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2 Days playing 2.7 patch and...

My friend and I have played the new patch update for two days on PS4 and here are some thoughts. Take them as you will:

I LOVE the fact there is no longer hatch stand offs. It's about time. It needed to happen. I also like the CONCEPT of the EGC. The main problem with it is now a double edged sword.

The EGC makes jerks leave, which I like. However, it removes a killers ability to get more kills late game. There is no incentive for people to come save some "bait" from a hook. They just leave and get their rewards (BPs) which leaves the killer kinda screwed with no BPs to show for it. Where is the killers rewards for making up time at the end?

I can already hear some of you saying "Be a better killer and prevent people from getting that far". That's all well and good and I "GIT it" but sometimes it's just not possible. Sometimes you just get boned by a SWF group or some very well-coordinated solo players. Sometimes you are trying to learn a new killer just released or you just bought etc. Regardless, my point is the EGC removes late game kills and I haven't decided if it's a fair trade for getting people to leave sooner instead of taunting you at the exit gates or not.

The only other big issues I encountered were when playing Legion, to see how he felt now (Slow... he feels slow). SO MANY DISCONNECTS! Holy bawls. Multiple games and multiple DCs. I know it's "chic" to do that against Legion so whatever but DCs rob the killer of their points. I want to see DCs give killers a crazy amount of BPs (unless you are in KYF so you can't just farm BPs thru DCs). I assume when/if dedicated servers happen it will be less of an issue or some such, but it's happening NOW and it's irritating and feels like a waste of time.


  • mutabletiger4mutabletiger4 Member Posts: 183

    People are still disconnecting against the Legion? The Devs fixed all the things that made them frustrating to play against, unless I'm forgetting something. I think I read somewhere on the forums that DCs will be punished more harshly (something like that) when dedicated servers arrive. I love the endgame collapse, earlier today I went up against an SWF that wasted time t-bagging and self-caring, one was hooked, the other saved, they didn't have time to get to the doors.

  • TrasloganTraslogan Member Posts: 251

    imo EGC isn't really that effective. Survivors weren't lingering around anyway for the past 2 years since they disabled 90% of ways to gain score once exit gates have power. Now survivors are just being toxic SWF teams, waiting for the final 1 second of EGC before leaving. I've never seen survivors linger ever since the updates that removed post-exit-gates scoring for most things.

  • TrasloganTraslogan Member Posts: 251
    edited May 2019

    And everyone is d/c'ing because they're rigging the game with SWF and then they know that if they derank, it doesn't affect their team, they feel good for denying you points, and they know they're gonna just rig more games and get that rank back instantly anyway.

    You know the game's in a mess when SWF teams set their profiles to private or offline before loading up DBD, but then tell you to 'git-gud' when you only kill one of them after they rig the game.

  • smappdoodasmappdooda Member Posts: 255

    In my experience they lingered like crazy for the last two years still, at least on PS4. I have even just stopped moving around the map so they would leave and they would just come find me so I would chase them out and then Tbag like crazy or get right at the edge so I would hit them out of the barrier. (Which I still hate. I once suggested being able to grab them by the leg and drag them back into the map to punish people who didn't leave)

  • LittleLiamLittleLiam Member Posts: 34

    My problem with legion was never the exploits or counterplay. My problem with Legion is that they turn the game into "Mending Simulator". And the update amplified it.

    Even with their power nerfed, legions still are able to get that first hit on you for free. Don't tell me "Dodge, make them miss, or 360" That is not an excuse. Good killers can not be 360'd especially if they know it's coming. They will hit you.

    So now you're injured and need to mend. You mend,which is a completely unfun mechanic on its own...and you're still hurt... makes sense but because legion gets the first hit free it means healing is a risk of wasting time because they can come along and smack you again with a free hit. That's fine.... just don't heal.... that's where the problem is. Their movement speed buff makes it a danger not to heal.

    so you get trapped in a loop Hit --> mend --> heal --> repeat

    which is just standing in one spot holding m1 for potentially well over a minute if not longer if they are running the very common sloppy butcher perk. It's not fun. it's not interactive it's frustrating and boring. If I was SWF i could easily find a teamate to heal but I don't play SWF often and I don't like to because honestly it is unbalanced.

    Legion makes Solo Hell and I don't actually blame those who still DC. If you're not having fun playing a game meant for fun, quit and do something else. It's just that simple. I just wish it wouldn't punish the rest of the players in the match as bad.

  • mutabletiger4mutabletiger4 Member Posts: 183

    I see where you're coming from, I don't play against many legions though so I haven't had to deal with that. My biggest problem was the exploits. I also don't play solo survivor often either, too many DCs, campers, teammates hiding in lockers instead of doing gens. My SWF group consists of 2 bad survivors, one ok and one who's actually good. I do agree with you saying DCs shouldn't punish the other players, there's nothing more frustrating than going for adept with a killer and someone DCs, makes it harder to get.

  • smappdoodasmappdooda Member Posts: 255

    The funny thing is, because of the "If you miss, frenzy stops" change, I hardly did it playing as Legion. I just used his basic attack 90% of the time. I'm guessing it's the residual "Eff Legion" mindset leftover from the pre-nerfs. It might calm down now but who knows.

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