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Buffing/Nerfing, killer/survivor and perks after release

in the comments of videoes I've watched about the heavy scream leaks, I have seen people say something about him maybe getting nerfed right away. Something like freddy. So I have an idea, a new rule. When a killer, survivor or both gets released, I think there should be a new rule that makes it so that the developers isn't allowed to nerf/buff the killer/survivor and their perks in the first month of release. Maybe except if all agree and the killer or suvivor is WAY op, like VERY VERY GOOD.

reason I kinda want this to dbd is, when leatherface got release I just remember me and some of my friends thinking he was WAY too good. idk what others thought of him. He never got nerfed as far as i know. After some time after his realease letherface didn't fell that op anymore. Probably because we learned to play against him. So, should we have to wait a month, maybe more? Maybe less? Before they're allowed to buff/nerf the new killer/survivor and their perks?

Reason for not buffing too is that we may overtime, find out how to play the new released characters.

So whatcha think? Good or bad idea? And should it be a thing?


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