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What are the chances of mouse and keyboard support on console now that we have 60fps.

EasylifeEasylife Member Posts: 163

I'll start off by saying that I play on the Xbox One X and the latest patch has worked wonders for the frame rate.

The difference to before the EGC patch is jaw dropping and it's re-ignited my enthusiasm for the game.

The game as survivor is easilly hitting 60fps with a sharp, crisp image while killer is almost as good too.

With a solid frame rate becomming a reality I started to wonder how the game would be on console if mouse and keyboard support within DBD was added to the game.

Keyboard functions are actually somewhat allready in, you can move a survivor forward with the W key for example and if you press any key on a keyboard during menu screens the game reverts to a keyboard interface with ESC>Back etc.

Getting the keyboard to work fully during a match doesn't seem like it would take much work however a mouse does nothing at the moment on console so that would need some effort to add to the game.

Imagine how it would be to play Nurse at 60fps with mouse and keyboard but on console, or playing your favourite killer with mouse aiming precision.

It would somewhat open the game up to full crossplay between all three platforms as well intergrating console with all the twitch streamers and "fog whisperers" on PC too

This could work wonders for queue times and with dedicated servers comming one day that would be complete.

Lastly, just incase anyone is thinking that it's down to Microsoft/Sony to add suport for M&K in DBD that isn't the case, Playstation has had native support for ages and the Xbox family got native M&K support in a console update not so long ago too.

Game developers such as those who make Warframe need to add support for M&K from within the game.


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