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Do we have Forum Mods? And if so, why do I rarely see them?

FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 7,170
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I was told that we have Discord Mods. But what about Forum Mods? Isn't that what @MandyTalk is or am I missing something here?

Cause I rarely see any Mods on the forums now a days but I never understood their role here, is this something you can like apply for or something on the Forums if there are Forum Mods? And if so I've never seen it so where is it.

Also what is a "ACM" that I keep seeing next to some Moderators names in the past.

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Best Answers

  • PeanitsPeanits Dev, Community Manager Posts: 6,395
    Accepted Answer

    Yes, we do. We once had a large team of moderators, but over time some have been hired on for different roles, others have gone through changes in their personal lives and no longer have free time to dedicate to moderating. There's a couple still hanging in there, but they are very busy and don't get much time to hang out and post anymore (they work very hard and we are insanely lucky to have them). We took applications for new mods a while back and should have some new faces joining us soon. Hopefully you'll see more mods around shortly.

    As for ACM, that stands for Associate Community Manager. These are the people responsible for game bans and appeals.

  • PeanitsPeanits Dev, Community Manager Posts: 6,395
    Accepted Answer

    Down the line if we end up needing new mods, sure. But for right now we've got a pretty decent amount of mods joining us so we're going to see how things play out first.


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