisadon234Adonisadon234 Member Posts: 147

    i'm a PS4 player soo... highly unlikely

  • Andreyu44Andreyu44 Member Posts: 1,306
  • NoShinyPonyNoShinyPony Member Posts: 3,639

    @Andreyu44 And that only few hours after I replied to you here in the forum that the community isn't that big and players see familiar faces in the lobbies just by chance. 😀

  • tt_ivi_99tt_ivi_99 Member Posts: 1,257


    Sorry about that match, I was burning my Frank's Mixtapes, otherwise It would've been a Billy match :)

  • OblitiryOblitiry Member Posts: 487
    edited April 24

    Yes. Once against one who was a killer and another who was a random survivor on my team.

    Became friends with the killer although we don't really talk anymore.

    EDIT - This is on PS4 btw

  • Andreyu44Andreyu44 Member Posts: 1,306


    Its okay ,I still had fun :)

    Thanks for killing that Dwight tho,he was doing nothing the whole game.

  • PiiFreePiiFree Member Posts: 1,117
    edited April 24

    Yea I faced quite a few, also from the Steam forums.

    But I guess many players use different names on the forum and in Steam so it can be hard to identify. If you've seen "Sw!zZ-Pii" or "Bubba the Security Guard" (more recently) then congrats - you had the pleasure to spend your time with my presence.


    Post edited by PiiFree on
  • JawsIsTheNextKillerJawsIsTheNextKiller Member Posts: 1,264

    If I got destroyed by someone from the forum I'd think that they owned me and I wouldn't be able to argue against any of their points.

    I did play as a random in the same team as Mrs JawsIsTheNextKiller's toxic swf squad immediately after she stopped playing which was wierd. I made a point of not rescuing any of them on principle.

  • TheHoodiedOneTheHoodiedOne Member Posts: 7,093
    edited April 24

    Yes I have, Speshul_Kitten and another legion on here

    EDIT: GT_Legend, Speshul, and I am trying to remember the legion

    Post edited by TheHoodiedOne on
  • PluPlu Member Posts: 1,162

    Not to my knowledge, no, my name on Steam is Susie tho.

  • TheRockstarKnightTheRockstarKnight Member Posts: 378

    I have no clue. Maybe?

    I play on PS4 tho, so probably not.

  • SlayerSlayer Member Posts: 1,148

    I play mostly with asian players so no. Whenever i get message as to why im bad at killer i know that i played with european brats.

  • TheBeanTheBean Member Posts: 2,144

    Yes.. quite a few.

  • TheHoodiedOneTheHoodiedOne Member Posts: 7,093

    @TheBean You play PC?

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 2,006


    Then I played at least two times vs you. One time you were moonwalking me ( :( ) and the other time you let us farm because it was a 3man (and 2 BPS were burned, lol).

  • KillermainBTWm8KillermainBTWm8 Member Posts: 3,715

    Yes I have run into some peeps on xbox from the forum but on PC not really surprisingly

  • GroxiverdeGroxiverde Member Posts: 503
    edited April 29

    Yes, I did

    Post edited by Groxiverde on
  • TheBeanTheBean Member Posts: 2,144

    @Hoodedfengm1n  I do. I seen some from the Steam Forums.. cause they got the same names.. some from here.. but not sure all the time cause the names could be different from steam.

  • PluPlu Member Posts: 1,162

    I don't moonwalk people @Aven_Fallen , as for the farming, maybe, there's alot of Susies on Steam sooooo...

  • Keene_KillsKeene_Kills Member Posts: 474

    Not that I've seen. I change my Steam name fairly often to fit whatever I'm doing at the moment, so hard to tell if anybody has played with me from here, as well. But no, I don't ever use this forum name in-game... still wish I could change it, honestly.

  • SnakeSound222SnakeSound222 Member Posts: 1,728
    edited April 24

    I played against someone named Ophelias on PS4 one time. I’m not sure if they’re on the forum or not, but it sounded familiar. I was Spirit on Torment Creek.

  • Mister_xDMister_xD Member Posts: 3,246

    ive seen a streamer facing someone i know from these forums, but i cant recall an event where i knew it was a forum member.

    btw, if you find Mr.xD to be your Killer / a Survivor its probaply me.

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