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Legion's Power should be Scrapped Entirely.

aarongaiaarongai Member Posts: 146
edited April 2019 in General Discussions

When Legion's first cinematic came out, he was fleeing alongside David as if he were a survivor. They both take cover inside a building together as if they're friends, then Legion reveals his true identity and guts him.

I'm like "Wow, a killer who can disguise himself as a survivor! This character going to be so fun to play!"

Then Legion gets released and his power is...totally different. Different in a boring way. Not just for the killer, but for the survivors, too.

A stab. That's his power. He stabs things. And for survivors, that stab just adds another loading bar to a game that's primarily "hold M1 to win" anyways.

Nothing innovative, nothing exciting. Just a one dimensional melee attack. Yes it gives him wallhacks and move speed too, but how is that fun for survivors when stealth is a major element of staying alive in this game?

If that weren't bad enough, the number of limitations the Legion player has to deal with make his power painful to use.

"Okay we'll give you this power that lets you stab multiple survivors in quick succession, but you're not allowed to see blood stains, scratchmarks, miss a single melee attack, or down survivors while using it. Otherwise your power gets cancelled and you have to stare at the ground for 4 seconds and wait 20 seconds to use your power again."

That's a power? A power should feel powerful. That's just a melee attack with a bunch of conditions attached to it.

Honestly, I think his entire power should be scrapped. Loading bars aren't fun for survivors, and you can already stab things as Legion without his power, and they'll actually get downed if you Do stab them without it.


  • rNine_rNine_ Member Posts: 42

    It's a time waster, and a free first hit killer. He's more than fine, and I say this as a Legion main.

  • TheRockstarKnightTheRockstarKnight Member Posts: 2,103

    I've said this since they were first released on the PTB.

    There is no way to balance a power that lets you ignore all of the Survivors' defenses. Legion can't be looped because they can fast vault windows and pallets, and they can't be hidden from because Killer Instinct lets them know where other Survivors are.

    When Legion was released everyone said they weak, myself included, because they were weak. They just had unstoppable add-on combinations and no few game-breaking exploits. I said at the time, and I say it now, there is no way to change Legion's power in a meaningful way that doesn't make them either too weak or too strong.

    Maybe I'm just pessimistic, but I don't think balancing the Killers (Nurse and Legion) who can ignore all Survivors defenses in a chase is possible.

    Either you cripple them to keep their power from being OP (new Legion & old Legion sans exploits & OP add-ons) or you let their power be OP (Nurse & old Legion with OP add-ons).

  • rNine_rNine_ Member Posts: 42

    Tracking is vastly improved even without bloodstains during FF because of the increased terror radius. You can actually mind game pallets due to the speed increase fom 110-115%. Deep wounds isn't worthless even though it was a common thought to think that it would be due to the changes. People NEED to heal it, or they'll go down. It does what it's intended to do, which is to slow the game down and apply a bit of pressure. You get a free first hit from it as well which is huge. Even though FF speed has been slightly slowed down, the longer duration actually helps you chain hits from survivor to survivor fairly easily even if they are a decent distance away from each other. It also helps to cover ground in order to apply map pressure to the survivors.

    If you really want to play the FF spam hit play style there is still Franks Mixtape, but it isn't as efficient as it is on live. Which quite honestly is the way it should be if you're going to get a guaranteed down.

    The only adjustments I'd like to see is M1 not draining as much FF charge. Maybe a slight reduction to the black out effect from FF stun, and not draining full FF charge if you eat a pallet stun.

    Overall however the Legion changes go a very long way to making them both a more effective, and less frustrating killer to face.

    Also watching Tofu play can actually show you how good the new Legion is if you're too afraid to do some testing yourself.

  • IrisoraIrisora Member Posts: 1,243

    Nice, another camouflaged survivor main in a Legion skin.

    *Behaviour forums.. Behaviour forums never changes..*

  • rNine_rNine_ Member Posts: 42

    Yep, because I have nothing better to do with my time than to masquerade on a forum just for fun. Come on friend, I literally explain why I feel the way I do, and that's the best counter you've got for it? To just accuse me of being a survivor in disguise? Big yikes.

  • rNine_rNine_ Member Posts: 42

    @Emeal Sprinting at a survivor, and stabbing them twice in a row is any different than sprinting at a survivor hitting them, and then canceling your sprint to hit them again? Hmm.... It's literally the same.

    You can also still use Franks to spam FF if you want, so it's the best of both worlds...

  • TheRockstarKnightTheRockstarKnight Member Posts: 2,103

    Maybe there are but to make them balanced the power would have to be really fine tuned. Too much in either direction leaves them too weak or too strong.

    Also, unbalanced and overpowered are two different things.

    I never said old Legion was always overpowered or got only 4ks, just that certain add-on combinations and exploits could be used to make them overpowered by making them unbeatable in a chase.

    Nurse and Legion are both unbalanced because their power takes away agency from the other player and has limited to no counterplay besides hoping the other player messes up. Legion is weak because their power doesn't help them that much and Nurse is overpowered because her power helps her a lot.

    I personally don't see any way that you can make Legion noticeably stronger without making them overpowered, just like I don't see any way you can make Nurse noticeably weaker without making her useless.

    I do agree about the removal of uniqueness though. I don't think old Legion was good for the game, but I also don't think making them into a 115% M1 Killer was a good idea either.

  • Im glad you agree with loss of Uniqueness.

  • JAWS_BDSMJAWS_BDSM Member Posts: 328

    remove refal frenzy.

    legion moves at 120% all the time.

    can`t see scratchmarks/blood (can be changed with addons like spirit`s)

    can vault pallers and windows at the speed of survivor.

    32 terror.

    that`s all. no killer instict, no deep wound. just a mobile, fast pace killer, which is blind compared to other killers.

    easy to play stealthy, hard to run from him.

  • ddpompomddpompom Member Posts: 1

    I am dissatisfied with this legion's adjustment

    I can understand that he needed adjustment

    But he has no merit because there are too many items to be adjusted

    It is difficult to injure many survivors using current abilities

    The ability to use is short and slow so you can not go near other survivors

    Jumping over boards and windows is also slow

    What is the concept of legion's? In the current situation I can not understand

    If you can hear me, I want Frenzy faster and more time

    If you can't make that adjustment, I want Frenzy to be able to switch like Doctor's ability without consuming time on time

    Pray that legion's be improved as a good Killer

  • EndorbEndorb Member Posts: 151

    Honestly, I feel all they needed to do was increase movespeed to 90% while recovering from the end of feral frenzy. That means if you're right on the survivor when FF ends, the chase lasts 6 seconds (3 for FF cooldown and 3 to catch back up to them, assuming you can't do it sooner with lunge) if they can't get to a window/pallet. Is it perfect? No, but the issue with Legion basically relying on frenzying like 6 times a survivor or being extremely loopable is mitigated

  • Saint_UkraineSaint_Ukraine Member Posts: 944

    Your face should be scrapped entirely.

  • T0xicTylerT0xicTyler Member Posts: 502

    You... you do realize Legion was on the PTB before the cinematic came out right? At no point should anyone have thought his power would be to disguise himself.

    People complain he's too weak, people complain he's too strong and requires no skill. The actual problem with the old Legion was that he was weak unless you used unfun exploits. The new Legion is much, much more fun to play against.

  • Steve0333Steve0333 Member Posts: 529

    Legion is trash. The only people who say he's "fun" are survivors who like an easy win. The deep wound is awful and it makes no sense that survivors can easily mend themselves as if they are all doctors. Get rid of deep wound and you have a killer who is actually playable beyond rank 20.

  • AlexAnarchyAlexAnarchy Member Posts: 685

    See...You keep on saying Legion is fine but then you keep posting like you did'nt play the new legion in the ptb at all...so it shows something is clearly not right with what your posting and that's why it seems clear your a survivor main in disguise.

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