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danaradanara Member Posts: 129
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So can someone give me any tips on people using infinite’s over and over again. Some are honestly unbearable as certain killers and when I see someone abusing them the entire match I’ll just tunnel them to death.

as a survivor I rarely use them unless I have to as a last resort, but they make me very salty when I’m killer so I tend not to abuse them when playing survivor.

It seems like the only way to counter them with the lower tier killers is by using Bamboozle but other than that is there really no other way except be looped over and over again.

I usually play Myers and unless I’m in T3 I struggle a lot against them, so I’m thinking of picking up Spirit as I’m sure she can deal with them better.

I’m not talking about things like shack t walls etc I’m talking about the massive buildings (I don’t know the name of the map) where it’s in the centre with a massive drop off on top and a vault on the side window, usually has a generator inside.

and yes, I know that the right decision when playing killer is to just leave them and find someone else. But whenever I see someone using them the entire game I just get tunnel visioned and want to down them so badly lol.


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