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The legion isnt fun.

SpotsySpotsy Member Posts: 39
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Now im gonna start off this post with >> if you're just here to be rude and add stuff that does not need to be said, dont bother<< IF YOU CAN GIVE IDEAS ON WAYS TO PLAY LEGION NOW AND WHAT THE CHANGES DID TO MAKE HIM BETTER I WELCOME YOU TO SAY SO

now on to the point, i do believe there was an issue with the legion but i dont believe what was done to him was right. There were people who did the moonwalk strat which yes was very annoying and should not have been something, or when the legion would jab at the air until he caught up to you.

But instead of trying to fix those exploits, you took one giant step instead of baby steps into a "fix" for the legion which made him so unbelievably unfun to play. The legion was fun because he truly felt like a fast killer, always on the edge of your seat as you chase down that survivor. Now its like watching a freight train try to kill.

The Legion was already bad (i know some would argue) but i have been playing since aug 2016 and i have watched this game grow, i play a fair bit of both killer and survivor and the problem with the legion is sure he could chase after people really well, but that was >>IT<< he isnt able to sprint across the map and insta down someone, he has no map pressure, the only pressure he has is in his immediate presence.

my main point is, i really liked the legion, i really liked his concept, YES i saw an issue with him but i do not believe that what was done to him was fair. The exploits should have been fixed, not completely rework the killer. To stop the jabbing at the air until he gets you would be as simple as leaving in that one thing that makes it so if you miss your hit you get stunned. To fix the moonwalking, do something like when the survivor is in more then half your terror radius it does not go down.

i do believe that two hit one stun legion was an issue, but i dont think you needed to fix that by making it so if you hit the same person twice with feral frenzy it does nothing.

Playing the legion now, i get looped, like crazy, because all i can do is hit them once with the frenzy, t h e n w h a t. i get looped some more while the rest of the team does gens. the legion is good at nothing anymore, he has no map pressure, cant counter looping at all, two vault points is a rip for legion, and so much more. sure there was an exploit issue with the legion but now the issue is he cant do anything, even most perks dont work with him well, and you straight up killed bloodhound for him.

everything the legion could have used has been killed by you guys.

Survivors get to much, the devs must be survivor mains because the killers dont get much love. The killers get what happened to legion, unless its MM, billy or the nurse for whatever reason people are ok with those killers but complain about the legion lmao.


  • Unnamed_FreakUnnamed_Freak Member Posts: 566

    Deep Wound was a mistake, Legion was a mistake, Darkness Among Us was a mistake.

  • Unnamed_FreakUnnamed_Freak Member Posts: 566

    Memes are fun, you got me on that.

    But seriously, Deep Wound is terrible because it has no threat and doesn't stall the game down, it's only a inconvenience for survivors and a buff for Borrowed Time.

    Legion is a terrible killer, on release we had a killer that had zero counterplay, had a broken mechanic and at the same time, was one of the worst killers of the game,with the one of the weakest abilities and lowest kill rate. Now we have a killer that's one of the worst and doesn't have a remarking trait, they just have a free first hit and then, they are a trapless Trapper.

    Darkness Among Us just broke the game, constant crashes, audio bugs that screwed killers, added one of the most horrible maps they have ever created, screwed auras and added a [BAD WORD] ton of bugs while fixing a little fraction of them.

  • IrisoraIrisora Member Posts: 474

    3 things for Legion:

    A totally reworked power is one option. Or:

    Better addons. God most of them are awful.

    QoL changes. Like the older vaulting speed and no penalty for miss.

  • KillermainBTWm8KillermainBTWm8 Member Posts: 4,193
  • SpotsySpotsy Member Posts: 39

    gotta say, im not fully changed to think this update for legion was good, but im happy you took the time to give a suggestion on how to play him now, some of the things you mentioned seem like they might actually be a good idea, thank you

  • SpotsySpotsy Member Posts: 39

    i also think that with this new version of the legion, they should make it take chunks out of the bar instead of draining the whole thing upon missed attack

  • SlinkyJinkySlinkyJinky Member Posts: 371
    edited May 2019

    Legion used to be fun when they were OP easy-mode holding hands with the devs skipping merrily down ROFLCOPTER lane on their way to LOLERSKATES pavilion.

    Now they are not so fun.

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 5,433

    I like this Legion.

    Although some add-on need adjusting!

  • TheAtomicPsychoTheAtomicPsycho Member Posts: 15

    How about instead of deep wound, he simply has killer instinct on and can down survivors in feral frenzy, but can only hit once before it cancels into a cool down. Basically make him the spirit mixed with the nurse.

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