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New legion is more frustating then fun

I understand the changes, and I have come to accept them, and I am still able to get sacrifices with legion.

However, his power has become more frustrating then ever

During the ptb matches I've come many situations where I was about to feral frenzy hit a survivor, however they sprint bursted and my feral frenzy got wasted, and when I hit them normally my feral frenzy got wasted again.

This sprint bursted and dead hard moment was a moment that became really frustrating quickly.

I respect the dead hard users since they actually have to stay running, while sprint burst users can just stay crouched and when they see the moment they run away and I lose my power, when it should count as a hit.

My only other issue with the new legion is his speed, can we make his vault, and running speed slightly faster?(Except with the red addon button,where in this sence it makes sence to vault pallets slower)


  • MistressCharaMistressChara Member Posts: 112
    edited April 2019

    In another thread Devs have mentioned taking another look at The Legions running and vault speed as well as the draining stun timer. No promises for changes but it's a good sign at least.

  • HeroiqHeroiq Member Posts: 1,101

    yep. they need to change the miss attack thing. it really hurts. if they did it like it wastes 25% of the feral frenzy it wouldn't be bad. but all of it? seriously ?

  • FeleasFeleas Member Posts: 85
    edited April 2019

    Honestly, as Legion being one of my top 3 most-played since their release, I'd be fine if the Feral Frenzy dropped by so much as 50% if you missed an attack, giving you a 2nd chance if you missed early into your Frenzy.

    As for the other stuff, I would like to see Legion's action speed during Frenzy brought back up to how it was if not a little bit slower than Live. In the PTB it's hurting a little too much for a power that's designed to overcome loops.

    Other than that, I actually like how this new Legion works; you get one easy hit in, then chase them as a normal 115% M1 Killer for the next hit. It's faster downing Survivors than it is with Trapper and other purely M1 Killers.

  • bubbascalbubbascal Member Posts: 318

    Yeah, you like the "tunneling" Legion. Which Survivor mains will come to hate when the patch goes live because they're gonna get tunneled even harder.

    "Legion gets one free hit in, then they can just tunnel me! It's not fair, add "counterplay" AKA make it easier for me to win!"

  • FeleasFeleas Member Posts: 85

    Hehe, I know right? Tunneling as Legion has become even easier. Only plus side for Survivors is that they can now loop since Legion needs to be 115% movement speed to get that 2nd hit in; which is something Killer mains in Red Ranks are already used to doing. Good times!

  • bubbascalbubbascal Member Posts: 318

    I honestly like Legion's design, I have them P3'd on console (Console player here) as a result of me going for Deranged Pursuit (AND SUCCEEDING =D) and deciding to go for the prestige and P3-50 trophies at the same time.

    I'm fine with the exploits going away, I tried to never use them unless I needed a down ASAP or the Survivor was toxic and I loathed them so much I would want to moonwalk.

    But I don't want a tunneling legion. I want a "spread damage" Legion. I want the Legion right now to have those exploits removed and get a Frenzy buff...


    Wrote more about it here.

  • FeleasFeleas Member Posts: 85

    Agreed. I only tunnel as Legion when there's no one else in my terror radius when I apply Deep Wounds on the person I'm currently chasing. If there are, I focus those I haven't hit yet to get some map pressure going then tunneling the last person I hit down then rinse and repeat.

  • RockRage8962RockRage8962 Member Posts: 45

    I see a ton of people saying Legion is better, but I disagree. They were annoying to play against before, but not impossible to have fun against them either. They needed a rework, not this. Honestly, I don't think I'll enjoy playing Legion after this, because they completely removed the point of Deep Wounds and did nothing to compensate for the changes to the end game.

    I'm fine with the terror radius changes to Deep Wound, since it removes the moonwalking exploit, but everything else I could do without. The increase to fatigue time, the fact you drain the power completely after missing an attack, no longer being able to open lockers in Frenzy, the slower Vault Speed, etc. They ruined an already bad killer in my opinion, and this is coming from someone who mains mostly survivor, and thought Legion was bad from the get-go. I wanted Legion to be good, but I don't think this will help them in the longrun, and it makes me worry about the future of other killers, since alongside Legion, Pig got the chopping block too.

  • Devil_hit11Devil_hit11 Member Posts: 505
    edited April 2019

    Meanwhile, Huntress who is near-top tier killer gets to 1 shot Survivors with Hatchets without even using Irisdescent heads by hitting them in the head. Completely balanced.

  • IhatelifeIhatelife Member Posts: 4,976
  • Sorry about the way you feel about Legion friend, I feel the same way.

    But Survivors were having such a unfun time, that legion had to be reworked fast.

    So we have to deal with a frustrating Killer, BHVR should not make Killers that are frustrating to play. Maybe some time in the future they can address these grievances when things change.

    I just hope that won't take as long as the Freddy Rework took, jeez.

  • Cpt_VunderbarCpt_Vunderbar Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 53

    I think this iteration of Legion is overall a step in the right direction. Being a sort of tunneling Killer that rushes one survivor at a time with Frenzy, then attacks normally to secure the down. This is kinda what I expected Legion to be from the start actually, so hopefully they keep going this direction with him.

    Honestly, all they need to do to make him more viable now are the following:

    • Vaulting speed reverted to previous values for pallets and windows.
    • Missed attacks during Frenzy eats up 50% of the power meter (still punishing but doesn't outright end the power).
    • Frenzy movement speed reverted to previous value.
    • Frenzy self stun times reduced back to 3 seconds, and self stun (ending power early) reduced to 2.5 seconds. (This would justify the Cooldown add-on nerfs)
    • Pallet Stuns while Frenzying eat up 25% of the power meter instead of ending the power completely.
    • Mending is now considered a "Healing Action". (Allowing for more perk synergy and giving him some light tracking abilities.)

    These, I feel are what Legion needs right now. I think if they go forward with the above changes, Legion will be in a much better state overall.

  • DarkWo1f997DarkWo1f997 Member Posts: 1,532

    Doesn’t legion have slightly faster vault and break animations than default as part of his base kit now? I didn’t fully understand the patch notes.

  • PluPlu Member Posts: 1,209
    edited April 2019

    The patch notes nerfed his vault speed on both pallets and windows @DarkWo1f997

    It honestly makes both actions worthless because of how much distance survivors gains from it, if you are in a terrible tile you can even be looped during FF and one messup can make you lose the chase instantly because you lose all of your tracking during FF, if sound wasn't broken and glitchy, it wouldn't be that much of an issue tho.

    As for what Op said, i agree, Legion's power is frustrating to use now because of how slow and restricted it is, like i keep saying, you're better off never using it and using regular M1 because you can actually down people this way and can stack bloodlust in very bad loops.

    They really need to look at FF and remove alot of restrictions, i don't mind losing my power for missing an attack, after all, it's my fault for missing.

    If devs are really scared that Iridescent button will be op with a fast vault speed, they just need to make that said addon makes you vault slower, some addons have downside, like Freddy's paint brush, so i don't know why they don't do it again if they think it's that bad.

  • Tzeentchling9Tzeentchling9 Member Posts: 1,796

    Honestly Feral Frenzy needs a massive boost of speed and duration. Legion's design revolves around race around the map stabbing multiple people and apply pressure across the map. Except FF doesn't actually allow that since you can only travel 50 meters without hitting another Survivor. There are so many restrictions and penalties on FF and DW is so tame now, I don't see the harm in letting the go nuts racing around everywhere occasionally. That would be fun.

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