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Head On Perk not working

AppyBAppyB Member Posts: 10

As you can see, i am not under the effect of exhaustion, i enter the locker and wait for head on to light up, hold down my shift key and wait for the killer to run infront of the locker, i press space to burst out and it does not work. Sometimes this perk does work, but sometimes it fails when it shouldn't. Please get this fixed as this is something i'd like to use and purchased DLC for😡😡😡


  • AppyBAppyB Member Posts: 10
    edited May 2019

    I paid good money for this DLC perk. I expect it to be tested properly and working at release, how many weeks later and it's still not fixed 😡😡😡 DEV's need to do better at fixing the huge amounts of broken crap in this game, it's getting beyond a joke. Employ more staff or better ones. You make more than enough money and people expect a service for what they're paying for and you're not delivering!! Instead of bringing out more DLC every 3 months to make more money, how about you release DLC that ACTUALLY works and fix the ones that don't. Compared to Riot Games, who fix bugs within 1-3 days and at most a week, your DEV team sucks

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  • AppyBAppyB Member Posts: 10
    edited May 2019

    Theres a certain level of quality i expect from games and dead by daylight by far under exceeds it. The idea behind a horror moviesque killer vs survivors game is excellent but this game is ruined by the lax developers. I can't help but wonder how many people would jump ship if some other company made a similar game but weren't so tight at spending money to maintain it properly and provide a high quality functioning game. Quality and reputation is everything, you wouldn't eat at a restaurant that serves bad food a second time. You pay the extra to provide a quality service or people go elsewhere, same applies with the gaming industry. We don't want more DLC if it means you don't have the resources to provide quality and a functioning game

  • daLensterdaLenster Member Posts: 81

    More like: "Head-Ache", because it doesn't work about three times out of four.


  • daLensterdaLenster Member Posts: 81
    edited May 2019

    More like: "Head-Ache", since it only works less than half the time.

    I should mention that this was gameplay on the PS4.

  • daLensterdaLenster Member Posts: 81

    The radius on this one is questionable, I think it should've counted!

  • PolarBearPolarBear Member Posts: 1,899

    @daLenster In both of those clips the killers are way too far from the locker to be stunned. The hitbox is very small, probably the size of the locker itself.

  • FigasFigas Member Posts: 59
    edited May 2019

    I would really like to know how the stuns trigger. The hit box is very inconsisntent and it probably relys on the killers hitbox. Its also possible for the killer to grab the survivor before he gets stunned, making it really unsafe to try to stun a killer when he knows you are inside the locker. I've stuned times that I shouldnt have and I've died many more when the killer simply grabs me mid animation or it doesnt trigger the stun.

    I really like the perk ideia and it fits my playstyle, but its so inconsistent that you should never bother to try to use it.

  • solo_survivorsolo_survivor Member Posts: 85
    edited June 2019

    When will this be fixed?

    Please extend the time of the stun because the stiffening time of the survivor occurs.

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