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PC game crashes randomly when loading match

This has been happening for a while now. The issue occurs randomly. It sucks to lose offerings in this way. This happens to all of my friends randomly too. So we end up in lots of 3 man (+ killer) matches.

I would attach the log but it is over 50 MB and this forum will not allow me to attach something of that size.

I can provide video of the crash though as I stream on Twitch. Several videos actually as this keeps happening to everyone who plays this game on PC.


  • CyberDethXCyberDethX Member Posts: 8

    I can provide the log to anyone on request though. It is 141 MB.

  • CyberDethXCyberDethX Member Posts: 8

    Would it be appropriate to submit the log in chunks on this site?

  • CyberDethXCyberDethX Member Posts: 8
    edited April 2019

    So it happened two more times. The last time the file was too big again. This time, I killed the task as fast as possible and BAM! The log is finally small enough to attach.

    Please fix this. I like playing this game when it works.

  • BillyIIIBillyIII Member Posts: 365

    For the love of G-d, use the compression support BUILT INTO Windows Explorer since forever.

  • CyberDethXCyberDethX Member Posts: 8

    Happened again

  • CyberDethXCyberDethX Member Posts: 8

    Never got an answer to this and it's still happening after the patch. Wish they would fix it.

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