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MoM nerf it's unnecessary and unfair

PuppetLivesMatterPuppetLivesMatter Member Posts: 77
edited May 2019 in General Discussions

I don't know why devs think the only way to get the game balance is nerfing survivors over and over. They gave to killer main community the DS nerf after almost 3 years complaining about it and now they want to nerf a good perk that helps us to get a second chance since DS is a ######### now, only because some people are unable to deal with it in their matches or they're bad at chases or they don't use their M2 and they only complain about it instead improving as killer. (I play killer too and MoM is never a issue to me, I can catch them quickly)

Please devs, MoM's nerf can never happen. The perk is good as it is now. Stop listening only one side of the community.



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