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Failed to open descriptor File

Hello, i'm just a guy who is used to play DbD 2eve out of 3, and as i was trying to launch the game last time a window popped up

"failed to open descriptor File....DeadbyDaylight.uproject"

So what is this and what do i do now? nothing works and it keeps coming up when i try to open the game, even reinstalled the Game already but it's still here...

I'll give a pic of the window poping up when i try to open the game right here

Send Help please.


  • MortethMorteth Member Posts: 42

    same problem. No fix yet?

  • MortethMorteth Member Posts: 42

    I get this error now:

    " Failed to open descriptor file '../../../DeadByDaylight/DeadByDaylight.uproject "

    Tried reinstalling, tried verifying files and checking integrity.

    Can't play the game now. How to fix this?

  • Chaotic_RiddleChaotic_Riddle Member Posts: 1,499

    Claim a ticket and report this to the customer support on this website! I hope it helps. :)

  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Mod, Co-ordinator Posts: 3,534
    edited May 13

    This is usually caused by Windows not being fully up to date - can you try running Windows update through a few times to make sure? ( you might need to restart your PC throughout the process to get all the updates).

    Edited to add: this error also seems to occur when the game is installed in a location other than the main PC drive, so for example on E instead of C.

  • ObscurityDragonObscurityDragon Member Posts: 2

    I know i come a bit up late (since i mostly followed the support tickets) but for me, neither Windows updating, neither installing the game in another folder worked so far :/

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