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Other methods to gain blood points please?

liviu1911liviu1911 Member Posts: 144

double blood points events are not for me. every time when i play on this event.. i get super annoying people , who think they're sooo good at this game , trying to "bully" you in every maner ... if i play survivor i get tunneled or camped. it's oke , i don't care about their gameplay style so much. When i play killer, i'm acused of trolling, reported because i moried them... "you got ebony in the double bp event, wow, reported" ... GG well next time i will camp you.

also will be a good idea to choose side when it's about daily rituals. so if you want today to play killer, get rituals for killer. if you want for survivor, then get for survivor... i play a lot more survivor because being killer... it's not a thing for me .

i really feel that my interest for this game it's really going down ... and it's bad, i invested a lot of money for the dlc's and time of course...


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