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Who is your favourite licensed survivor?



  • nTurbonTurbo Member Posts: 4
    Bill Overbeck

    Bill was def my fav out of these four

  • SpookyWookieeSpookyWookiee Member Posts: 1
    Quentin Smith

    I was hoping there'd be more love for Quentin "Sleepy Boi" Beck. :'( He and Tapp are my favorites. I play more on the console these days and miss having Bill though.

  • Bill Overbeck

    Bill. He legit was asleep during his trailer on a generator.

  • SpitfireOrMichinaSpitfireOrMichina Member Posts: 209
    edited May 2018
    Quentin Smith

    Quentin's cloths are realy cool, that's why it's my fav ;)

  • FwozenColadaFwozenColada Member Posts: 7
    Quentin Smith

    Quentin <3

  • LeonLeon Member Posts: 56
    Bill Overbeck

    Bill, because i never seen a looping bill xd or a toxic bill, but bill always die for the team :pirate:

  • GunManSpyGunManSpy Member Posts: 50
    edited December 2018
    Quentin Smith

    I originally main Laurie Strode because... why not, I loved the Halloween movies (At least the first two and the 2018 one). I never watched the original Nightmare on Elm Street Movie but I did watch the remake and I think Quentin and Nancy was awesome, was exited when I saw Quentin was the survivor. I am disappointed about his face, I get that they can't use the actors face but still... they could have done better, regardless I still love playing as him the most.

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  • TwinkletitsTwinkletits Member Posts: 55
    Laurie Strode

    Ah, the good old Lorreh and her amazing screams of "pain".

  • PigNRunPigNRun Member Posts: 2,428
    Quentin Smith
    Quentin-kun! He does look a bit like a goblin  but I still like him!
  • TheScarletPotionTheScarletPotion Member Posts: 46
    Quentin Smith

    I like Quintin the most out of the licensed survivors out of all the survivors he dresses and looks the most like myself if you ignore his goblin face.

  • TotohliTotohli Member Posts: 41
    Detective David Tapp

    I'm going with Tapp but i like all of them to be honest.
    I also really like his perks, they ain't the best but i like to use them.

  • kinglionkinglion Member Posts: 15
    Laurie Strode

    Laurie :D

  • Mike_KarmanMike_Karman Member Posts: 28
    Bill Overbeck

    Would've picked Laurie from the original movie. But the Lauries I meet in the game are usually quite... weird :D

  • LavernneLavernne Member Posts: 97
    Bill Overbeck

    Bill is best old man :p

  • DupstepAlex078DupstepAlex078 Member Posts: 33
    Laurie Strode

    I personally like both Laurie and Quentin because the pair of them have the natural will of the survivor seeing as they've both survived horror films

  • Saint_JudasSaint_Judas Member Posts: 43
    Quentin Smith

    I don't know how I feel about how they changed his face, but overall I still love Quentin the most. A few of his perks are nice but they are a lot more subtle then most, and I love his outfits. Not to mention nightmare on elm street Quentin was a sweetie (and who doesn't love the kicked puppy moans he has? He just sounds so innocent, and wears a beanie the best hands down)

  • MyFreddyIsBaeMyFreddyIsBae Member Posts: 39
    Detective David Tapp
    :) Tapp of course 
  • CrowCrow Member Posts: 113
    Quentin Smith

    Well I like Quentin's clothes and the "sleepy boi" think so yeah, I main him.

  • CrtKazzCrtKazz Member Posts: 214
    edited June 2018
    Laurie Strode
    Laurie for the horror history (please give us an older Jamie Lee Curtis skin devs!) but Quentin for his perks and that awesome beanie 
  • DaltonioDaltonio Member Posts: 22

    I’m not even sure I can vote on this one. I’m so torn between Laurie & Quentin!

  • mr_horde83mr_horde83 Member Posts: 17
    Bill Overbeck
    I play ps4 and bill still my favorite
  • DrBoneSawDrBoneSaw Member Posts: 39
    Bill Overbeck

    Bill > Tapp > Laurie > Quentin (he looks like hes on some powerful substance)

  • Luigifan64Luigifan64 Member Posts: 1,110
    Quentin Smith
    Quentin > Laurie > Tapp > Bill

    Laurie used to be my favorite because I really liked the original 3 Halloween films, but then Quentin took that spot because he’s similar to me (except for the possible drug addiction :p). Tapp I don’t mind, he’s cool, but I’d rather play other survivors and Bill, he’s just too damn loud, but it is cool that he’s in the game.
  • TaretsuTaretsu Member Posts: 46
    Quentin Smith

    Gotta give Quentin boy some love. I like running a "nurse Quentin" build and farm benevolency...

  • danidani Member Posts: 1
    Bill Overbeck

    Bill 8-)

  • PharmacyPharmacy Member Posts: 29
    Quentin Smith

    Quentin is best boy, totally not biased.

  • ScrewsieScrewsie Member Posts: 10
    Quentin Smith

    Sleepy Boi is best Boi. (And the only survivor I've got to prestige 3 so far. XwX)

  • KiNsEyKiNsEy Member Posts: 3
    Laurie Strode

    For me , the best licensed survivor is Laurie , because i loooove her ! XD every where I go and I i saw , i'm like " WHOAAA ! i'm one of your biggest Fans !" ( but I saw her only in picture saw i cry XD )

  • KiraRenKiraRen Member Posts: 1
    Laurie Strode

    Laurie is my girl. Wanted to main her since the Halloween Chapter was first released.

  • Blu3Shad0w12Blu3Shad0w12 Member Posts: 18
    Detective David Tapp
    Tapp going to get him to p3
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