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Survey: "The pig changes" u are agree or disagree? (ptb)

pandorayrpandorayr Member Posts: 513
edited April 2019 in General Discussions

Vote "YES" or "NO" and tell me if u are against or in favor to the PTB changes.

can expose ur reasons.



  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 8,738

    Changes in general for the EGC? Not sure, but possibly.

    These changes specifically? No, and I am against them.

  • Alther_PrimusAlther_Primus Member Posts: 129
    edited April 2019

    NO, I understand Pig potentially needing tweaks for EGC, but making her traps work like Deep Wounds and removing the Endgame playstyle is not the way to do that.

    EDIT: Also sadboi hours if this goes through, 'cause it'll massacre the Box Master playstyle and the Endgame playstyle.

  • DustinDustin Member Posts: 1,106

    Changes for Pig - No

    I understand the thought process behind them but their solution to potential problems are harmful to Pig and doesn't seem to actually solve their concerns.

    They should really communicate more specifically about these Pig changes because if we need to tailor our feedback to what they are trying to accomplish we'll do so better if we understand their thought process.

  • SpirezSpirez Member Posts: 630
    edited April 2019

    No, by nerfing her for EGC I can understand but doing so also nerfed her in general even when ECG isn’t used.

    Why not just make it so that no changes are applied to the pig until EGC timer starts.

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 8,738

    Sorry, I wasn't clear with what I meant. With "Changes in general for the EGC," I was referring to the idea that Pig needed some change to prevent her from being overwhelming during the EGC.

  • KarltastiskKarltastisk Member Posts: 507

    Pig changes: No

  • tt_ivi_99tt_ivi_99 Member Posts: 1,456

    Obsolutely no.

    Pig's strenght comes from her RBT and apply preassure to survivors with that.

    Now that the RBT doesnt kill survivors if they leave they can just Gen Rush and not worry at all about totems or end-game and it's gonna really hurt her gameplay. I've literally saved games against survivors with Adrenaline thanks to NOED + Bloodwarden combo as those allow me to put RBT on everyone once I down the first guy on the end-game.

    The Tr thing is also completely unnecessary because a Pig that wants to follow you or bodyblock you will just crouch so I dont see why they made this change + I've never used this tactic and I've never seen It either.

    Devs literally threw her potential to be top tier out the window.

  • TheBeanTheBean Member Posts: 2,320
    edited April 2019

    "Dear Miss Piggy;

    Do you like your new home at the bottom of the list?

    Don't worry Pig, I still got lots of mud for you to stick that dirty snout in.


  • BongbingbingBongbingbing Member Posts: 1,423


    You're stuck with the one play style of using all your traps within the first 4 gens popping. I know pigs who don't play for end game wont really be all that effected by it but at least before you could have the choice of playing differently.

    Traps stopping in terror radius as opposed to chases has made them slightly less threatening too.

  • TrotfoxxTrotfoxx Member Posts: 104

    I enjoy playing a late game killer since it's very rare to end in that situation. Either the team dies or escapes easily, i really like when the game "starts" as the last gen is poped. I would enjoy the current pig with the End-game collapse. I would like killers to have the option to have a strong end-game build. I don't get the nerfs to avoid that.

  • Andreyu44Andreyu44 Member Posts: 1,528


  • brokedownpalacebrokedownpalace Member Posts: 6,057

    No. Maybe the end game timer could slow down when someone has a trap on. But to completely nullify a major aspect of her power at the end isn't fair.

  • Altair899Altair899 Member Posts: 28

    Pig get nerf because her mechanic is like legion but we survive pig and nobody had problem about moonwalk etc. Now her get ricochet nerf ...

  • RaptorrotasRaptorrotas Member Posts: 2,182


    The TR change might be tested on ptb, but every other change was unnesseary.

    Also "gates powering" needs to be a trigger for axtivating rbt.

  • CaliCali Member Posts: 108

    No. But it doesn't matter. It will be put in the game whether we like it or not. I don't even get the point of EGC. What is the exact objective of that update? How many times have you guys gotten people who hide around after opening the gates just to waste time? It has happened maybe once or twice to me in a thousand hours. At least it looks cool, but what am I missing?

    Remember the moon crashing on the town in Majora's mask? That game had the feeling of urgency and imminent collapse captured perfectly. The new EGC has absolutely no sense of urgency. 3 minutes to open a 15 second gate and walk out is nothing. If the survivors actually have to stay to save a teamate, it boosts up to 6 minutes. Only newbie rank 20s will die to it due to lack of knowledge. Only way to get kills with the endgame is to slug and keep pulling the survivor away from the gates.

  • SkycererSkycerer Member Posts: 177


  • se05239se05239 Member Posts: 3,919

    [BAD WORD] NO.

  • DarkskiesDarkskies Member Posts: 1,000


    It was given due to the trailer as high pressure end game like a thrill ride I am failing to see this

    Pig doesn't need changes only think her trap should slow the timer of the EGC


  • Salty_PearlSalty_Pearl Member Posts: 1,170


    whether you run endgame Pig or not, it still makes all RBTs that weren't used during the trial USELESS.

    Her terror radius also shouldn't affect the timers and I honestly don't even know why they felt that it was needed.

    Like stated above, if a Survivor has an RBT on during the endgame, the endgame timer should go slower.

  • pandorayrpandorayr Member Posts: 513


    here is a total rejection for the community about the changes the Pig, enough reasons to don't change nothing for now

  • ClogWenchClogWench Member Posts: 2,583

    No, I think it's a kneejerk reaction nerf out of fear that it could make Pig a stronger killer but it wouldn't have been that bad. Instead she loses all endgame leverage and is forced to try and win before endgame when she becomes a basic M1 killer.

  • IhatelifeIhatelife Member Posts: 5,022


    Pig doesn't needs a nerfs like this. Her traps are already not challenge for survivors.

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 8,738

    To be fair, a few posts in a thread is hardly "the community."

  • DarkskiesDarkskies Member Posts: 1,000

    Thank you for supporting us pigs during which is a horrible time for the legion also much love my stabby friend 💖🐷

  • powerbatspowerbats Member Posts: 7,068

    You're joking right, the community didn't totally reject this, just a minority that responded to your post. For the community to reject it you'd have to have gotten responses from over 2.5 million + players.

    Now if we think logically about this most of the pig complaints aren't coming from actual Pig players but the fly by nighters. Those who even said they were going to start playing her just so they could exploit EGC.

    The devs proved a lot smarter and if you're going to fix one exploit you can't leave another one that's been going on just as long alive.

  • Saint_UkraineSaint_Ukraine Member Posts: 943

    I disagree with the Pig's nerf; it was not necessary. If the timer stops for the headtrap when the survivor is in my terror radius, I won't be able to listen for the beeping in order to find them. If I am in a chase with another survivor near the survivor with a headtrap, then that survivor has nothing to worry about. The headtrap was intended to waste the survivors' time by forcing them to halt gen repair, so they would spend time removing their trap(s). Now, it just doesn't feel as useful as before.

  • SentrySentry Member Posts: 124
    edited April 2019


    Even with some people not being pig mains and complaining. That does immeditaley make their point invalid some of their opinions are right and aline with what certain pig mains like the streamer ardetha belive this patch has destroyed to the pig.

  • CaliCali Member Posts: 108

    @powerbats Can you respond to my reply on your post where you listed survivor "nerfs"? Id like to see your mental gymnastics in action.

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