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An I the only only one outraged about this?

George_SorosGeorge_Soros Member Posts: 2,270

Ok guys, there are lots of discussions about camping, NOED, Legion nerf, EGC and who knows what else. Yet no one seems to be addressing the real problem. Let me explain what I mean. In English, the standard suffix that marks plural is s. It's ######### S. Not 's goddammit!!!! 's is for POSSESSIVE!

For those of you with a weaker mind, here are a few examples: if you refer to the developer team as a whole, you can type DEVS, and not *dev's*. If you're talking about Mikey, Trappy boy and Campface together, that is KILLERS, but not *killer's*.

I'm even going to illuminate the difference with examples. See:

"Killers have it real hard these days." Yep, that's a plural there.

"A killer's job is to exterminate survivors by any means necessary." See the difference? Say hi to Mr. Possessive.

"The devs made a fatal mistake by nerfing Remember Me." Again, plural, no apostrophe needed. Are you catching up?

"A dev's duties do not include responding to the endless demands and rants of the group of manchildren, more commonly known as DBD players." Right. Now you're getting it.

Now, once you feel comfortable about the HUGE difference between 's and s, here's some advanced training:

"The whole community agrees that the devs' decision to make EGC start only after opening an exit gate, instead of the prudent choice of having it triggered by repairing the last generator, is a great blow to the balance of the game, as well as to the moral development of the otherwise bright, mature and responsible youngsters who play Dead By Daylight."

Yes. If you're using plural AND possessive, that's how you have to write it. S'. So be a better person and do it correctly.


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