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The 3.0.0 Patch

KralleKralle Member Posts: 121

Is it possible to somehow cancel this download with the Ghost Face? I just want to play this game with my friends. I can't because of this next patch. I need to download it first and it takes a huge amound of time for me.


  • Angelicus23Angelicus23 Member Posts: 2,547

    Yes, when you finish the download it will show an error, and if it doesn't you can from the begining (in pc) check the integrity of the files in righg click to dbd and then properties. In consoles you just press cancek download

  • KralleKralle Member Posts: 121

    Well, this is not what I wanted to know in the first place.

    But after the download an error showed up and I did what you say and the game is working for me so thanks mate.

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