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danaradanara Member Posts: 129

Hi guys so Myers is my favourite killer and my current build setup is M&A, Ruin, B&C and STBFL (currently my placeholder for my 4th perk, though I am enjoying using it as I think it’s fairly useful)

I’m struggling to choose between either Enduring, Bamboozle or NC. What do you guys suggest?

Enduring would be good to not respect every single pallet, (I don’t respect anyways but it would help more) especially in T3. Then again I’ve been looped around some infinite’s for ages in T1/T2 which has made me consider Bamboozle and of course NC is a good choice anyways especially because of his low terror radius.

I was initially going to run enduring but some infinite’s are just unbearable until you’re T3 so for me it’s either Bamboozle or Enduring.

I could replace Ruin for two of the three perks mentioned, but as it is I’m not too confident in not getting gen rushed in the beginning of a match trying to tier up. As long as ruin lasts me until my first hook it’s done the job for me.


  • PoweasPoweas Member Posts: 5,873

    A Nurses calling is really good with him, especially with his EW2 terror radius, its really good.

  • danaradanara Member Posts: 129

    Yeah I can imagine it’s good on him, maybe I should use that perk but still leaning towards the other two to help me in chase.

    Does anyone think Brutal Strength would be better over Enduring seeing as when you’re tiering up I’ll just stalk as they throw the pallet down or would Enduring still be more efficient?

  • PoweasPoweas Member Posts: 5,873

    Honestly, when I used to main Myers, I never ran enduring for that reason. I always ran Brutal  strength because of how people tend to throw down pallets earlier. Brutal strength was a staple on my build.

    If you think Enduring will be better, use it, but I'd take brutal strength or Bamboozle. Your choice though.

  • TheShape78TheShape78 Member Posts: 712

    I personally use both Enduring AND Brutal Strength on Myers for 2 reasons...1, because they're good perks for any killer, in my opinion, and 2, because they both fit his character perfectly. Enduring fits because in the movies he couldn't die, and Brutal Strength fits because he clearly has some form of super human level strength in the movies. My perk loadout for Myers, which I never change, is...Monitor and abuse (a must for Myers), Enduring, Brutal Strength, and Save The Best For Last, as he also needs an obsession to be more film accurate, plus after it's rework, STBFL is pretty decent perk anyway.

  • ZarathosZarathos Member Posts: 1,744

    Bambozle overcomes poor map rng and in partucular nasty versions of lerys will save you a lot of stress.

    Discordance is nasty good for map information and if your running dead rabbit i would highly recomend nurses.

    If you have a tier 3 extender try infectious fright to get max value from tier 3. Myers addons really do inform you on whats the best setup for your killer.

  • Hag.is.DtierHag.is.Dtier Member Posts: 1,398
    edited April 2019

    Infection fright, scariest perk on myers in EW3. Survivors will be dying like flies.

  • KiskashiKiskashi Member Posts: 1,043

    Bamboozle from your list, great for blocking window loops, I personally like discordance for early game/finding groups as an alternative but it's really up to you.

  • DBD_PinheadDBD_Pinhead Member Posts: 724

    I run Brutal Strength at times because apparently you're supposed to hit the gens and then chase survivors if you want to get a pip.

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