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Thoughts on MoM nerf



  • VisionmakerVisionmaker Member Posts: 2,051

    @tt_ivi_99 Oh fan-freaking-tastic. A balanced MoM player will spend nearly a full minute, two perk slots, a medkit with addons to have a bullshit BT effect for one hit. On top of flagging down the killer each time he downs someone and running around to hide and heal. Wonderful. MoM = self-inflicted Ruin.

    Ridiculous. Clearly you have a warped sense of balance and "earning". MoM will be as much of a handicap as No Mither and as worthless as Saboteur.

  • TheBeanTheBean Member Posts: 2,320
  • KingBKingB Member Posts: 747

    If it's so easy can you tell me how to counter it?

  • tt_ivi_99tt_ivi_99 Member Posts: 1,463


    Hey, If you dont like the changes then dont run the perk. It now has counterplay and It has to be earned.

    Deal with it and get good or dont use it.

  • BongbingbingBongbingbing Member Posts: 1,423

    Protection hits if they decide on this of the many changes they have in mind would be a welcomed good change in my mind.

    The pay off for MoM is just too strong to have it be so easy to trigger and at such a crucial time.

    Think about it, you get an insta heal, a speed burst and the killer is slowed all when you should be going down. That's one of the best pay offs in the game and the fact that the requirements are something that happens naturally in a game and require no set up is what made it even more powerful. Combine all this with the other second chance perks you can use and then multiply that by 4 and you see why a change is needed.

  • VisionmakerVisionmaker Member Posts: 2,051
    edited May 2019

    @tt_ivi_99 For the record, I've used it for a total of five games since I got it.

    "Counterplay" "Earned" A lot of words with no meaning. There's no still counterplay. It's simply not a threat anymore. But I see there's no sense in deliberating with you.

  • TheBeanTheBean Member Posts: 2,320
    edited May 2019

    oh crappy.. i forgot I already tag this one.

  • YearOfThePigNerfYearOfThePigNerf Member Posts: 48

    Finally! might start playing the game again.

  • drunky26drunky26 Member Posts: 685

    kIlLeR MaIn BtW

    then why complaining? you're just sad honestly.

  • ProtectDwightProtectDwight Member Posts: 46

    Tbh, I don't really care. I never used DS when it was strong and I barely use MoM.

    If they don't change the 3 hit thing it sort of needs a harder punishment after use, like showing you to the killer when you've taken your hit and perhaps but you in the "broken" state until you go down or something. But that might be generous as well since you still don't really need skill to make it active, which kinda is the problem.

    In the beginning I thought the perk was fine but I know for a fact it can be very irritating to go against, especially if more then 1 survivor has it. So I was expecting a change to it, can't say I'm that surprised.

  • tt_ivi_99tt_ivi_99 Member Posts: 1,463


    Words with no meaning? Are you seriously that blind? Maybe you've gotten used to having everything done for you as survivor and that's why you think these changes are not needed?

    You can now just drop the survivor and hit the guy trying to bodyblock or just ignore him, that's a counter.

    Having to do something in order to activate the perk, which in this case is taking a hit for your teammate is the way you earn the perk.

  • PoisonNPoisonN Member Posts: 624

    It's funny y'all saying that people need to change their M1 killers but can't live without MOM 

    Survivors only thinking about themselves because they never played on the killer side, as usual.

  • prayer_survivorprayer_survivor Member Posts: 626

    We can live without MoM, we're saying that this nerf will make MoM garbage.

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 21,675

    What? Are the survivors just not breaking totems to counter NOED and then complaining that NOED wasn't countered?

  • Micheal_MyersMicheal_Myers Member Posts: 1,144

    Look, no one wants to be banned on the topic of a MoM nerf, everyone calm down.

    I will list the downsides and positives of the Perk being nerfed or staying the same.

    Pros of Nerf:

    -Helps Killers like the Pig to kill more efficiently

    -You don't have to worry about MoM as the killer.

    -M1 or RT..? Hah! Can't get me now MoM!

    -Makes MoM skill based

    Cons of Nerf:

    -Protective Points are RARE in games at lower ranks and are RARE on Consoles. (I never get them even if I save or body block the killer from hitting the unhooked Survivor)

    -The Perk is now as useless as Decisive Strike. (Cause It's rare to get a protective hit cause I know I TRIED)

    -Makes most of the Killer's perks not counter-able like N.O.E.D.

    -Makes MoM extremely counter-able by mostly all Killer perks.

    Like, I know this because I dealt with MoM with The Pig before EGC. And I dealt with it with Myers. And I used MoM with Ash. So I understand where both sides are coming from. Now, where I stand..?

    Well I stand with the survivors even though it bugs the hell out of me. Why you may ask? It's because I'd love to have a struggle and with my experience if there's 1 survivor left and you close the Hatch. If they don't have MoM activated... well... if you have N.O.E.D. they are doomed to fail. But if they do have MoM activated it makes it interesting because... They have the Exit opened at about 75% and once you hit them again you can hook em'. So in my opinion this Nerf is an Over-nerf and they should rework the nerf cause in my opinion it will make another licensed character's perk useless.

    (and yes I'm saying D.S. is useless because If I'm killer I'm hunting gens not the survivor who got off the hook, cause if there's someone by a gen then I got fresh meat on that hook instead of rotten meat.)

    So yeah, please keep this thread nice and simple, don't make the mods come in here seeing all of you cussing each other out, just talk civilly and all will be fine.

    If you have an issue with my opinion please write it down nicely. Don't want to get worked up about some small piece of code and images now do we? Lol.

    Hope you all have a great day!

  • HURRI_KAINHURRI_KAIN Member Posts: 358

    Agree completely, In fact MoM is so balanced, I've only used it 25% of the time since it came out, never much changed my META. It's fine as is and there are MANY counters for about 2/3 of the killers. It's a matter of strategy as killer. Killers don't like to have to change their strategy or their gameplay, they like to have a low skill requirement for killers and it's killing the game that the Devs are listening to the lowest denominator. Lowering the skill level for killers, just makes it impossible for good solo players to have a chance, except at the very top with SWF. - According to their own statistics, very few games are 4man SWF, and each platform is different. PC is much easier to play than PS4, they know this, yet they keep basing their changes off PC Top tier survivor SWF gameplay and screwing all other survivors.

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 10,074

    I like the changes for MoM. This said, the registration for body blocked hits does need a little improving. There are many, many times I'm literally feeling the other survivor up, take a hit and it still doesn't register it as a body block so I don't get a stack for WGLF.

  • borna_lkborna_lk Member Posts: 124

    if anything is overpowered it’s ebony mori, they are easy as hell to get if you have all all 4 licensed killers. Yet people talk about earning their perk😂

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