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My ideas how to rework some perks

BloodyTappBloodyTapp Member Posts: 108
edited May 2019 in Feedback and Suggestions

Hello guys! Some time ago, I've got a few ideas to rework/buff some perks that cannot find their place in any perk build or encouraged tunneling/camping etc. If any of the perks I mentioned are fine in your opinion or could be unhealthy for the game, let me know and I'll think how to edit it!

  • Deja Vu: Auras of 3 Generators in the closest proximity to each other are revealed for 30/45/60 seconds, at the start of the trial and each time a Generator is completed. If you're reading a Generator Aura, you can determine their repair progress by the intensity of their Auras at a distance of up to 128 metres.

Reason: Deja Vu becomes less useful the better the player is. This small QoL change would allow to make better decisions throughout the game, even in higher ranks

  • Insidious: Perk activates 5 seconds after hooking a Survivor. Once it's been activated, your Terror Radius is reduced to 0 (fades away within those 5 seconds) for 8/10/12 seconds.

Reason: It'd discourage camping, as you can sneak up on your next victim instead of waiting next to the hooked person, to not waste a perk slot

  • No One Left Behind: Gain a 6/8/10% stackable bonus to Altruistic action speed for each Gen completed. Once the exit gates are powered, gain 100% more Bloodpoints for actions in the Altruism category.

Reason: People are not usually altruistic at the end of the game, so I think it should just work mid-trial too and in the end-game, they'd be also awarded with additional Bloodpoints

  • Iron Maiden: You open Lockers 25% faster. After exiting a Locker, that Survivor's Aura is revealed to you for 5 seconds and the Survivor suffers from the Exposed status effect for 10 seconds and additional 5 seconds for each second spent in a Locker, up to a maximum of 40/50/60 seconds.

Reason: 15 seconds straight out hardly ever lets you get an instadown, even with an Aura vision. I think that the expose duration accumulating overtime would give more benefits upon using this perk, at a cost of a bit slower Locker searching

  • Autodidact: No longer affects skill checks and there's no penalty at the start. A token is given for each fully healed health state without using a med-kit. Each token grants a stackable 10/15/20% speed increase to healing up others. You can earn up to 3 tokens.

Reason: Skill checks are too unreliable to use them as a condition of how a perk is working. Changing it to equivalent of full health states healed (for others) and giving other benefit than instant progress upon hitting skill checks wouldn't be too luck-based and denying the slow heals builds

  • Open Handed: As long as you're alive, your and your teammates' Aura reading ranges are increased by 20/22/24 metres. Survivors can only be affected by one Open Handed effect at a time. Does not affect Kindred's Killer Aura reveal.

Reason: +4/6/8 metres is simply garbage, to be honest. Increasing this value to 20/22/24 metres would make it much better option, especially combined with Bond, Detective's Hunch or underlevelled Empathy. Also, the small QoL addition similar to Prove Thyself wouldn't make it crutch in SWF using 4 Open Handed's in the trial, since only one of them would be working at a time.

  • Resilience: Grants additional 15/20/25% speed while healing, sabotaging, unhooking, vaulting, cleansing, opening Exit Gates and searching chests while injured. Gain a token each time you are healed back to full health. 3 tokens: the additional action speed applies at any time.

Reason: Although faster action speed sounds good, it's only 3/6/9% and requires you to be injured, making it a bit more viable only using No Mither. This value increase and additional token mechanic should make it a very good option; additional repair speed was removed in my idea

  • This Is Not Happening: Great skill check success zones are 50% bigger while injured. Succeeding a great skill check grants 1/2/3% additional progression towards your actions.

Reason: This perk is garbage right now. It does nothing more than increasing great skill check success zone. Buffing this benefit and additional progress upon hitting great skill checks would be a decent option for both new and experienced players

  • Beast of Prey: After being in a chase for 10/5/- seconds, the perk activates. Once it's been activated, hides the red stain and reduces the Terror Radius by 8 metres. Once the chase ends, the effect persists for 15 seconds. Gain 50% more Bloodpoints in Hunter category.

Reason: Relying on Bloodlust every chase is pretty bad idea, since you want them to be as short as possible. This change would turn the perk into a combo of its red stain disappearance and temporary Monitor & Abuse benefits, making it simply more viable

  • Monstrous Shrine: Bonuses given to the Basement: disables the ability to attempt escape from the Basement hooks, 12/14/16% faster Entity progression when you're at least 24 metres away from the Basement, a penalty of 12/14/16% to altruistic action speed (unhooking and healing).

Reason: Monstrous Shrine is only monstrous when it comes to the way you've wasted a perk slot, using this. To make it simply better and keep its purpose of a Basement perk, the Entity progression in the Basement is even faster, altruistic action slower and survivors cannot get off a hook on their own in the first phase

  • Slippery Meat: Increases the odds of freeing yourself from Hooks and Bear Traps by 10% and 30% respectively. Each time you are removed from a Hook or Bear Trap (escaped or rescued), you leave no scratch marks for 4/5/6 seconds.

Reason: 3 additional attempts having 4% chance of getting of the hook is not good to be honest. I thought it'd be better to increase the chance of hook escape instead. Also, the Bear Trap benefit was increased to 30% across all tiers and added a mechanic of hiding your scratch marks

  • Boil Over: Effects of your struggling are increased by 75% and the Killer's FOV is decreased by 3/5/10 degrees when you wiggle. You obscure the Killer's ability to see Hook Auras within 20 metres.

Reason: Iron Grasp benefit became equal (75%), so why shouldn't Boil Over have that also? Other benefits would make it actually harder for Killers to transport you to a hook, which is this perk's purpose

  • Diversion: Standing within Killer's terror radius, not in a chase for 45 seconds activates the perk. Once it's been activated, press the Active Ability button while crouched and motionless to throw a pebble, which creates a loud noise notification and scratch marks for the Killer at a distance of 16/20/24 metres. The perk deactivates once it has been used. You can see the landing area of your pebble (like Plaid Flannel add-on works).

Reason: A pebble is a bit unreliable. It'd land further and allow you to see where it lands, so you can throw it at a Generator for example

  • Stake Out: Earn a token for every 15 seconds staying within Killer's terror radius, not in a chase, up to 3/4/5 tokens. If you have at least 1 token, good skill checks are considered great skill checks and consume 1 token.

Reason: The maximum token feels a bit small amount, especially on tiers 1 and 2. It was increased by 1 for each tier

  • Technician: The noises of a Generator you are repairing and its hearing distance are reduced by 8 metres. On a failed repair skill check, there's a 75% chance that Generator explosion will be prevented and its regression penalty decreased by 2/3/4%.

Reason: This perk is a bit weak right now. I decided to increase the chance to prevent the Generator explosion upon failing a skill check and also reduce the penalty for it

  • Wake Up: When the Exit Gates are powered, their Auras are revealed to you within a range 128 metres. While you're opening an Exit Gate, increase its hearing distance by 12 metres for other Survivors and reveal your Aura to them within a range of 128 metres. While the perk is active, you open the Exit Gates 15/20/25% faster.

Reason: 5/10/15% additional speed of opening the Exit Gates is slightly too small for a perk slot, since not every game ends with the possibility to open an Exit Gate and escape with it. I decided to increase this benefit and add the hearing distance increase by 12 metres so it's easier to locate Exit Gates for other Survivors while you're opening them

  • Left Behind: If you're the last Survivor remaining in the trial, your healing, cleansing, opening Exit Gates and searching chests speed is increased by 40/50/60% and after closing the Hatch, the Endgame Collapse triggers with a 45 seconds delay.

Reason: One sentence is enough to explain the rework idea: this perk is garbage. Who decides to repair Generators instead of looking for the Hatch? Come on. I decided to reduce the action speed increase, but apply it to actions that are more important than repairs. Also, I added one QoL change with a view to the 2.7.0 PTB, so the Survivor has a bit more time in the end-game

  • We're Gonna Live Forever: Each time you safely rescue, pick up from the Dying State or take a hit to protect another Survivor, see the Killer's Aura for 4 seconds and gain 25% stackable bonus to all Bloodpoint gains up to a maximum of 50/75/100%, after the trial ends.

Reason: This is just a Bloodpoint farming perk right now. Adding an Aura reveal effect to it will make it a Survivor version of Barbecue and Chilli, as perks should affect the gameplay, not only how many points you get from it

  • Dying Light: You become obsessed with one Survivor. The Obsession's altruistic action speed is increased by 38/44/50%. Each time you hook your Obsession, all other Survivors receive a penalty of 19/22/25% to repair, healing and sabotage speed for 60 seconds. Once the Obsession is killed or sacrificed, Survivors' repair speed is reduced by 10%.

Reason: Maybe it's not that low-tier, but it encouraged tunneling to get rid of the Obsession as fast as possible. This change could fix it, as if you wouldn't tunnel with this perk, total time of 25% action speed penalty could be up to 180 seconds

  • Play With Your Food: You become obsessed with one Survivor. Gain a token every time you chase your Obsession and let them escape, up to 3 tokens. Each token equals 3/3.5/4% extra movement speed to you. Each successful attack on a Survivor spends one token.

Reason: First of all, it's an Obsession perk which makes it a bit luck-based, you also have to repeatedly find and lose a chase with them to gain the perk's benefits. But main issue is that you lose a token every time you swing, use a chainsaw, release corrupt purge etc. which doesn't even have to hit a Survivor, and there are some perks that can cause you to miss. I decided to slightly reduced the value of obtained movement speed but make the condition of losing tokens more forgiving for Killers

  • Vigil: You and your teammates within a range of 16 metres recover from the Hemorrhage, Mangled, Hindered and Blindness effects 30/40/50% faster. Once out of range, the effect persists for 15 seconds. Your Exhaustion recovery speed is increased by 20%.

Reason: At best, Vigil removes 8 seconds out of 40 seconds Exhaustion effect duration, which isn't too much, especially considering you don't recover it while running. And why would you want to recover it faster while doing a Generator far away from the Killer? I decided it could be great if it allowed everyone around you to recover from the other debuffs much faster, and at increased range!

  • No Mither: After you get injured by the Killer, you are affected by the Broken status effect for the duration of the trial. Your thick blood coagulates practically instantly.
    • You don't leave pools of blood.
    • Grunts of pain are reduced by -/25/50% at any time.
    • Grants the ability to fully recover from the Dying State.
    • Gain 100% more Bloodpoints for actions in the Boldness category.
    • Broken icon isn't displayed in the HUD. //unique feature for No Mither

Reason: As a "hard mode" perk that keeps you injured 24/7, it really should be rewarding. I thought to give additional Boldness scoring for using No Mither. Also, the ability to pick up yourself has an issue, as a person using No Mither is clearly shown in HUD, telling the Killer "You see? I run No Mither. Don't [bad word] slug me!". Maybe starting off healthy and not having this icon shown would finally let No Mither guys be slugged by Killers

  • Buckle Up: The recovery of dying Survivors can be determined by the intensity of their Auras at a distance of up to 128 metres. When you heal the Survivor from the Dying State to Injured, both the rescued Survivor and yourself gain a 5/6/7% Haste status effect for 15 seconds.

Reason: This perk's utility can be easily denied by the Killer if they don't slug. So if it's that situational, it should do something very good. Aura reading on the Killer can be useful, but it doesn't have to and can be provided by other perks, such as Alert. I decided to increase the range of reading the recovery progress to affect the entire map, and changed the Aura reading with a Haste status effect to quickly evade from the place, so the perk could turn out to be a life-saver in dire situations

Are there any more perks that I could consider on this list?

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  • PeepingPeacockPeepingPeacock Member Posts: 354
    edited May 2019

    That iron maiden change is a nerf.

    You run it on nurse/billy so if people locker doge you, you one shot them.The aura reveal helps against people dodging your BBQ by revealing them anyways.

    The only other killer that gets survivors going into lockers is doctor, and he would want the aura reveal more than the longer exposed.

    Its honestly not that bad of a perk, its just really situational and only good on select few killers / with BBQ.

  • Luigifan64Luigifan64 Member Posts: 1,015
    edited May 2019

    Spine Chill, Prem, No Mither, Pharmacy, Wake Up and Left Behind also need some serious re-works. I have one objection to your idea for Resilience though, that being that the perk will no longer affect vaulting; I run this perk (sometimes with Spine Chill) exclusively for its faster vault speed. I also sometimes use it with healing builds just to give it that extra umph, but removing its ability to vault faster would make this perk's usability drop to 0 for me. Similar to how Leader no longer effected vaults or gens, it would just become a dead perk imo.

    Edit: Some other random perks that need minor reworks are Diversion, Solidarity, Head On, Buckle Up, Dance With Me, Windows of Opportunity, Vigil, WGLF, and Detectives Hunch. These perks have small issues that could be easily fixed to make them actually usable and most of them I have ideas for how to make them better, but I figured I'd still mention them because I think they need changing.

  • LastShoeLastShoe Member Posts: 862

    Spine Chill is a great perk, that is often underrated and doesen't need any rework.

    Prem needs only lower cooldown.

    No mither needs probably only incrased BP gain, and then it will be a proper hardmode perk.

    Pharmacy is a good perk when you don't want/can't use selfcare and often can be even better, the only thing is that: you need to find a chest, so probably aura reveal of the closest chest at the beggining of the game could be useful, nothing more tho.

    Whats is your issue of the dance with me?

    What do you want to change with vigil?

    We are gonna live forever is nothing else but bp farming perk... i quess it could use some kind of buff of sprint after taking a hit for someone.

  • PennosukePennosuke Member Posts: 99
    edited May 2019


    My opinion about your ideas

    Resilience : I think those numbers are too much.

    This perk will overshadow Prove thyself and Botany Knowledge.

    Moreover,it will make gen rush become more OP if it has 3 token and combo with Prove thyself , Self care or toolbox.

    I think these number should be at 9/12/15% and remove the token system from this perk.

    This Is Not Happening : I think the reward from this too much if compare with the risk that you take.

    In my opinion,the number of additional progression should be fix at 2% but it will ignore Hex:Ruin(If killer used Hex:Ruin,you will still get 2% additional progression when hit the great skill check zone.

    and make great skill check zone become 40/50/60% bigger.

    Stake Out : ...to be honest,I still don't have any idea to buff this perk. ;_;

    But I think the "32 meters away from the killer" condition is too OP.

    Becuase survivors will used it for heavy counter to every stealth killers more than used it for charging the token stack.

    We're Gonna Live Forever : about the aura-reading ability.....didn't Buckle Up already do that???

    ...else make this perk also gain token when healing another survivor from dying sate to injured.

    At lease I just want to make this perk can farming bloodpoint as much as BBQ and Chilli

    About another perk ideas,they are great.I really like them! :D

    And this is my perk idea

    Beast of Prey : The number of time that required to level up Bloodlust will become 2/3/4 seconds less than normal.

    No Mither :

    - You don't leave pool of blood

    - Grunts of pain cause by injured reduced to 50%

    Now I have 2 option to buff this perk

    1.Make it become "Hard mode" perk

    - gain 50/75/100% stackable bonus to all Bloodpoint.

    2.Make the survivor who used this perk become disadvantage while being attack from the chase but get some advantage in another situation.

    - Increase 4/6/8% chance to unhooking yourself.

    - the wiggle progession will become 20/25/30% faster.

    - Recovering from Exhuastion while not running will become 45/60/75% faster.

    EDIT:I decided to removed the endurance effect becuase it may give too much reward to survivor.

    (If the second option is too broken or OP,you can tell me ;v;)

  • BloodyTappBloodyTapp Member Posts: 108

    @Pennosuke You made an interesting option to balance No Mither. I wanted to change it somehow, but couldn't come up with an idea how to do it. Let's take a look at its benefits:

    • Increased chance of unhooking yourself wouldn't change the game too much, unless you like suicidal tactics. Also, outclassed by Deliverance that's a very good and popular perk
    • Faster wiggle progression could be implemented as a part of Boil Over and doesn't fit too much in "it's just a scratch" theme, however it's an interesting idea
    • I think the faster Exhaustion recovery speed is the only overpowered thing here tbh. At tier 3, you could have your Exhaustion perk back in ~23 seconds, so you could break the line of sight, stop running for a while and start wasting Killer's time again. I think this would be added, but with smaller values

    As a hard mode perk, additional bloodpoints is not a new idea in the community. But I think it shouldn't be in all categories. Maybe +100% in Boldness, or another community idea for No Mither:

    You start healthy and after you get injured, you can't heal. I'd also add an unique No Mither feature; broken icon from this perk wouldn't be shown in HUD

    Resilience - maybe you didn't notice, but I removed additional repair speed in my idea and Prove Thyself would remain where it is. However, I'll tweak that and This is not happening a little

    Stake Out - the author got a simple solution to this; the time needed to gain next token isn't shown on the perk icon, but you get an audio cue when you gain a token

    Thanks for answer!

  • LastShoeLastShoe Member Posts: 862

    Well... actually 8% bonus to unhook yourself with luck offering gives you 15% chance of unhooking yourself, so overall you have 45% chance to unhook yourself.

    With a perk slippery meat and if someone else from the team uses luck offering you can easily achieve almost warranted unhook.

  • BloodyTappBloodyTapp Member Posts: 108

    Remember old kobes? Slippery Meat, stacking luck offerings and Up the Ante's

  • PigNRunPigNRun Member Posts: 2,428

    Insidious: 12s? Really? Compare it with Dark Devotion, which is also considered a situational and ineffective perk. You have to make it at least 1 minute.

    Iron Maiden: 2 second aura is really small. Especially considering there is no sound notification for it triggering other than a Survivor scream from a certain distance.

    Open Handed: If you are making it so strong with a single person using it, just make it not affect Kindred. Otherwise, you have free aura reading of the Killer almost through the entire map.

    Beast of Prey: You say relying on Bloodlust is bad, yet decide to keep that. Why not just make it trigger during chase with no cooldown?

    Diversion/Stake Out: These two perks are fine as they are relying on the Killer's TR. Sometimes they wont be as effective against certain Killers. Whats so bad about that? The idea of showing where the pebble would land is something I can get behind.

    Wake Up: Increasing hearing distance is beyond utterly useless, they can see your aura. The increased numbers are nice.

    WGLF: Aura reading of the Killer is meh. If it remains as a BP farming perk it will be fine. The only thing they need to do is add more reliable ways to get tokens, such as healing others.

    Vigil: The problem with the perk is that it brings back a mechanic people disliked. I feel buffing its numbers by a lot would make it a lot better.

    As for the No Mither suggestion above, if it is a Hard Mode perk, why are you making it even more powerful than being healthy? No Mither + Flip Flop + Boil Over would make it literally impossible to get you to a hook.

  • DreadnightDreadnight Member Posts: 35
    edited May 2019

    Hi, i like some changes that you propose. I leave here my suggestion too.

    Open handed (rework): You share your aura reading with other survivors in 20/24/28m from you.

    Monstrous Shrine (rework): Each time a survivor is hooked for the first time in basement, you gain 1 stack. For every stack, the progresion of the entity in hooks and game colapse is 12% faster. Max 4 stacks.

    Technician (buff): On a failed repair skill checks, there is a 50/75/100% chance that the generator explosion will be prevented.

    Wake up (buff?): This perk would be more useful if the doors did not send location notification to survivors when last generator is repaired (Killer buff).

    No mither (functionality added): Added 5s of Deep Wound when the killer hurts you. This have 60/50/40s cd. (This is useful vs vulnerable state and it give you the opportunity to hide and mend, or get up).

    Insidius (functionality added): When you hook a survivor, the location of other survivors in 12m from the hook is revealed and your terror radius becomes 0m for 5s.

    Up the ante (buff): Luck added increase to 3/4/5% for every other survivor alive.

    PD: Sorry for my English.

  • BloodyTappBloodyTapp Member Posts: 108

    @PigNRun Thanks for an idea for Beast of Prey! I wish I got an idea around that earlier lmao

    About the other ideas:

    Diversion/Stake Out TR condition is back. The 32m one was questionable and basing on TR doesn't allow to use it at any time like MoM, I just thought it shouldn't be dependent on the Killer too much

    Iron Maiden aura reveal lasts longer but locker searching speed is slightly reduced

    Added the possibility to get WGLF stacks by picking teammates up from the dying state. Very useful if they slug, and Open Handed would no longer trigger Kindred (16+24=40 metres, that's actually a lot as you mentioned)

    I'm not gonna change Insidious tho. It fades your TR within 5 seconds, then keeps hidden for 8/10/12 seconds and comes back in ~2 seconds. Equals ~15/17/19 seconds, so it should be enough to sneak on a next person. Should be solid with a detection perk. Although, very smart post, I appreciate. If you have some more ideas, don't hesitate to tell them

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