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Mettle of Man rework idea

Nickdela9812Nickdela9812 Member Posts: 45
edited May 2019 in Feedback and Suggestions

I don't think i need to explain much why this perk needs a rework. It's basically a gifted godmode that for no reason you are given, just by having a perk. No downside, risk or anything. I think it's supposed to be an "anti-tunnel" perk, but it's actually a perk that forces you to tunnel, if you suspect someone to have it, since it's basically a free escape if it activates in the endgame when the doors are open.

So what i propose is really simple: Make so that after 3 safe unhooks (instead of the current, 3 basic attacks received) the next attack you receive, it's not counted.


  • xStansfieldxStansfield Member Posts: 17

    They might change it to something like that when people stop buying DLCs that give you unfair advantages

  • PereliePerelie Member Posts: 433

    They can fix it by removing it, along with all the other baby crutch perks the devs keep giving survivors.

  • Nickdela9812Nickdela9812 Member Posts: 45
    edited May 2019

    Yes i agree, removing it completely as well as all the others crutch second chance shits would be better, unfortunately it will never happen though, at least with this change it would still be unfair, but kinda more risky, at least.

  • Nickdela9812Nickdela9812 Member Posts: 45

    Yes i agree, removing it completely would indeed be the best solution, as well as all the others second chance crutches survivors have. Unfortunately though, we all know the other side of the community, so this will never happen. At least with this change it would be still unfair, but kinda more risky, i suppose.

  • Kees_TKees_T Member Posts: 262

    You need to see the two sides of the coin, you're just looking to one.

  • LastShoeLastShoe Member Posts: 714

    MoM... It's just like a borrowed time, its not such a big deal when you aren't tunneling. Also this perk is completely destroyed by certain killers.

  • drunky26drunky26 Member Posts: 682
    edited May 2019

    And the perk completely destroys certain killers.

    Ever thought about that?

  • LastShoeLastShoe Member Posts: 714
    edited May 2019

    Yes i did, killers that have a problems with this perk are: Freddy, Pig, Wraith, Doctor, clown, trapper, hag and spirit.

    Freddy and pig are actually a garbage and needs changes anyway.

    Doctor can deal with it with certain builds that are focused around protecting gens.

    Clown have too many bugs that make him often too weak, so he requires fixes anyway.

    Spirit and hag are a solid killers and this perk shouldn't be a big deal for them.

    Wraith is the best with surprise attacks, which makes nurses calling an amazing perk for him, so he can often neutralize this perk.

    Trapper on ranks where people can use MoM in a right way is weak because people can avoid traps easily, except maybe basement and 3 gens builds where MoM doesen't present a big threat.

    Also, as i mentioned above, 3 gens strat and basement build makes MoM much weaker.

    When it comes to that its just like a dead hard that cannot be baited but works only once per match... so in many cases just like a deadhard.

  • LapisInfernalisLapisInfernalis Member Posts: 866

    The real problem with MoM is not the perk itself but the combination of perks with it.

    If you only run MoM with utility perks like Stake out, We'll make it etc it's not a big problem, because it's like DH with the sprint burst but single use only and the problem of being seen after fully healed.

    But if you use other 2nd chance or chasing perks it gets ugly. Combine it with DH/Balanced/Lithe, DS, insta heal, Adrenaline with decent skill at chasing you can destroy half the killers.

    Trapper, Wraith, Clown, Doc, Legion, Freddy have no chance at all except tunneling and you'll never now if somebody else has MoM...

    Pig, Leatherface, Myers, Billy, Huntress, Plague, Clown (with Pinky Finger) have a chance because of their insta down or because their ability attack does not count for MoM. (Not sure about Spirit and Hag) Nurse being Nurse has not a problem anyway.

    This is not what perks should be....

  • Mr_BlackMr_Black Member Posts: 93

    It's just one more hit for the killer... And you'll have most likely hooked them by then... I'm killer main and have no problem with it..

  • BrynBryn Member Posts: 20

    I think they can rework that if every killer stop to camp and tunnel - so, never.

  • LastShoeLastShoe Member Posts: 714

    Well, they have a chance with certain builds... like a trapper's basement, impossible skillchecks on doc... also legion can easily deal with MoM because his ff attacks don't give a stack for it.

  • KillermainBTWm8KillermainBTWm8 Member Posts: 4,215

    yes lets just start removing perks now shall we? That's how you get peeps to keep playing right, I actually like this idea though there are multiple good ideas and I salute you for not just saying just remove it OP

  • Mr_BlackMr_Black Member Posts: 93

    It's just one more hit! And Billy and Leatherface counter it completely, same way wraith and Michael counter Borrowed Time... Stop whinging and git gud whilst you walk around with RUIN and NOED! I'm a killer main (Mikey) and MoM does nothing but make a chase slightly longer which give everyone a tad bit longer to repair, but you can always chase them to a gen or hook after MoM or during general chase if you know they run MoM...

    Don't nerf

    Don't remove

    Just adapt

  • CronaWinsCronaWins Member Posts: 635
    edited May 2019

    Billy and Leatherface are not a counter. You are still forced to use your M1 the majority of the time. You should have to be forced to play a certain killer for a single perk.

    One more hit means you lose much need pressure. One more hit means they can get to another pallet or another loop.

    Ruin and noed are easily counterable. You can work through ruin and hit skill checks. Just break the totem. The argument that noed is on the same level as MoM is invalid. Noed is a mediocre perk and can be counter before a single gen is done and after it is active. You cannot counter MoM, you just have to 'deal with it'.

  • Nickdela9812Nickdela9812 Member Posts: 45

    Yeah, just one more hit, why not right? Where do you play Myers at? Rank 20 where survivors bump into walls and they could even require 5 hits to go down, you'll still win? One more hit can take an ABNORMAL amount of time to make someone go down, no matter how good you are. Combine it with DH, DS, BT and maybe even an insta heal, and you are not a survivor, you a end level boss.

    Oh and btw, it looks like the devs agree with me judging by the latest stream ;)

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