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"Fake Generator" (Killer Perk Idea)

ShaderzShaderz Member Posts: 42
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I have been lately thinking about some ways to counter gen rushing and what better way to do so with the implementation of some of them gucci overpowered perks? I mean, survivors have decisive strike, mettle of man, borrowed time... The list goes on. Actually overpowered perks. Some I support (like borrowed time), some I don't (like mettle of man). But the thing here is, do killers have any actual overpowered perk? Perks that cannot be counterplayed and provide a HUGE advantage to them? The answer to this is no. Hex: Ruin slows the game down, it doesn't prevent anyone from doing generators. BBQ is easily countered - there's a certain point in a match where you realize the killer has BBQ so you just get within the range in order to not get detected. So simply said, no. When compared to survivors, killers do not have as many overpowered perks as survivors.

So me, being a 50/50 killer and survivor player and having witnessed both sides for nearly 1,200 hours in-game, came up with the following suggestion: add a perk that, out of the 7 generators that spawn in a trial (assuming 4 survivors join the match), one would be randomly picked and be given the "fake" status. But what does this mean? Survivors would look at it from the same perspective - a normal generator that needs to be repaired - but what they don't know is that once that generator's repairs are completed, the progression bar returns to zero, the generator itself is visually blocked by the entity, a weird laugh could be heard by the entity in the whole map (just to make things more vivid and interesting) and, practically speaking, the generator isn't actually repaired.

So say there are still 5 generators left to repair out of the 7 available ones that spawn in the map and an innocent survivor happens to come across that "fake" generator and normally begins repairing it. Once it's completed, the amount of generators left to repair would still be 5 because that generator that was just repaired was "the fake one" that was randomly picked by the perk when the trial started. As for the tiers, they'd work as following:

Tier 1 - all survivors receive a notification when the fake generator is 50% repaired (also indicating what generator it is).

Tier 2 - all survivors receive a notification when the fake generator is 75% repaired (also indicating what generator it is).

Tier 3 - all survivors receive a notification when the fake generator is 100% repaired (also indicating what generator it is).

This will greatly help killers have more control of the match, slow the game down and thus prevent gen rushing, something we know is objectively a problem in this game. It doesn't entirely prevent it, of course, but it helps a lot. Because all that work to get that generator popped was a waste of time. Paying them back for when they loop you forever and waste your time.

On the other side, we know that some survivors will get mad about it because if they all die with one generator left to do, this perk (in case it's used) will always be held responsible for it because "oh we did 5 gens and we'd have escaped if it wasn't for that perk" and so they'll eventually complain about it being way too overpowered. And the fact that a lot of killers would be using it, just like Hex: Ruin. But I mean, survivors use mettle of man all the time (for example), so why can't killers have a personally preferred preset of perks too?

But what about you? What are your thoughts on it? If you could change something about it, what would it be? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • JudithJudith Member Posts: 819

    It is balanced in my opinion, why not.

  • NuclearBurritoNuclearBurrito Member Posts: 6,807

    Ok first of all how would the tiers work?

    And second of all how would you go about making sure this doesn't end up countering strategies besides gen rush?


    TL;DR but I did, and support the idea

    how about fake chests and fake lockers too? they basically eat you or explode

  • JudithJudith Member Posts: 819

    Doesn't make sense at all. What op proposed is nowhere close to that.

  • ShaderzShaderz Member Posts: 42

    That's a good question and I will admit that I didn't think about this when making this thread but basically I suggest the following:

    Tier 1 - survivors receive a notification when the fake generator is 50% repaired.

    Tier 2 - survivors receive a notification when the fake generator is 75% repaired.

    Tier 3 - survivors receive a notification when the fake generator is 100% repaired.

    What other kind of strategies could this counter?

  • ShaderzShaderz Member Posts: 42

    That's a good question and I will admit I didn't think about this when making this thread but my suggestion is as follows:

    Tier 1 - all survivors receive a notification when the fake generator is 50% repaired (also indicating what generator it is).

    Tier 2 - all survivors receive a notification when the fake generator is 75% repaired (also indicating what generator it is).

    Tier 3 - all survivors receive a notification when the fake generator is 100% repaired (also indicating what generator it is).

    As for your other question, what other kind of strategies could this counter besides gen rushing?

  • Steve0333Steve0333 Member Posts: 529
    edited May 2019

    I kind of thought of this idea too when I thought of having a killer santa for christmas. I thought santa clause because it would be like a "surprise present" type of thing; a booby trap. Although I thought about having the generators explode (although I like your idea better.) Or maybe just have it where he can rig things that survivors would use like generators or chest or even the exit gate panels that explode stunning the survivor for a short period and alerting the killer. But he would be limited in the number of things he could have rigged at once.

  • ShaderzShaderz Member Posts: 42


    This is very needed.

  • HeyImKirbyHeyImKirby Member Posts: 9

    oh yeah a fake or trap generators would be cool

  • EndorbEndorb Member Posts: 151

    I do have a major concern though; if it effectively removes 1 generator from the game, then it leaves it open to completely unfair generator spawns. This could be fixed by just generating an 8th generator though. Also, this is definately a powerful perk, consuming 80 seconds from a survivor before considering factors that speed/slow base repair speed, plus giving them skill checks that they may fail. I'd say make it so the killer isn't alerted to the skill check fails on that gen

  • ShaderzShaderz Member Posts: 42

    Just like every killer runs Ruin? We wouldn't be talking about perks like this if survivors didn't gen rush the ######### out of killers. It'd be a slap in their face for trying to play low, and on the other side give killers a second chance because why can survivors have so many second chances but killers can not, right?

    You talk about how the repair progress can be decreased but forget the other side of the coin, as in how it can be increased. Toolboxes, action speed perks, teammates nearby, etc, etc. Again a slap in their face for trying to gen rush.

    As for the last generators being close together, you can't blame the perk or the killer because of that, but survivors because their game sense is low and all they care about is to gen rush rather than know what gens should be and shouldn't be done so they don't end up together in the end. That's completely the survivor's fault.

    This has got so many upvotes because it balances the game. Killers are ridiculously weak in this game, but this perk may the light at the end of the tunnel.

  • ShaderzShaderz Member Posts: 42

    The point is to reduce gen rushing though so adding a 8th generator would be going against the actual purpose of this perk. We'd not fix anything, but simply add more fuel to the fire.

    I'm okay with the killer not getting any skill check fail notifications or even not know what the "fake generator" actually is so the game plays out naturally as if the perk didn't exist and the killer just doesn't go like "oh this is the fake generator, I'll let them waste their time there and chase other survivors".

  • Scal3rScal3r Member Posts: 188

    I think this should spawn an 8th generator, otherwise it could be very easy to camp the last gens if there is one less but all in all I actually kind of like this idea. I like your idea of having a way to tell if it is the fake or not. I don't know if the scaling should be exactly that but I think that what you said might actually be pretty good. The idea of trapped stuff like that is cool

  • SlinkyJinkySlinkyJinky Member Posts: 371

    As long as the Survivors get BP rewards for working on the fake generator this has my vote +1

  • Boosted_DwightBoosted_Dwight Member, Trusted Posts: 3,043

    Maybe just add more gens in general. 5 gens go by pretty fast without ruin and of course make any adjustments so survivors won't get murdered all the time if necessary.

  • HazeHoundHazeHound Member Posts: 814
    edited May 2019

    Idea seems interesting, would killer see which one is fake?

    I love that laugh concept!!!!

    Edit: I just realised it would turn 3 gen into 2 gen strat. Unacceptable. Lets make it that after Entity blocked it and some time passed (40/60/80s) generator becomes normal. Or just that this fake gen is 8th (not accounted in hud ofc).

  • ShaderzShaderz Member Posts: 42

    Bumping this.

  • brokedownpalacebrokedownpalace Member Posts: 8,009

    Still a terrible idea.

  • ShaderzShaderz Member Posts: 42

    You're entitled to your own opinion, but instead of just stating it, give us a suggestion on how we can potentially fix the issues that were brought up in this thread and that I personally believe that would be fixed by this killer perk.

  • MisterCremasterMisterCremaster Member Posts: 614

    Survivors would need a way to counter it, and right now as described, there aren't any. I think making it an extra gen, so keen survs could figure it out, and missing a skill check or a hex skill check will destroy the fake gen. (Thus making it a bad pair with hex ruin)

    If a killer kicks the gen, it disappears too.

    Things like Small Game could trigger on the gen though. Or maybe they have NO skill checks, do players can get suspicious and move on.

  • Atrushan88Atrushan88 Member Posts: 2,083

    This is essentially just adding a base mechanic of one extra generator to repair. Also killers do have OP things as well that cannot be countered. Pop Goes the Weasel, Dying Light, etc etc etc. Let's not forget they have 3 offerings that survivors do not have a version of, moris, and their addons are generally game changing. I once brought Judith's Journal and Fragrant Tuft of Hair on Myers, with Furtive Chase, because I thought "If I find my Obsession, I can get stalk extremely fast, drain them, hook them, then stalk the new obsession and get unlimited tier 3 super fast". Only drained my obsession to get to tier 2, couldn't find them again, and managed to get tier 3 with 3 gens left still. They lost that game so hard one guy went afk near the end of the match. I also had Ruin and Dying Light, btw. And again, your idea is literally the exact same as if they added an extra generator. Generator repairs are the most mind numbingly boring thing in the game, and you want to give survivors an extra 80 seconds on top of that doing generators. People would literally run small game 100% of the time just so they'd know if there was a fake generator.

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 5,872

    You already have ways of slowing down gens.

    PGTW, Ruin, Thanathaphobia, Dying Light, Corrupt Intervention. Etc

    We don’t need another perk that makes M1 even more of a chore.

  • FearlessHunterFearlessHunter Member Posts: 508

    I'm all for this idea! On some maps the gens will sometimes not be in their usual places, for example in the badham school there may be two gens in the school building and in some cases there is only one. This means that the devs won't have to make any extra gen spawns as they can just put the fake gen in one of the unused spots on that current match

  • Apple2oApple2o Member Posts: 624

    To be fair, with pop the killer is basically bringing in an extra 2-3 generators if they are getting downs.

  • brokedownpalacebrokedownpalace Member Posts: 8,009

    That's not the same thing. The killer has to get hooks for that and then get to the right gen and kick it before it's completed, not just bring a perk and let it happen with zero counter play.

    It's also spread out over the course of the game and plenty of times as killer I'll get 2 or 3 hooks before I use my Pop just because I'm not gonna break a chase to kick a gen at 25% complete when I'm already doing well. It's not just POOF the last 80-120+ seconds of your game was a complete lie, sorry.

  • Alice_pbgAlice_pbg Member Posts: 5,066

    Someone went grave digging... :p

    Also, this is op as #########.

    You know about 3-gen right? Congrats, you created 2-gen.

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