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Who is your favourite original killer?



  • SprinkSprink Member Posts: 3
    The Nurse

    Nurse was the killer I absolutely wanted to learn when I first played the game. Her design and playstyle were just so unique to me.

  • Mike_KarmanMike_Karman Member Posts: 28
    The Huntress

    I mostly play survivor so I vote from the survivor-side: The huntress is extremely fun to play against. Dodging an axe successfully always gives me a weird thrill :D

  • Oogi_UKOogi_UK Member Posts: 4
    The Wraith

    The Wraith, I mained him from release. Then the flashlights came.....they came....and they.... breaks down from PTSD

  • TheButcher12TheButcher12 Member Posts: 19
    The Hillbilly

    My Favorite was actually The Cannibal

    But since he is the Licensed killer, if i had to pick my favorite Original killer, it will be The Hillbilly. It's not because they both similar, but because i think the hillbilly power helps him to catch up survivors and maybe even downed them if you good. so i think his power is useful.

  • LavernneLavernne Member Posts: 96
    edited May 2018
    The Hag

    poor hag. :( I love her!
    Trapper & Wraith awesome, too!

  • EnigmaEnigma Member Posts: 42
    The Hillbilly

    Oh what a surprise, the hag is in last place

  • lastloadoutlastloadout Member Posts: 23
    The Trapper

    I love the trapper

    He isn't the best balance wise,
    but the feeling you get when someone steps in your trap is the best

    The Hag
    Something about Voodoo stuff, the look of mud, and witch ladies is really cool, dunno why
  • SporkSpork Member Posts: 122
    The Wraith

    Wraith needs some love :(

    The Huntress
    All non licensed are master peace but huntress , oh boi she's something els !!!
  • psinathedogpsinathedog Member Posts: 18
    The Hillbilly
    BILLY IS SO CUTE! He sounds like a catto :3
  • TheSkreechingDeathTheSkreechingDeath Member Posts: 36
    The Huntress

    I quite like the design of The Huntress.

  • Lord_TechnopapstLord_Technopapst Member Posts: 26
    The Doctor

    Doctor is bae <3

  • BluejackBluejack Member Posts: 2
    The Doctor

    Zappyboi <3

  • KayleepaigeKayleepaige Member Posts: 42
    The Doctor

    Hag is usually fun but always get accused of camping if i put 1 trap down near someone whos hooked. Doctor is my favourite lately though. Shocking people is well gratifying lol

  • BehindTheTreeBehindTheTree Member Posts: 31
    The Doctor

    The Doctor chuckle is too good not to love.

  • HermanTheDoctor HermanTheDoctor Member Posts: 204
    The Doctor

    we need the option: The Clown ;)

  • Swiftblade131Swiftblade131 Member Posts: 2,027
    The Hillbilly

    Billy is my boi

  • lastloadoutlastloadout Member Posts: 23
    The Trapper

    Actually, put the Clown on here please

  • PennyPenny Member Posts: 136
    The Huntress
    I love the sexy huntress
  • GolgiNeaGolgiNea Member Posts: 157
    The Doctor

    @Airtime said:
    Glad to see people agree with me on the Doctor. By far the best killer and chapter IMO.
    1. It had the best build up and reveal
    2. An electric killer
    3. Based off of a real doctor
    4. Feng min.
    5. The look of the treatment theatre (game play wise it sucks)

    I love the treatment theater! Lol :)

  • ZavriZavri Member Posts: 261
    The Nurse

    Favorite original: The nurse.

    Reason: Because she is the only killer capable of countering a team of SWF that knows what they are doing.

    Favorite original "idea": The wraith.

    Reason: I really like ambush style killers in a horror game. Too bad he is too weak right now to be worth playing.

    Used to be a wraith main at launch, til nurse came out.

  • RetroRetro Member Posts: 16
    The Doctor

    Doctor is love

  • NinjaBananaNinjaBanana Member Posts: 5
    The Nurse

    The Nurse. I love her story and her playstyle. And she floats, that's enough for me.

    Huntress is a close second, with Wraith in third place.

  • KiriOkamiKiriOkami Member Posts: 8
    The Hillbilly

    I just love Chainsaws xD

  • Brain_98Brain_98 Member Posts: 19
    The Wraith
    Only killer I went for legacy on. Even if he is a pain to play now, he’ll still always be my favorite.
  • MOMO_ChaoticMOMO_Chaotic Member Posts: 7
    The Hillbilly

    Billy is love. Billy is life. <3

  • SadonicShadowSadonicShadow Member Posts: 1,146
    The Hillbilly

    I voted Hillbilly because he is my main and the only killer i am good with but The Doctor comes in at a very close second. The Doc was what originally got me interested in playing killer. Honestly out of all the killers i feel the Doc was the most original and creative. Not to mention Mr. Carter and his laugh. You can tell he is just having a Jolly good time soaking up the suffering of the survivors. He giggles and laughs at everything.

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