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This will change the meta and give a new flavor to DBD


  • Shad03Shad03 Member Posts: 3,733

    While yes, I would love this, no, they might not do that yet.

    But I have made a detailed overhaul to Legion that incorporated this kind of thing.

  • Micheal_MyersMicheal_Myers Member Posts: 1,036

    Not a bad idea, needs to be reworked a little, since these animatronics would be obviously too overpowered in this rough draft. But with a little effort and work on fixing the dents, this could be a likely idea but not for now Since they'd need the Licensing to the game characters.

  • Mr_QwayzarMr_Qwayzar Member Posts: 123

    I'm sure Scott Cawthon wouldn't mind considering all the FNAF rip-offs out there. But yeah balancing needed.

  • Mr_BlackMr_Black Member Posts: 93

    NO! Just no! They have been dead for ages... Don't try and perform CPR on a dead thing... Please... No...

  • fluffybunnyfluffybunny Member Posts: 2,161

    For killer perks: the first one is fine. Puppet's Goal would just be an aura version of Hangman's trick. Not sure if that would make it better, but Hangman's trick doesn't usually get used. Hex: Foxy's Chill, so if you're chasing someone or approaching, you get a one hit down?

    For survivor perks: Some people were wanting a finding flashlights perk, though maybe it should give you a purple flashlight on your first search and have an affect on flashlights specifically? Handyman would be like Botany for Sabo. Keys to Success, how would that work? Like would it use durability of the key? It would be rather pointless to upgrade purple to pink and most don't play with green ones. I don't know if people would use this.

  • Mr_QwayzarMr_Qwayzar Member Posts: 123

    Killer perks:

    1. Thank you

    2. Puppets goal doesn't give a noise notification like hangmans, They work together. This was made since the robots can be sabotaged while inactive

    3. Think of it as a reverse Spine chill. Ex. Myers is looking in a survivor's direction for X amount of time without looking away. The survivor gains Exposed for X amount of time it goes away and the cycle repeats.

    Survivor perks-

    1. I've been told that is a change I wanna make a Flashlight version of Pharmacy.

    2. Half right . Handyman only applies to Sabotage by hand, not toolbox.

    3. My point exactly. No one ever brings a green key into a trial, This perk might encourage it especially with hatch closing. You bring a green key ,Repair it to Purple (Basically a free escape) at the cost of some time. No this doesn't use durability it's a hand action like repair or trap disarm. There will be plenty of people who would like to flex pink keys lol.

  • Mr_QwayzarMr_Qwayzar Member Posts: 123
    edited May 2019

    My dude they got a game coming to VR this year, that's hardly dead and nowhere near ages. Second, keep an open mind everyone wants more Licensed killers, more familiar faces to kill with, it's not performing CPR its providing what's requested in a manner that it works with the games mechanics, which is why there are no classic jumpscares, they just can't be incorporated.

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