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Mettle Of Man…

When it comes to the red belt, two mackerel have a head ache with a hero's Rouse + Strike....

Although the adjustment of the strike is forgiving, it feels quite spicy as the killer side to the state that the trigger condition is too sweet, and the disadvantage is small for the rouse of the hero.

Although the strike can be measures such as the lack of bearing 60 seconds, in regard to the rouse of the hero is a lot of killers that do not have the art of countermeasures I feel quite stressed.

It is a completely balanced breaker that does not weaken more, such as eliminating the boost after the damage at least, and to see the aura from the moment of the imposition.

How hard is the act of having to hit the attack again in this game, the people of the administration do not understand...?

If you were one of the four, you would not be able to do it anymore if everyone had the rouse of a hero. In addition, the structure of hero, Boro Thailand strike Decha and killer crying really makes me cry.

I wonder if this is going to happen....

If you do not try to avoid counting attacks that fall into the evil category (such as Wraith's surprise attack, Pig's surprise, or the Spirit's PW attacks), it is strange that only some killers, such as chainsaw and hatchet, can take measures. The current situation of the mackerel advantage. The killer has to wait with his finger in the adjustment to enter....



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