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The perk "Slippery Meat" is bugged

HuguyLeChauveHuguyLeChauve Member Posts: 10

I just wanted to try this perk today but is not working well ! The description of the perk is : "Slippery Meat" :
"You have developed an efficient way to get out of Bear Traps and Hooks. Grants up to 1/2/3 extra escape attempts on the Hook. The odds of freeing yourself from Bear Traps are increased by 15/20/25 %." But extra escape are not working and the perk is useless...
Watch this video, you will understand.


  • HP_RefillHP_Refill Member Posts: 29

    Don’t forget that the killer might have the perk monstrous shrine which increases penalty to escape fails. Yeah the perk is utterly useless...

  • SwiftHoovesSwiftHooves Member Posts: 2
    edited July 2018

    Your perk work if the killer using monstrous shrine it reduce your extra like said HP_Refill Member

  • daggersnightdaggersnight Member Posts: 19

    As another user pointed out the killer may have been using Monstrous Shrine which makes the hook progression faster and increases the penalty for failing to get off the hook if you are in the basement. Watching the video it looks like that's what the killer is using. So its not a bug.

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